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10 Best Bring Me the Horizon Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

When people look at metalcore, Bring Me the Horizon is one of the first bands immediately recognized. Their initial deathcore roar in 2006’s Count Your Blessings and 2008’s Suicide Season created shockwaves across the world, but primarily in their hometown of Sheffield, UK. 

From there, the band went from strength to strength while also swaying more into metalcore and mainstream metal musicality, broadening their soundscapes and even leading to a now-canceled tour with Lorna Shore. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the 10 best Bring Me the Horizon love songs!

1. Follow You

Album: That’s The Spirit
Released: 2015

To begin with, we have a song that begins in misery and ends up being one of the most loving songs in Bring Me The Horizon’s catalog. “Follow You” is a distant relative of the British metal group’s deathcore roots, but it’s a beautiful song nonetheless.

For an extra-loving atmosphere, watch Bring Me The Horizon’s live acoustic cover that they played on the Prague leg of their 2023 tour.

2. Deathbeds

Album: Sempiternal
Released: 2013

Sempiternal is arguably one of Bring Me The Horizon’s more dynamic records, with “Deathbeds” being one of its (many) highlights. Its subject matter is somewhat divisive, however; on one hand it can be a commentary on Oli Syke’s ketamine addiction, and on the other, it could be interpreted as a painful song on unrequited love.

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Interpretation is everything in music, and I like the idea of this song is about unrequited love, where the person in question isn’t good for him anyway.

3. Mother Tongue 

Album: amo
Released: 2019

Differently to “Deathbeds”, “Mother Tongue” has little chance of deviation from what it’s meant to be about. It’s a beautiful, touching track on how two lost souls found each other and made each other whole: Oli Sykes and his wife, Allissa Salls. 

The song sings of the ups and downs of relationships, such as every relationship. However, it also sings of a beautiful healing that can be found in the arms of another. 

4. Don’t Go

Album: There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret
Released: 2010

This one is an interesting entry on my list. On the surface, “Don’t Go” is a song about failing relationships and depression, but it has a much darker, striking story behind it that has too much significance to omit.

In “Don’t Go”, Oli talks of the murder of Terry Lee Hurst, who was murdered by three teens; one of which was Oli’s cousin. The song in turn discusses how the tragic event impacted Oli, with potential reference to sleep paralysis as a result of this tragedy. 

5. Drown

Album: That’s The Spirit
Released: 2015

Moving back on to direct love songs, “Drown” doesn’t bring us back on a cheery note. With a heavy focus on depression and a struggle to deal with the world around him, Oli sings of heartbreak and the ending of a relationship that was, in some ways, saving him.

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I think the powerful, charged backing chorus behind the line “Don’t let me drown” are incredibly striking.

6. Liquor And Love Lost

Album: Count Your Blessings
Released: 2006

2006’s Count Your Blessings was a tour de force that shocked the music industry when it was released. It was a powerful yet melodic outburst towards the world and its problems, with “Liquoir And Love Lost” being an aggressive outlet for heartbreak.

I think the song has several interpretations, but I understand it the most as a song about someone who broke Oli’s heart, yet despite this he still loves her.

It’s also worth noting here that Bring Me The Horizon’s current material is entirely unrecognizable against their deathcore roots, which are sorely missed by me.

7. Can You Feel My Heart 

Album: Sempiternal
Released: 2013

While I do miss the deathcore side of Bring Me The Horizon, there’s no denying that they’re a talented bunch who have simply evolved in their individual (and collective) ways. 2013’s Sempiternal demonstrated that in abundance with the powerful, electronic-heavy “Can You Feel My Heart” which skyrocketed the band’s popularity.

The chorus of this track in particular is ridiculously catchy and became a huge fan favorite worldwide.

8. I Apologise If You Feel Something

Album: amo
Released: 2019

2019’s Amo took the electronic floatiness of Sempiternal and knocked it up another level entirely. In “I Apologise If You Feel Something”, the band almost takes a synth-wave approach that feels like more of an atmospheric interlude rather than a standalone track.

The lyrics in this song, however, are striking. Oli sings of emphasizing the importance of our hearts and being sure of ourselves when it comes to love. 

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9. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down?

Album: Amo
Released: 2019

Continuing the divergence from Deathcore we have the oddly catchy trap hit “Why You Gotta Kick Me Down?”, which admittedly had me shaking my head in disbelief on the first listen. The song sings of the band’s relationship with their fans, but I also take it as a long about the importance of self-love.

When the heavy, almost dubstep riff hits, however, the track as a whole makes sense and it’s clear that the Bring Me The Horizon folks have been hard at work to create their unique sound.

10. Pray For Plagues

Album: Count Your Blessings
Released: 2006

“Pray For Plagues” is possibly one of Bring Me The Horizon’s more out-there tracks, but it has a sad element of love to it. Oli sings of a female friend who, in one way or another, strays down dangerous paths revolving around sex which causes him great pain. 

His language is… far from subtle, but I think this comes from the frustration of seeing someone you love stray onto paths that weren’t necessarily meant for them. He hopes they can “eradicate this disease”, but it doesn’t seem to be likely.