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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Review (2023)

In this review we will be checking out the BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone pedal! Tone Start will be covering everything you need to know about the pedal before you go out and buy it. We will be checking out its features, sound, performance, durability, and provide you with our overall opinion on the pedal.

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal Review

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If you have any experience or knowledge about guitar pedals then you would have most-likely heard about BOSS. BOSS are responsible for manufacturing a wide-range of effects pedals for both the guitar and bass. The company was founded back in 1973, and is a division of the Japanese manufacturer Roland Corporation. Many popular artists are affiliated with BOSS products, including big names such as Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and John 5.


The sound is Metal. You either like it or you don’t! Well, if metal is indeed your scene, let’s talk. Let’s talk about the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal, right from the very beginning!

Initially released in 1991, the MT-2 is arguably one of the best pedals to come out of the Boss stables. That said, it also has its share of critics – those who just can’t stand the sound of it! But then again, sound or tone is an individual choice. You always have the freedom of choice, especially as an artist who is out to express yourself. And if you are really out to express yourself then the MT-2 you will be sure to deliver!


Model no.



15 oz


8 x 10 x 8 inches


1x 9V battery

*(Listed according to the information provided at BOSS’s official website)



With its distinctive dual-gain integrated circuit, it is indeed a tremendous distortion pedal. It has a built in 3 band, parametric equalizer that allows you to set the ‘punch’ of this pedal, exactly the way you want it. This is a great enhancement to the Distortion and level controls. The mid control gives you a varied range of distortion textures. As usual, this distortion pedal too has a mono-in and mono-out cable connections.

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It is worth mentioning here that most of the detractors are the ones who probably have no idea about setting up the EQ. So, once you figure out the equalizer settings, you have one of the most awesome distortion pedals ever made!

The MT-2 delivers super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows that match a stack of over-driven amps. This is what gives the pedal the distinct metal edge. It is quite obvious that this pedal is a perfect companion for a metal or hard-rock guitarist. It provides great tone variation to keep you interested all the time. So much so that you can make the distortion sound similar to that of any metal band you like.

This sturdy Boss product comes with a warranty of 5 years. Available on Amazon for $88 and free shipping inside the US, this piece-de-resistance is a steal!


Distinctly designed for metal or hard-rock, the MT-2 would certainly not go down well with other genres. Especially so with those who are inexperienced with EQ settings, which are truly awe inspiring on this pedal. So, if you are a beginner, it could send you the wrong way!

On the other hand, with a bit of patience and experimenting with the EQ controls, it would make your guitar sound really amazing. If you want to hop between ‘clean’ and ‘metal’ sounds, with your pedal off and on, respectively, the volume would be almost the same but then with the beast on, you would be thumping away! Just dial the distortion knob, to provide the right edge to your signal.

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Add to this the great looks and it comes out right on top. Unlike the usual bright coloured plastic housings, the MT-2 is black steel with matte finish and is really cool. The metal case is apt for the genre this pedal is designed for!


The secret of getting the best out of this beast is to not get rid of the wrong mids but to enhance the right ones. After all, EQ is the balance between individual taste and having the right mix of instruments.

On the MT 2, the 200 Hz to 5 kHz range of frequencies can be controlled with the MID knob and can be boosted or reduced with the inner knob labelled ‘MIDDLE’. By using the Mid Freq knob in the 2 kHz to 3 kHz positions, you get a great presence. If you don’t like a thin sound, avoid using the 1 kHz zone. You should avoid the high end as well as your instrument will sound too hissy. You can further enhance the sound by turning the low as well as high knobs till you reach the desired effect.

It is all a matter of getting used to the controls a bit and you can get the pedal to deliver the best for you – just the way you want it.


With all that said, let’s also look at what a beginner can do with this pedal. Here are a few tips that could go a long way in helping you get used to the MT-2 and making best use of it.

As is obvious, the settings would be very different based on your guitar and amps when you play alone, at home, and when you are playing in sync with others or in front of a live audience.

What you would need to understand is that the mid-range frequencies played are the most important, as this determines the feel-good factor in the human hearing frequencies. This is the most pleasing sound to the ears, especially in the combination of sounds of the low and the high frequencies- which are brought by the drums and cymbals respectively.

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Thus, when you get into your rhythm, it is imperative to remember that you should not take up the space reserved for the lower and higher frequencies. The bass and the kick need to play their part too!

It is important for you to bear in mind that the guitar, across all metal genres, sounds the best when the mid-range frequencies are accentuated along with a few, ideal, highs and lows. If you get this combo right, it’s gonna sound pretty great. This can easily be achieved with the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal!


In conclusion, it is evident that determining the perfect pedal for yourself is not only difficult, but a bit dicey as well. The headcount of the so called ‘purists’ who try to ‘decide’ what you MUST buy is rather high. However, I would give them the cold shoulder and shout out from the rooftops that the MT-2 is THE PEDAL for you!

The awesomely crisp sounds and the feel-good factor it delivers, is a pure elixir for the senses. You can trust it to deliver the bottom end when you want it. In effect, it can turn any guitar into a proper metal monster! Now, isn’t that music to your ears?

Agree or disagree with our review? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Well done article on a pedal I have loved since day 1! It all started for me way back in the 90's with a Peavy Bandit and a Boss MT-2 doing my best of Metallica Kill Em All covers!