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10 Best Pole Dancing Songs of All Time, Ranked 2023

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An activity that requires a substantial amount of body strength and talent, pole dancing is generally accompanied by music that’s fitting for the occasion. There’s a wide range of songs you could choose from for such an activity, but they usually have a sense of attitude and a beat that’s hard to ignore.

Regardless of your music preference, a boost of confidence and adrenaline can go a long way with pole dancing. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the 10 best pole dancing songs of all time!

1. Streets – Doja Cat

Known for her fun music and catchy writing, Doja Cat has come a long way as an artist. “Streets” has a sultry vibe with the use of a classic sample, and the percussion couldn’t be any more crisp.

Her vocals are rather angelic and layered in such a way that delivers a velvety sound. The slow tempo gives listeners plenty of visuals, and it’s equally melancholic, allowing you to sink into the production.

2. Cocoa Hooves – Glass Animals

The best pole dancing songs offer many unique qualities, but they also follow a similar formulation that works with the activity every time. Glass Animals are widely regarded for their talent, and “Cocoa Hooves” is a slow jam that offers powerful dynamics and percussion choices.

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With rippling clean guitar melodies, and vocal layers that bounce from ear to ear, it’s undoubtedly a catchy record. The lyrical content fits the tone of the record and brings a relaxing vibe with a unique use of various synth melodies.

3. Nasty – Ariana Grande

Starting off with bouncy and heavy 808s, the instrumental takes center stage from my point of view. This isn’t to discredit Ariana’s vocals, as they’re as sweet as ever, but the beat really drives the energy in this record.

The lyrical content can easily get people in their feelings, and the song is open enough that it’s easy to listen to in full. 

4. Go Fuck Yourself – Two Feet

What’s unique about this record is that it has a long build to its intro, making listeners increasingly eager for the drop. As the synth risers slowly come in, you feel like you know what to expect, but that’s far from the case.

Once the bass and main melodies come in, you instantly get into the groove. The record delivers a brief yet impressive gritty tone, along with electric guitar melodies that bring plenty of passion to the song’s tone.

5. Boys – Lizzo

An uptempo bop, “Boys” is a record with a direct message that comes with a danceable bpm. The artist’s vocal range can’t be argued with, and this record shows her adaptability.

She’s known for the empowerment in her music, and the dynamics in this record are bound to get people moving in all kinds of environments. Aside from the catchy instrumental, the hook is hard to forget as it quickly gets stuck in your head from a single listen.

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6. My Own Dance – Kesha

Kesha’s music has been around for quite some time, and even if she isn’t as active as she used to be, she hasn’t lost her ability to make a pop hit. “My Own Dance” is clearly one of the best pole dancing songs due to the song title, catchy instrumental, and strong lyrical content.

The riding beat is perfect for dancing overall, and its fun nature adds to its addictive qualities. Kesha knows her way around a hit, and this record goes to show she hasn’t missed a step in her talent.

7. Unholy – Miley Cyrus

This record brings a blend of dynamics and musical styles, and Miley’s slightly raspy vocals work perfectly with the sharp percussion. Aside from the production, the lyrical content is rather touching and very relatable to many listeners.

She talks about her ups and downs about herself and how many of us share the same human qualities. Nevertheless, the instrumental hits hard, taking influence from rap and trap music with rolling hi-hats, clear snares, and deep kicks.

8. Without Me – Halsey

“Without Me” comes with a pretty sentimental tone, accompanied by a rather simple instrumental, allowing listeners to focus on the story more than anything. The record really stands out with the hook, which will have many people singing along as her cadence and vocal range hits the soul.

Every so often, the song slows down just to build up again, giving a sense of waves of emotions and dynamics that take people on a journey through the song’s story. It’s a pretty diverse record, in my opinion, and is an excellent example of the musical talent Halsey is capable of.

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9. God is a Woman – Ariana Grande

I had to add another track from Ariana as her discography is full of danceable and enticing records that are addicting to listen to. With relentless 808 pitch bends and rolling percussion that never gets old, I feel this record can easily hold the title as one of the best pole dancing songs.

Her vocals are perfectly layered to match the energy of the beat, and considering the title and lyrical content, many people find the record very empowering. This confidence in the song makes people want to dance and let go of their insecurities.

10. Bad Girls – M.I.A.

Even if it’s a throwback, millions of people still love M.I.A.’s music, and it comes with nostalgic memories for many. “Bad Girls” boasts a blend of styles, whether it’s rap, pop, and eccentric percussion choices.

It’s a standout record from her discography, and its danceable qualities have put the song on replay for many parties, shows, and events. The British artist made waves all over the world with her music, and this is one song that’ll be respected for a very long time.