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10 Best Deftones Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

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It is pretty hard to associate an alternative metal band with love songs. Be that as it may, Deftones have a different approach to expressing love in their songs. 

From a love that is completely wrong for you to being in love with someone that has you addicted to them like a drug, Deftones explore the different types of relationships you may be in. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the best Deftones love songs of all time!

1. Sextape

A song about infatuation and how love can make you lose complete control, “Sex Tape” from the 2010 album Diamond Eyes speaks of the infatuation you experience when you have found your true love. 

With a melodic tone and almost haunting lyrics by lead singer Chino Moreno, the song has been said to give you both a serotonin boost and a depressive bout at the same time. 

Give this a listen on those days when you need to be reminded of that feeling of giving yourself to another person completely. 

2. Passenger

“Passenger,” taken off the White Pony album of 2000, is possibly one of those songs that will leave you with goosebumps, your hair standing on end, and one listener describing the song. 

The song has an overall sad tone but is brought to life with the tale of going along with absolutely anything in a relationship, just as long as you can be with that person. 

Moreno describes being with their lover as a passenger in a car, just along for the ride with no real influence on where they will go and what they will do. 

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3. Beware

Have you ever felt that drowning feeling when listening to a particular song? Like the lyrics pull you in deeper and deeper until you just let yourself go completely? 

“Beware” is one of the best Deftones love songs, and certainly one of the most popular songs, taken off their 2006 album Saturday Night Wrist. Being in an intense relationship can be hard to bear, and the song speaks of giving the person a way out. 

While asking if they like how the water tastes, they also give their lover the option of leaving. 

4. Mascara

Love has a funny way of making us overlook the bad in a relationship. You know there are faults, you know that it is probably not the best situation to be in, but you stay because your love is that intense. 

“Mascara” tells the haunting tale of a completely wrong love, where there are just too many problems but feeling there is no escape from it.

Taken from the 1997 album Around the Fur, “Mascara” will have you questioning your relationship and force you to take stock of the bad parts. 

5. Entombed

A good relationship should make you feel safe, like in your mother’s womb or even a tomb, where the bad things can’t get to you. “Entombed” is taken from the 2012 album Koi No Yokan is one of those songs that you will listen to on repeat to hear those words repeated repeatedly. 

Give this hot track a listen if you are at a crossroads in your relationship and need to know if it is worth staying in this “safe space,” no matter how bad it is for you. 

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6. Beauty School

Another beautiful yet haunting track from the 2010 album Diamond Eyes, “Beauty School,” follows the singer’s journey of his relationship with the woman he truly loves. 

Described as listening to your favorite song while holding your lover’s hand, this song explores a real love, where there are no masks, no pretenses, and just in its purest form.

“Beauty school” is a great track for driving around on a clear night with just you, your lover, and the open road before you. 

7. Smile

Did you know that Deftones have an unreleased album? “Smile” is from Eros, recorded in 2014. Passion, wanting, and utter lust go hand in hand in a romantic relationship. But is that enough? Will it last forever, or is it fleeting? 

Chino Moreno brings these thoughts to mind in “Smile” as he questions his relationship with his girlfriend, asking her if she still feels the same and if it is enough to stay and nurture. 

8. Pink Cellphone

Accurately assessing the meaning of the lyrics of a song can be tricky. “Pink Cellphone,” taken off the Saturday Night Wrist album of 2006, is open to interpretation, depending on where you are in your relationship or life. 

While some feel it centers around questioning religion and the self-righteous feelings many people have, others say that the song is more about pursuing the wrong ideas or goals in life and ultimately screwing yourself over because of it. 

No matter how you interpret the song, there is no doubt that “Pink Cellphone,” featuring the eerie tone of Anny Hardy’s voice and lyrics, is a great track that will have you discovering how the lyrics can be interpreted.

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9. Teenager

Do you remember your first love? That invincible feeling just being near them gave you? First love can be intense, and when your love suddenly moves away, you are left feeling lost and remembering all the moments you shared with them. 

“Teenager,” tells the story of young love and ultimately of the loss of that love. Taken from the 2000 album White Pony, the song will have you thinking back to all the heartbreaks you have possibly experienced in life and how sometimes, letting go is easier said than done. 

10. RX Queen

Love can make us feel both happy and incredibly sad all at once. While it might not always be the right kind of love, there are times when that love has you addicted. 

Whether you are addicted to a person, a feeling, or just being in love, “RX Queen” has been described by listeners and fans as one of the most underrated Deftones songs. 

It is taken off the White Pony album, released in 2000, and will make your dream of a love that makes you feel like you are addicted, like your lover is a drug that you cannot get enough of. 

Love can make you do the strangest things, and holding on to a love that makes you feel like you need a permanent prescription is a love worth fighting for.


Sunday 21st of May 2023

I love your assessment and description of each song. I’ve listened to Deftones in the past but recently started listening to them more because my boyfriend loves them and he’s locked up right now so when I listen to them it makes me feel closer to him.