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10 Best Baseball Walk-Up Songs of All Time, Ranked

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If you’ve ever gone to a big baseball game, you will know the excitement and energy of the crowd as they watch their teams battle it out for the title of winner. The music played at baseball games has a lot to do with that energy, and many stadiums choose songs that show power, strength, and even intimidation to get the crowd going. 

Here is a list of the ten best baseball walk-up songs selected for their power and incredible musical composition that can turn even a dull game into an exciting one!

1. Thunder by Imagine Dragons

The stadium is silent, the pitcher walks out to the pitch, and “Thunder” starts playing over the speakers. Can you imagine the goosebumps? 

The song, taken off the 2017 album Evolve, is about power and overcoming the storm of life and is the perfect addition to any best baseball walk-up song list. 

Possibly instilling fear into the other team, it is a great song to show that the players are ready to overcome any obstacles in their battle to win.

2. 2 Phones by Kevin Gates

Rap music is known to create a feeling of fear, thuggery, and perhaps even intimidation. “2 Phones” is one of those songs with an amazing build-up that will get the crowd excited at what might be coming next.

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Kevin Gates released the song in 2016 on the album Islah, and it has become synonymous with showing power and intensity. 

3. Back In Black by AC/DC

If you haven’t heard the song “Back to Black,” you might be living under a rock. This iconic song has been used in many movies and is known for its catchy guitar riffs and powerful solos that can cause great excitement!

“Back In Black” is perfect for a baseball walk-out and is taken off AC/DC’s 1980 album of the same name. One only needs to hear the first few chords to feel the excitement rising.

4. Believer by Imagine Dragons

When facing an opponent or a challenge, one of the most important things one can do is believe in yourself. In baseball, you need to believe that your team has the upper hand and that you have the ability to win. 

“Believer,” from the 2017 album Evolve, is a powerful anthem that can show the crowd that the team believes in themselves and will beat their opponents. It is a song that exudes confidence and power and is a great addition to the ten best baseball walk-out songs list. 

5. It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube

Being tough doesn’t come easy to everyone. That’s where music comes in. A song like “It Was A Good Day” is a great way to show the opponents that you are tougher while they might seem tough. 

Rapper Ice Cube has been known for his meaningful lyrics, and this song, recorded for the 1992 album The Predator, should be on the top of your baseball walk-out songs list. Show the opposition what you’re made of, and blast this one on high volume. 

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6. ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem (Feat. Nate Dogg)

Eminem has always been considered a “bad boy” of rap. In this 2002 song that features Nate Dogg, he again shows that he will never give up when it comes to challenges. “Till I Collapse” is a great song to show that you have what it takes to win. 

Taken off the album for “Real Steel Movie,” the lyrics hint at never giving up when faced with the ultimate fight. This one really sends a message to the opposing team. 


With its almost-eerie sound and incredible build-up, “Sail” makes it onto the list of the ten best baseball walk-out songs purely for its sounds. 

It features haunting vocals with a heavy rock sound that is sure to get the crowd going when their favorite player takes to the pitch. “Sail” was released in 2011 and is taken off the Megalithic Symphony album. 

Fans will know of the incredible power that this song makes you feel, and it should be used to intimidate the other team into thinking you have the upper hand. 

8. Panama by Van Halen

1984 was a great year for rock music and was also the year that Van Halen released “Panama.” The unmistakable sound of Eddie Van Halen and his guitar will bring any crowd to its feet and has a catchy, fun beat that will lighten the atmosphere. 

This song is great to add a bit of excitement to the game, get the crowd going, and guarantee a fun time for all at any baseball game. 

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9. Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood & The Destroyers

“Bad To The Bone” is one of the most easily identifiable songs, thanks to the intro part of the song. Taken from the band’s 1982 album Bad To The Bone, this song has become synonymous with power and making your opponent shiver in their boots.

Another popular track played at many baseball games for walk-outs, “Bad To The Bone,” is fantastic for the crowd’s enjoyment and enhances the overall atmosphere at the stadium. 

10. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

“Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin is one of the band’s most popular songs and hints at Norse mythology and the power of the Vikings. 

With a repetitive guitar riff and insane vocals, this is quite possibly the best song to include on your baseball walk-out song list. 

It was released in 1970. It was taken off the album Led Zeppelin III and is still popular at baseball games today