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10 Best Songs About Snow of All Time, Ranked

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Snow angels, snowball fights, and sledding, what’s not to love about the snow? If you were lucky enough to grow up in a place where it snows in Winter, you are sure to have many snow-related memories that bring you joy.

Snow, and other weather phenomena, are popular themes in music and can be used to describe the weather, a feeling, and even an emotion. 

Bundle up in your warmest coat, grab the hot cocoa, and let’s take a look at the best songs about snow!

1. Snowbound by Genesis

If you’re looking for a song about a metaphor for life, love, and everything in between, “Snowbound” by the band Genesis should be on your best songs about snow playlist. 

Released in 1978, the band includes Phil Collins on vocals and serves as a reminder that, much like snow, the good things in life don’t last forever. 

Nostalgia, at its best, “Snowbound” features on the album …And Then There Were Three… and deserves a spot on your playlist. 

2. Velvet Snow by Kings of Leon

American band Kings of Leon has a knack for making songs with hidden or unclear meanings. But their 2004 song “Velvet Snow” is clear as the band sings about the effects of cocaine and drug use. 

While we will never know if they are singing from personal experience, the song is relatable to anyone who has used any mind-altering substance.  

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“Velvet Snow” features Aha Shake Heartbreak on the band’s album and is an upbeat tune with a garage band sound to it. Add it to your playlist today, and let the Kings of Leon make you glad you don’t do cocaine.  

3. 20 Years of Snow by Regina Spektor

Known for her poetic sound and thought-provoking lyrics, Regina Spektor graces us with her incredible yet again with the 2006 release of “20 Years of Snow.” Taken from the album Begin to Hope, the song is about being clean and pure.

Purity and virginity go hand in hand, and that concept comes through clearly in “20 Years of Snow.” Still, like many of Spektor’s songs, purity and cleanliness are very much open to interpretation by the listener. Grab yourself a glass of wine, turn up the volume, and get lost in this poetic song by a brilliant artist. 

4. Snow (Hey Oh) by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Snow (Hey Oh)” is one of the most prolific songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With that unmistakable sound and incredible vocal talent of Anthony Kedis, the song is about cocaine and heroin. 

Released in the year 2006 on their hit album Stadium Arcadium, “Snow (Hey Oh” is another song that uses the snow to refer to drugs. No matter the meaning, the song has a great melodic yet cheerful sound and is a must for your best songs about snow playlist. 

5. White as Snow by U2

“White as Snow” is one of the more emotional songs on our best songs about snow playlist and takes us on a journey through the last thoughts of a dying man. Set in Afghanistan, the song focuses on the death of a soldier who remembers his life.

Released in 2009, “White as Snow” is featured on the album No Line On The Horizon and has an eerie yet emotional feel. Grab the tissues for this one as you reflect on your life. 

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6. 50 Words for Snow by Kate Bush featuring Stephen Fry

80’s songstress Kate Bush surprised fans with her 2011 release of the song “50 Words for Snow.” The song features Stephen Fry going through a list of words and has a depth to it that is hard to describe. 

“50 Words for Snow” was released on the album of the same name and is a reminder that not all beautiful things in life can last forever. This eerie track is thought-provoking, so prepare for an emotional journey by adding it to your playlist of the best songs about snow. 

7. Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkel

Simon and Garfunkel are hands down, one of the best musical duos in the world. With many great classics under their belt, the song “Hazy Shades of Winter” is yet another song you must hear. 

“Hazy Shade of Winter” was released in 1968 on the album Bookends and is about a man looking for the perfect love. But, of course, life comes to the party and has other plans, and he never seems to find exactly what it is that he is looking for and only has memories to live with. 

Add this great 60s classic to your playlist today, and let Simon and Garfunkel soothe you with their melodic sound. 

8. Snowblind by Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is known for its chaotic, drug-fuelled songs, and “Snowblind” is the perfect example. Released in 1972, the song has an old-school rock sound to it, with Ozzy Osbourne on vocals. 

The song is more than just a rock classic and is filled with imagery that will have your mind racing. Detailing the effects of cocaine and being high, “Snowblind” was featured on the band’s album Vol.4. Kick it back to the good old glory days of rock and pump up the volume on “Snowblind.”  

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9. Cold Rain and Snow by Grateful Dead

Folk music with a difference is what you can expect when you listen to “Cold Rain and Snow” by the 60s band the Grateful Dead. With an extremely catchy sound and only a few lines making up the lyrics, the song is about wanting more from life than the man currently has.

“Cold Rain and Snow” is a song about being in a cold, unhappy marriage and was released in 1968 on the band’s album The Grateful Dead. This old yet relatable song will add some good old folk sound to your best songs about snow playlist. 

10. I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by Billie Holiday

Taking up the last spot on our best songs about snow playlist is a great hit by soul singer Billie Holiday. This is also the oldest song on our list and was released in 1937. Though times have changed and music has evolved, “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” is still totally relatable and is a song about love being enough to weather any storm. 

“I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” was originally written and recorded for the musical On The Avenue and has a romantic, warm feel. Grab your partner, cuddle on the couch and let Ms. Holliday serenade you with her hit song.