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10 Best Cyberpunk Songs of All Time, Ranked

Cyberpunk gained popularity for a number of reasons, but the soundtrack was definitely one of its stand-out features. Featuring a blend of styles, the video game delivered a range of music genres that many fans seemed to love.

Whether you’ve played the game or not, the soundtrack is hard to pass up and comes with plenty of replayable qualities. 

In this article, I’m going to focus on the 10 best Cyberpunk songs you should definitely give a listen to!

1. I Really Want to Stay At Your House – Rosa Walton

With a heavy focus on an electronic influence, this record hits your emotions hard if you just listen to the lyrics. The record is pretty consistent with sharp synth melodies, pads, and consistent percussion that helps keep the tempo.

More than anything, fans sink into what the lyrics have to offer, which is a rather somber message. Nevertheless, there’s an energetic quality to this song, and it remains interesting enough to follow through till the end.

2. Copy of A – Nine Inch Nails 

From the beginning, you’re greeted with erratic synth melodies that leave plenty of space for intrigue. Delivering a range of low and high-end frequencies, the song quickly picks up with the help of the percussion’s entrance.

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The production of this record as a whole takes an interesting route, as many melodies clash together yet flow seamlessly at the same time. I’d say the vocals are pretty sparse, and most of my attention remains on the instrumentation.

3. Icarus – Michael McCann

This track takes a very cinematic direction with the production, and the intro delivers an ethereal tone with the help of droning pads and reverberated vocals. Many elements of this song start out in the distance and slowly creep their way to the forefront.

It also has a suspenseful build to it, leading you to a booming drop that brings the song’s best elements all together. This drop comes later in the song, and you’re met with cinematic elements across the board from the percussion and various stacked melodies.

4. Batman Beyond Theme Song – Kris Carter

The sound of this track offers the perfect vibe for something such as Cyberpunk. You’ll find it has a modern and nostalgic grit to the instrumentation, on top of relentless percussion that’s bound to get you in the groove.

It perfectly fits the theme of Cyberpunk, and although the song is fairly short and repetitive, it never gets old. The record also has a main electric guitar melody that takes a lot of the spotlight from the instrumentation.

5. Derezzed – Daft Punk

Easily one of the best Cyberpunk songs on this list, “Derezzed” is a stellar song from the Daft Punk group. There isn’t a single element of their production that goes to waste, and this song carries an excellent dynamic that’s fitting for the Cyberpunk universe.

The song builds from the beginning, and once the drums come in, you’re locked in until the song is over. This record has a repetitive nature, but it’s exciting enough not to be bothersome and plays with numerous sound effects sprinkled throughout.

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6. Kelly Bailey – Hazardous Environments

There’s no shortage of dramatic dynamics in this record, and it’s definitely one of the eeriest records on this list. In the song, there are many notes, instruments, and dynamics that clash with each other and bring a fair amount of anxiety to its tone.

However, you can still get lost in the dramatic sound it provides, as it offers a sonic journey that can’t be ignored. Interesting to say the least, ‘Hazardous Environments” is a stand-out piece for Cyberpunk.

7. Nightforce – Power Glove

From my perspective, “Nightforce” is one of the best Cyberpunk songs above all, as it boasts bright melodies on top of a heavy bass line. Not only is the song catchy, but it perfectly encapsulates the sound and aesthetic Cyberpunk was going for.

Many people love the timeless nature of this song, as its simple direction will always be catchy no matter how much time passes. Overall, the reverberated and dreamy melodies are what reel people in the most.

8. CP Violation – Kelly Bailey 

Throughout the entire record, “CP Violation” goes on to consistently build up all the way to the end, adding new layers along the way. This is another record that’s pretty repetitive, but it isn’t dry enough to make you want to stop listening.

It also features rolling percussion that adds to the anxious tone of the record, which comes with its fair share of dread. Although there aren’t any lyrics involved, the instrumentation does all of the talking and has no issue conveying the intended emotions.

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9. Final Frontier – Juno Reactor

“Final Frontier” has an interesting take on the production, from high-octane drums and bass to many other dark elements that overlap each other. It has a slow burn to the beginning, but the record comes with plenty of intrigues to influence listeners to stick around.

Slowly but surely, the song starts to build up and add new layers that only make it sound more ominous. Eventually, the record brings every layer together and transforms into an entirely different tone than how it started, delivering a groove that’s bound to get you moving.

10. 9999999 – Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories

After a thorough listen, I feel this record is one of the best Cyberpunk songs for a number of reasons, most of which include its dynamics. There’s a dreary tone that blankets the entire track, and it boasts many synth melodies that are rather foreboding.

You’ll also find a few organic elements, such as mallets and piano, each of which blends very well with the heavy synth notes. This record is extremely fitting for a soundtrack, as its dynamics do all of the work without needing any lyrics whatsoever.