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10 Best Lana Del Rey Love Songs of All Time, Ranked 2023

Although you can find love songs in the discography of many different artists, some creatives are specifically known for making hits out of the topic. Lana Del Rey is widely loved all over the world, and she has a niche sound that’s immediately recognizable.

Even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of her work, she makes music that most people can appreciate due to her music’s honesty and relaxing nature. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the 10 best Lana Del Rey love songs from her career!

1. Love Song

There’s no question that this is an emotional record, and although it comes with a light instrumental, the vocals come with a lot of strength. This is a record that allows you to sink into your feelings, and the story is something many people can attach their own experiences to.

The instrumentation features orchestral and other organic melodies, and the singer’s vocals come with a perfect layering that carries enticing dynamics. It’s a melancholic record that you can get lost in all the way to the end.

2. Bartender

It’s evident that many of her fans love “Bartender” and the use of reverb in this track makes her lyrics sound larger than life. You’ll be enveloped by the emotional piano melody, and there’s a story here that’ll undoubtedly catch your attention.

The song progresses at a slow pace, but various elements start to pick up the pace, matching the vocals’ changing energy. If you’re looking for a song that creates a soundtrack to your emotion, this is a great pick.

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3. Love

Some would argue that this is one of the best Lana Del Rey love songs of all time, and the production definitely holds up to that title. This is a record that continuously progresses, adding on new layers and increasing the weight of the dynamics.

Overall, it’s a pretty impactful song that speaks on some very real topics and emotions that are simply a part of being human. In between the height of the melodies, you’ll be wrapped in beating percussion that sounds like a stuttering heartbeat.

4. National Anthem

Although the song has a pretty long, quiet intro, it slowly develops into a full-fledged record with many enticing layers. The percussion keeps a steady groove, and the light melodies provide an ethereal sound that matches Lana’s energy.

Every layer of this record complements the next, and it exudes a blend of styles from pop and R&B music. As usual, her lyrics carry a dreamy sound and are wrapped in a very soft amount of reverb that’s sweet on the ears.

5. Fuck It I Love You

This song is featured on her album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, and it’s a stand-out piece that stuck with listeners long after its release. The percussion starts to pick up throughout the record, featuring slow acoustic melodies, delivering a cinematic experience.

“Fuck It I Love You” does a great job of telling a raw story, and it’s clear people latched onto that. Aside from the vocals, the instrumentation alone will grab your attention right from the start and tug at your heartstrings along the way.

6. Brooklyn Baby

Right from the start, this song catches your attention with catchy acoustic melodies and rumbling synth melody. Lana’s vocals serenade you with highs and lows, and the song doesn’t need much percussion to keep you locked in.

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“Brooklyn Baby” is a standout record from her discography, and the dynamics of the song will ripple from ear to ear. Once the percussion finally comes in, it carries most of the weight as it brings a tumbling sound that sways from left to right.

7. Religion

I honestly believe this is one of the best Lana Del Rey love songs, as every aspect of the production hits a sweet spot. With faint orchestral and acoustic melodies, most of the song’s energy comes from Lana’s passionate vocals.

Percussion slowly builds and fades in, which increases the dramatization of her story. The cadences and dynamics from her vocals will definitely affect your mood, making the song an excellent choice for those who need some time alone.

8. Yosemite

If you’re looking for something a little darker, “Yosemite” has a melancholic vibe that’s addicting and acts as the perfect accompaniment to your emotions. It also offers a great story that many people can relate to, and the dynamics are clean yet simple at the same time.

Her vocals reach many highs and lows, taking listeners on a multi-layered listening experience. The production is rather simple in many ways, but she makes use of many different dynamics to make for an impactful record.

9. Cherry Blossom

For those who love an excellent piano melody, “Cherry Blossom” is bound to hit the spot, and it carries an authentic sound that’ll tug at your deepest thoughts and feelings. Lana offers an unfiltered approach to her storytelling, and the song provides a very real take on a sensitive topic.

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It’s pretty easy to get lost in the singer’s music, and this song exudes many of her best qualities as a vocalist and artist. The piano melodies carry many aspects of the song, and it ranges from quaint to a strength that’ll send chills down your spine.

10. Off to the Races

It was hard to choose the last song on this list, but I felt “Off to the Races” had to make the cut. The production is rather eccentric in a few ways, and the percussion takes a lot of the spotlight by offering a groove you’ll get locked into.

With heavy snares and kicks, this is one of the more energetic records from the singer. Without a doubt, the best part is the hook of this record, as it’s catchy, danceable, and makes for one of the best Lana Del Rey love songs by far.