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10 Best Songs About Colorado of All Time, Ranked 2023

Whether you’ve spent time in the state or not, Colorado is a place that people care about deeply. Not only does it offer a unique culture, but its natural beauty is a one of a kind experience.

Understandably, the state has left an impact on millions of lives over the years, which has created plenty of memorable moments for visitors and residents. 

This article is going to focus on the 10 best songs about Colorado that ended up becoming a hit with people who live there!

1. Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh

With a classic rock sound, this song has plenty of replayable qualities. It also delivers an energy that’s bound to put a room of listeners in a good mood with energetic guitar melodies and a groovy bass line.

“Rocky Mountain Way” is loved by many people and tells a relatable story as well. It features many different guitar riffs and a vocal quality that’s reminiscent of a bygone era in rock music that people still listen to today.

2. Colorado – Railroad Earth Blackbear Sessions

I think this song can be labeled as one of the best songs about Colorado, as the instrumentation does a great job of encapsulating the spirit of the state’s natural beauty. With a heavy banjo top melody, the record carries a tempo that’s danceable and filled with energy that’s infectious, to say the least.

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It also delivers many other organic melodies for a full-fledged sound that’s cinematic on its own, and the lyrics gently tell a story that’s easy to follow. The energy of the record is what keeps you listening, and the instrumental solos in between recapture the ear’s interest.

3. 40 Miles from Denver – Yonder Mountain String Band

With a backcountry sound that’s wholesome and heartwarming, “40 Miles from Denver” is a favorite for many people in Colorado. The lyrics offer something relatable for locals, and the instrumentation is relaxed and acts as the perfect backing track to a good story.

You’ll also find solo melodies that do a great job of telling a story all on their own. It’s an emotional record that carries an upbeat tempo alongside a chipper nature that’ll help uplift your mood before the song’s over.

4. Colorado – Lotus

Taking a more melancholic approach, this is a heartwarming record that can weigh heavy on your emotions from the instrumentation alone. It mainly focuses on soft, nostalgic, and emotional acoustic melodies to help drive the intention of the record.

There’s light percussion in the background to help carry the tempo, but the song spends most of its time telling a story through individual guitar notes. Purely an instrumental record, the melodies in this song provide imagery of how Colorado looks and feels.

5. Wolf Creek Pass – C.W. McCall 

This track takes a direct approach to the lyrics and storytelling, as you won’t have any issue understanding the story it’s trying to tell. It also offers a blend of male and female vocals alongside a rocking instrumental that isn’t jarring yet exciting enough to keep you listening.

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You definitely don’t hear music like this anymore, but it’s a niche kind of storytelling that people still love today. “Wolf Creek Pass” is considered to be a classic for many fans of C.W. McCall’s music.

6. Colorado Bluebird Sky – String Cheese Incident 

Overall, the instrumentation on this record is pretty light, but it provides a danceable, jiggy pace that’s bound to get you moving. It also features many ups and downs, giving listeners a sway of emotions for a dynamic listening experience.

The vocals carry a classic sound to them that can be universally loved, and the song’s upbeat nature instantly reels people in. It’s one of those records that can be loved by anyone regardless of their music taste.

7. My Proud Mountains – Townes Van Zandt

A heartfelt message to Colorado and its people, this is a wholesome record that offers a sweet message and an honest take on why people love the state. I’d say “My Proud Mountains” is one of the best songs about Colorado that’s filled with beautiful imagery.

The instrumental remains pretty calm and doesn’t change too much, but the acoustic melodies are all that’s needed to support the message. It’s a peaceful record you can get lost in, and it’ll keep you interested all the way to the end.

8. Colorado – Paper Bird

This song focuses heavily on the instrumentation, and although there are lyrics sprinkled throughout, I feel the instrumental is the star of the show. This isn’t to say that the lyrics aren’t catchy and enticing, but what grabs your interest is the energy in the melodies.

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It’s a fun, light-hearted song that comes with a lot of replayable qualities. Featuring a wholesome tone all throughout, it’s an excellent folk song that’s fitting for the nature of Colorado and its aesthetic.

9. The Eagle and The Hawk – John Denver

With a vast number of cinematic qualities, “The Eagle and The Hawk” sounds like the perfect choice for a movie soundtrack. John Denver’s voice is excellent and full of passion, and the instrumentation offers many different orchestral melodies.

The song does a great job of transitioning between emotions and dynamics, making it a multi-faceted production you can sink into. It’s relatively short, but it quickly makes an impact on listeners right from the start.

10. Colorado – Chuck Pyle

Boasting upbeat percussion and plenty of twang in the main melodies, Chuck Pyle effortlessly floats his lyrics across the instrumentation. Another record that’s bound to put you in a warm mood, it carries plenty of emotion that acts as an ode to Colorado.

I personally believe this is one of the best songs about Colorado, as the message couldn’t be any more authentic and true. The record does a great job of encapsulating how the state makes residents and visitors feel.