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10 Best Morgan Wallen Songs of All Time, Ranked 2023

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I’m a huge fan of country music. From old-school greats such as Johnny Cash to the recent hip-hop-inspired country hit “Old Town Road”, the genre is more eclectic than most people realize and I love it. 

One of my recent favorites has been Morgan Wallen, a country singer who participated in the 2014 season of the TV talent show The Voice. I will never understand how he didn’t win, but it didn’t really matter as he had a huge country music career ahead!

He’s releasing better music than ever recently, and it’s made me want to take a deep dive into the absolute best Morgan Wallen songs.

Join me to find out which ones I chose!

1. Whiskey Glasses

First up on my list of the best Morgan Wallen songs is “Whisky Glasses”, a song released in 2018 that discussed the hardship of being in love with somebody who you can’t be with. 

It’s an emotional song that just about everyone can relate to, and it’s clear that the highly relatable lyrics have opened many music-lovers up to the genre of country. 

Just check out the comments on this music video, tons of people state that they never enjoyed country music until Wallen showed them how it’s really done!

2. Wasted On You

I briefly mentioned earlier how tracks such as “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus brought country music to a whole new audience. This has often been achieved by combining hip-hop and trap elements with country, giving the genre a new lease of life. 

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Another great example of this is Morgan Wallen’s “Wasted On You”, but there are actually two versions of the song – one with trap influences and one acoustic version. 

I love both of these renditions, but this simply has to be my favorite. 

3. Sand In My Boots

Everyone has met somebody throughout their life that made them ask the question, “what if?” Sometimes you make a truly deep connection with a person, meeting them only once, leaving only memories remaining. 

Morgan Wallen addresses this conundrum in a truly beautiful song, “Sand In My Boots”. It’s one of his more recent songs, released on the latest studio double album Dangerous: The Double Album.

Easily one of the best Morgan Wallen songs, simply because it is so darn relatable. This is a toast to all the lost loves out there!

4. Chasin’ You

Whilst relistening to all my favorite Morgan Wallen songs, I asked myself the question, “what exactly do I love so much about this musician?”

It has a lot to do with the musical combinations. Songs like “Chasin’ You” combine gorgeous guitar chords, a subtle live band, emotional lyrical concepts, and most importantly, Wallen’s breath-taking voice. 

This song was named the number one song of the year by Country Airplay, and I really am not surprised. Easily one of the best Morgan Wallen songs, and I challenge you to convince me otherwise. 

5. More Than My Hometown

I truly love Morgan Wallen’s music, but it’s undeniable that there is a visual element to his creations that really stands out from other country musicians. Part of it is the musician’s appearance, rocking a mullet that will make all the ladies swoon, but it’s also the awesome music videos. 

Check out the videos for tracks such as “More Than My Hometown” and you’ll see what I mean. It is practically like watching a short movie, the visual elements are just as emotionally driven as the music. Bravo!

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6. Cover Me Up

I’m a huge fan of the country musician Jason Isbell, so you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered that Morgan Wallen covered his hit track “Cover Me Up”.

Whilst the song was originally written by Isbell about his wife Amanda Shires, it’s actually a song that can be related to by just about anyone. It’s all about the vulnerability and the strength of romance, especially when faced with the obstacles of coping with alcohol addiction.

I’m sure that Isbell would be super proud that Wallen brought this song even further to fame, it’s a truly stunning cover. 

7. 7 Summers

I love all of the songs on this list, but one of the absolute best Morgan Wallen songs in my opinion has to be “7 Summers”. 

It’s all about the vocals for me. Wallen always sings with pure skill and emotion, but this performance seems to have a particularly harmonic twang that really does something for me. 

When paired with further harmonies from rhythm and lead guitars, it truly is a country song made in heaven. 

It’s a 10/10 for me, how did this guy not win The Voice!?

8. Spin You Around

The vast majority of Wallen’s songs are soft and acoustic with only subtle contributions by his live band, but sometimes he mixes it up a bit with songs such as “Spin You Around”. 

This track has a very powerful sound, coming straight in with some distorted guitars and a rockin’ guitar solo. Despite the more rocky feel to it, I still think it is subtle enough for even the most old-fashioned country fans to enjoy. 

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9. 865

The roots of Morgan Wallen’s musical career can be traced all the way back to 1993 in East Tennessee, the place in which the musician grew up and calls home.

The musician has always spoken fondly of his hometown, and one of the best Morgan Wallen songs to represent this nostalgia and yearning for home is his track “865”. 

What does this song have to do with East Tennessee? Well, 865 is the area code of the region, a lucky number that Wallen states always reminds him of good times. 

10. Warning

I can’t believe that we have already reached the end of this list of the best Morgan Wallen songs! Despite the fact that the country musician only has a handful of releases in his short career, the releases consist of so many perfect country songs that it’s been difficult for me to choose a favorite. 

However, across the entirety of the 30 songs released on Wallen’s latest album Dangerous: The Double Album, “Warning” is easily my favorite. It makes me feel incredibly euphoric in a way that I simply cannot explain, and it gets me excited for the future of the musician’s career. 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed listening to these tunes as much as I have! I simply cannot wait for another Wallen album, and I have a good feeling that there might be a new one just around the corner. For now, we’ve got plenty of music to keep us going, aren’t we lucky! 


Monday 24th of July 2023

7 summers is a masterpiece. There’s something about that song that just speaks to my inner child and soul and I love it. This list was amazing and how you spoke about all the songs was superb.