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10 Best 70s Love Songs of the Decade, Ranked

If you’re looking for the best 70s love songs, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most iconic love tunes from the decade, so whether you’re planning a romantic night in or just want to reminisce about those old-school love songs, we’ve got you covered.

From soft and soulful ballads to upbeat disco jams, these 70s love songs will have your heart racing.

So without further ado, here is my list of the best 70s love songs from the decade!

1. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

This song was hugely popular in the 70s, and still is today! In the US, the song sold more than one million copies and reached the top spot on the billboard top 100. It has a nice chill jazzy vibe to it and is well-deserving of its place at the top of my list of the best 70s love songs.

The thumping baselines, brilliant use of the synth, and lightly played drums make it an incredible song. It’s perfectly locked in the groove and the smooth silky voice from Stevie Nicks brings everything together. This timeless song is extraordinarily well made.

2. What You Won’t Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell

Smooth trumpets playing on top of jazzy synths, a thumping bassline, and some great drumming in the intro. When you hear something like that, you know you’re in for a ride. This is a brilliant song and captures the vibe of the decade perfectly.

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It has some unusual but beautiful chord progressions that are impossible not to love. There’s no better setting than this song to express your love for someone. The instrumental arrangement in itself is like a love letter.

3. Lovin’ You by The O’Jays

This song is just smooth, silky, and smoky. You just wanna have a coffee and maybe smoke a cigarette listening to this. It’s a nice and wholesome song about his partner and making sweet love to her.

These types of songs were the predecessors of R&B. It starts slow and builds up to a rousing chorus. The use of vocal harmonies is very satisfying and the slight sax licks add to the flavor of the song.

4. I’m So Into You by Peabo Bryson

This is another R&B-heavy song. It feels so light, makes you feel like you’re floating. The mood set is lovely, the baselines sound incredibly satisfying, and the chorus has some glorious harmonies. It’s a song about being in love. He says how he’s lucky, how he’s into her, and what he’d do without her.

It’s a dreamy and nice love song. These types of songs are what make girls fawn. It’s a true love song and well deserving of its place as one of the best 70s love songs. 

5. Looking For The Right One by Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel was an influential artist back in the 70s and paved the path for the 80s sound. You can hear his influence in a lot of 80s songs and this song is the prime example of it. Many of the upcoming bands were inspired and took the chord progression used in this song.

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This is a soft and quite disheartening song about finding the right one. The man is just waiting for the right one to come around. It has a sweet guitar solo in the middle which leads into the chorus perfectly. A great song by an artist with a distinct sound.

6. Sideshow by Blue Magic

What strikes you instantly about this song is the glorious intro which instantly makes you fall in love with it. The instruments all play off of each other here and the vocals play off the instruments, there is a great showcase of musicality in this song.

It’s a heartwarming love track sung with a heartwarming voice. The song has a very chill vibe to it and the little bells in the background are a nice touch.

7. Always and Forever by Heatwave

This is plain and simple 12 bar blues but is sung beautifully. Here he’s singing about the happiness he finds from his love. The chorus has a powerful crescendo that drowns out into the chill singing in the verse.

It’s put together very well and it sounds stunning listening to it all unfold. It has some bass runs around the bridge before a beautiful instrumental part. This is added to by some beautiful falsetto singing which gives a very bright and colorful end to the song.

8. City of Angels by The Miracles

This is a delightfully poetic song with a low-key vibe. It’s somewhere between jazz and R&B. This song sounds bittersweet due to the rather unorthodox chord choices. They work to give the song completeness, as the bittersweet feeling complements the lyrics in this song.

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This track displays worry about losing someone you love. However, the thing is, it’s not about a girl. The song is about the city of L.A. He describes it as the city of angels and this song is a letter to the place he loves. 

9. Baby Come Back by Player

The drums blast before an epic synth kicks in to give this experimental R&B love song a brilliant intro. The song is about wanting back an ex, a former lover, accepting fault, and regretting mistakes. But what makes this song great is the band, you can hear talent in every second.

Many interesting details are happening here, such as a smooth chord progression where they play passing chords leading into a ridiculously catchy chorus. The closing guitar solo is just cherry on the top, absolutely incredible.

10. How Much I Feel by Ambrosia

My final entry on my list of best 70s love songs is “How Much I Feel” by Ambrosia. It’s another song with that chill R&B feel to it but with some added rock elements. It’s a love song expressing how much he loves that special person in his life.

It has clean vocal runs, the chorus is catchy and the use of shakers and tinkers in the middle of the song adds color to it. It’s a sweet expression of love and another 70s love classic from a wonderful decade of music.