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10 Best Alan Jackson Christmas Songs of All Time, Ranked

Fans of Alan Jackson will be happy to hear that their favorite country crooner has a string of Christmas hits under his belt, perfect for that warm Christmas in the country. 

These Alan Jackson songs make for easy listening while you are cozied up around the fire or at our Christmas cookout surrounded by friends and family. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the best Alan Jackson Christmas songs of all time!

1. Santa’s Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck

1993 saw the release of Alan Jackson’s hit song “Santa’s Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck.” Featuring The Chipmunks, the song is great for old and young alike and tells the tale of Santa arriving on Christmas Eve in a pickup truck. I mean, do you get anything more “country” than this?

“Santa’s Gonna Come in a Pickup Truck” was featured on the singer’s album Honky Tonk Christmas and had just the right amount of banjo to make it the perfect country Christmas song. Give it a listen and add it to your Alan Jackson playlist.

2. I Only Want You for Christmas 

Another great song taken off the album Honky Tonk Christmas, “I Only Want You for Christmas,” is a sweet love song that will sweep your girl off her feet when you add it to your Christmas songs. 

Released in 1993, the song has that country feel that will make you want to get up out of your seat and dance the night away with your love in your arms. With lyrics that sing of needing nothing else but your love, “I Only Want You for Christmas” is great for any Christmas party. 

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3. Please, Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)

Do you have a family member that gets a little too sauced-up at Christmas and holiday parties? If you answered yes, or someone immediately came to mind, “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas” is the song for you. 

Originally released by John Denver in 1973, this cover by Alan Jackson is more upbeat than the original and has that unmistakable country sound that the singer is known for.

The song tells the sad tale of a young boy pleading with his father not to get drunk again this year as he remembers the previous years of seeing his mother cry. 

While “Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)” sounds like a fun Christmas ditty, it has a sad undertone that sees a child’s battle with an alcoholic father. Give it a quick listen and see what you think of Jackson’s cover. 

4. Santa Claus is Comin to Town

“Santa Claus is Comin to Town” is a Christmas classic, but have you ever heard a country version? Released in 2002 on the album Let It Be Christmas, this favorite has been given a country makeover by Alan Jackson. 

While the lyrics remain the same, Jackson’s version has a honky tonk feel to it that will make your Christmas great! Add “Santa Claus is Comin to Town” to your list of Christmas songs, and turn up the volume when you play this at the family barbecue. 

5. A Holly Jolly Christmas

Another cover by country music star Alan Jackson, “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” was released in 1992 and featured on the soundtrack to the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Only Jackson could take a Christmas favorite and turn it into a country classic that will have you rushing to download it to your playlist. 

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“A Holly Jolly Christmas” almost sounds better as a country song and has an upbeat tune that makes the 1964 original pale in comparison. The song features on my list at number five and is a must-listen for country music fans. 

6. White Christmas

Isn’t it just the best when your favorite country star releases a cover of a Christmas classic like “White Christmas?” That’s exactly what Alan Jackson did in 2002 when he covered this popular song for his Christmas album Let It Be Christmas

I am not going to go into too many details of what the song is about because anyone born in the last century will know this song or one of the many covers that have been recorded over the years. 

Alan Jackson’s version, however, is the only one with that country flair, so give “White Christmas” a listen and add it to your list of the best Christmas songs. 

7. Let It Be Christmas

The title track of Alan Jackson’s 2002 album, “Let It Be Christmas,” is an original song by the country singer and is perfect for any Christmas get-together with friends and family. The song was released on the Christmas album of the same name and featured the stunning country vocals of Alan Jackson. 

“Let It Be Christmas” celebrates everything to do with Christmas and will add some festive cheer and sound to your home this year. 

8. Winter Wonderland

Have you ever heard a country version of the iconic Christmas hit “Winter Wonderland?” Now you can say you have when you take a listen to Alan Jackson’s cover of this holiday favorite with a bit of country flair. Jackson’s cover was released in 2002 and was featured on his Christmas album Let It Be Christmas.

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No one combines country music and Christmas quite like Alan Jackson, so be sure to add this song to your playlist and have a country Christmas like never before. Play it on Christmas morning, for family holiday barbecues, or just to get that festive cheer going in your home. 

9. There’s a New Kid in Town

Honky Tonk Christmas is Alan Jackson’s first Christmas album which was released in 1993. It features a number of great festive holiday hits, including one about the birth of Jesus.

“There’s a New Kid in Town” celebrates the birth of Jesus in a unique way and sounds more like a father telling his son a story than a hit song.

If you love Alan Jackson, you will love “There’s a New Kid in Town” as well as his other Christmas hits. Add this beautiful song to your playlist today, and have a merry Christmas.

10. If We Make it Through December

The final song on my list of the best Alan Jackson Christmas songs is a cover of the 1973 original version by singer Merle Haggard. “If We Make it Through December” was recorded by Alan Jackson in 1993 and features on his album Honky Tonk Christmas

This is, hands down, the best country Christmas song I have probably heard in a very long time, and it truly deserves a spot on my list. With that honky tonk sound that made Jackson famous, the song describes the cold of December. Give it a listen today and enjoy your festive season with Alan Jackson serenading you as you do.