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10 Best Disney Songs for Dads of All Time, Ranked

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Disney or not; most people agree that they know how to produce captivating music that’s great for all ages. With an immense range of themes, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.

Moreover, they tend to tell a story that sticks with you while shining a light on many important things in life. 

In this article, I’m going to focus on the best Disney songs for Dads that are winners across the board!

1. Surface Pressure

Full of catchy dynamics, “Surface Pressure” delivers a powerful statement with danceable percussion and infectious cadences. The song features numerous breakdowns and buildups that come with perfect transitions.

Heavy keys are a main theme in the record and the percussion switches between pop and reggaeton styles. There’s definitely enough variation in this record to keep the ear interested, and as usual, the lyrical content is impactful for any age group.

2. I’ll Make a Man Out of You

Easily one of the most iconic songs on this list, it brings many people an immense amount of nostalgia. The track was created for the movie Mulan, and although the movie was filled with many songs, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” really stuck with many viewers.

I’d say this is one of the best Disney songs for Dads as it has many notions that can be shared between father and son. Outside of that, the song is full of cinematic qualities, from big percussion and powerful orchestral stabs.

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3. You’re Welcome

Although Disney comes out with many different movies on a yearly basis, some end up being a standout hit, and Moana is a recent favorite for many people. The movie is stacked with memorable records, but “You’re Welcome” stands high above the rest.

Not only does it boast a heartwarming message, but the hook has been burned into the minds of many young viewers and families alike. It’s a feel-good record, and every instrumental layer keeps that energy going from beginning to end.

4. You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Toy Story is a beloved media franchise from Disney that encapsulates life’s many highs and lows. Alongside many famous songs that have come from each movie, the dialogue itself is known to be extremely touching.

Out of all the records Toy Story is known for, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” is a favorite for many Disney fans. The lyrics can be applied to many types of relationships, which makes it one of the best Disney songs for Dads to share with their kids.

5. Lost in the Woods

Frozen is a movie that boasts many tracks that are easy to sing along to, and the dynamic qualities they provide are bound to tug at your feelings. “Lost in the Woods” is just one of many records that the movie is known for, and it features many ethereal, reverberated melodies that’ll ripple from ear to ear.

It has moments where it picks up the pace, but overall it focuses heavily on the lyrical content. Kids clearly love it, but anyone can appreciate the message, and it delivers many symphonic melodies that sway your emotions.

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6. Carried Me With You

Featuring an influence from country, folk, and pop music, “Carried Me With You” has a wholesome tone that focuses on love. The light percussion is catchy enough to get people moving, and the lyrics carry a strength that’ll leave an impression.

The vocals deliver an effortless range that doesn’t seem strained and has a great blend of cheer and sentimental values. It primarily boasts acoustic melodies in addition to piano riffs for variation and downtempo breaks that give the vocals the spotlight.

7. You’ll Be In My Heart

With themes about love and family, this song is definitely written for the whole family to enjoy, and the production has folk and indie music themes. The vocals are light and soft, yet they reach new heights around the hook when they’re accompanied by what seems to be an entire orchestra.

The messages in between have plenty to offer, but it’s the hook that really sells this record. Of course, it’s also quite memorable, considering it was part of Disney’s classic animated Tarzan movie.

8. Circle of Life

Without a doubt, “Circle of Life” easily holds the title as one of the best Disney songs for Dads. It’s a record that comes with many life lessons and an aura that makes you feel like everything will be okay in life, through the highs and the lows.

Featured in The Lion King movie, this is a song that will stick with people throughout their entire lives. The lyrics have an honest take on many topics about life, and the stellar production moves your emotions, to say the least.

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9. Friend Like Me

An immensely catchy and infectious record thanks to the big band style production, “Friend Like Me” is from the most recent Aladdin movie. The song comes with a lot of big brass melodies and a percussion pattern that drives a danceable tempo.

When it comes to the lyrics, enticing is the best word to describe them as it makes you want to sing along, and the instrumental carries a lot of the track’s energy. It also switches to a variety of genres throughout the song while staying true to the original tone, which offers something fresh for listeners at every turn.

10. Life is a Highway

The Cars movies were a big hit with the youth and their families, and of course, they came with many songs that added to their popularity. Above all, “Life is a Highway” is a jam that everyone loves, and its catchy flair comes with the talent of the Rascal Flatt’s band.

Although the group was already widely known, this record really put them on the map globally. The record is so popular that it was eternally cemented into the band’s career, making them an iconic part of the Cars movie franchise.