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10 Best BTS Love Songs, Ranked (2023)

As a music enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by the power of love songs in captivating our emotions and taking us on an exhilarating journey. And when it comes to BTS, the South Korean boy band sensation, their love songs are a force to be reckoned with.

With soulful lyrics, catchy melodies, and spine-tingling vocals, BTS has amassed a legion of fans across the globe. Through their music, they have touched the hearts of millions of listeners with their relatable stories and messages of love, hope, and resilience.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of BTS’s love songs and discover what makes them so special and beloved by their fans.

1. “My Universe” (2021)

Album: My Universe
Release Date: 2021
Featured Artist(s): Coldplay
Song Duration: 3 minutes 48 seconds

“My Universe” by BTS featuring Coldplay is a heartwarming love song that perfectly blends the distinct vibes of both bands. The lyrics portray an unbreakable bond between two individuals, who despite coming from different worlds, find their universe in each other.

The song’s chorus is catchy and the harmonization between the two bands is impeccable. The bridge featuring j-hope and SUGA adds another layer of depth to the track, reminding the listener that love can make everything brighter and better, even in the darkest times.

Overall, “My Universe” is a beautiful collaboration that showcases the power of love and unity.

2. “Christmas Tree” (2021)

Album: Our Beloved Summer (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt. 5
Release Date: 2021
Song Duration: 3 minutes 30 seconds

“Christmas Tree” by V captures the essence of love during the holiday season. The lyrics reflect on the magical moments shared with a loved one by describing them as a shining light that keeps the cold out.

V’s vocals add an emotional touch to the track, conveying the feeling of falling for someone’s eyes and wanting to be where they are. The song’s dreamy and romantic vibe make it the perfect addition to any holiday season playlist.

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It’s no wonder why “Christmas Tree” has secured a spot at number two on the list of the best BTS Love Songs from the album “Our Beloved Summer (Original Television Soundtrack), Pt.5.”

3. “Euphoria” (2018)

Album: Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’
Release Date: 2018
Song Duration: 3 minutes 49 seconds

“Euphoria” from BTS’s album “Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer'” is a vibrant and uplifting love song that speaks about the joy and happiness one feels when they are with the person they love. Jung Kook paints a picture of a dreamlike world where he and his love are surrounded by clear waters and lush greenery.

The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus will have you humming the tune all day long, while its meaningful lyrics capture the essence of being truly happy and finding solace in the presence of someone special. It’s no wonder that “Euphoria” ranks number 3 on our list of the best BTS Love Songs.

4. “Life Goes On” (2020)

Album: BE
Release Date: 2020
Song Duration: 3 minutes 27 seconds

“Life Goes On” from BTS’s album “BE” is a beautiful ballad that reflects on the struggles of life during the pandemic. With calming and comforting melodies, the song encourages listeners to keep going despite the hardships.

The lyrics capture the feeling of being lost and helpless but also offer hope for the future. BTS’s ability to connect with their fans emotionally is showcased in this song, making it a standout track on the album.

It’s no surprise that “Life Goes On” has earned its place as one of the best love songs from BTS.

5. “Spring Day” (2017)

Album: You Never Walk Alone
Release Date: 2017
Song Duration: 4 minutes 34 seconds

“Spring Day” from BTS’s album “You Never Walk Alone” captures the feeling of longing for someone who is no longer with us. The lyrics express the desire for things to return to how they were before, and the pain that comes with not being able to do so.

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The song is a beautiful tribute to lost loved ones and the hope of reuniting with them someday. With its dreamy melody and emotional lyrics, “Spring Day” has secured its place as one of the best love songs in BTS’s discography.

6. “Filter” (2020)

Album: MAP OF THE SOUL : 7
Release Date: 2020
Song Duration: 3 minutes 0 seconds

“Filter” from BTS’ “MAP OF THE SOUL : 7” album is a playful and confident song sung by Jimin. The lyrics speak about being someone’s “filter”, someone who can transform and bring change into their life.

Jimin encourages the listener to “pick their filter” and choose what kind of person they want to be with him. The song’s upbeat and funky sound is reminiscent of retro pop and showcases Jimin’s smooth and versatile vocals.

Overall, “Filter” is a fun and flirty love song that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.

7. “Sweet Night” (2020)

Album: ITAEWON CLASS (Original Television Soundtrack) Pt. 12
Release Date: 2020
Song Duration: 3 minutes 34 seconds

V’s “Sweet Night” from the “ITAEWON CLASS (Original Television Soundtrack) Pt. 12” album is a heartfelt ballad about a lost love.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who is struggling to move on from a past relationship and is still holding onto the hope of rekindling their love. They question whether their feelings are reciprocated, wondering if they are “too good to be true.” The song’s gentle melody and V’s soothing vocals make it a touching tribute to the pain of unrequited love.

It’s no surprise that it made my list of the best BTS Love Songs, coming in at number 7 out of 10.

8. “Who” (2020)

Album: ~how i’m feeling~
Release Date: 2020
Featured Artist(s): Lauv
Song Duration: 3 minutes 0 seconds

In “Who” by BTS featuring Lauv, the lyrics express confusion and frustration in a changing relationship. Lauv questions who his partner has become, stating that she is not the same person he fell in love with.

The featured BTS members, Jungkook and Jimin, add their own experiences, feeling hypnotized by their partner’s words while also feeling the coldness and distance in the relationship. Overall, the song highlights the pain and confusion of seeing a loved one change into someone unrecognizable, leaving the artists feeling lost and longing for the person they once knew.

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9. “eight” (2020)

Album: eight
Release Date: 2020
Featured Artist(s): SUGA
Song Duration: 2 minutes 48 seconds

“eight” is a hauntingly beautiful collaboration between IU and SUGA.

The lyrics paint a picture of feeling lost and alone, but finding solace in a connection with someone else. The dreamy melody and IU’s ethereal vocals create a sense of longing, while SUGA’s rap verse provides a punch of emotional intensity.

The song speaks to the universal desire for human connection and the bittersweet reality that not all connections last. The production is spot-on, seamlessly blending electronic and acoustic elements to create a uniquely dynamic sound.

Overall, “eight” is a stunning track that showcases the incredible talent of both IU and SUGA.

10. “HOME” (2019)

Release Date: 2019
Song Duration: 3 minutes 54 seconds

“HOME,” from BTS’s 2019 album “MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA,” expresses the band’s longing for the comfort and security of home, both physically and emotionally. The catchy melody and upbeat tempo reflect the excitement of going out and exploring the world, but the lyrics reveal a deeper desire to return to a safe haven where they can be themselves.

Through their harmonious vocals and emotional delivery, BTS showcases their vulnerable side and invites listeners to join them in their quest for a place to truly call home. “HOME” is a heartfelt anthem for anyone seeking a sense of belonging.