Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Versions [2021 UPDATED]

Fulltone OCD Versions

There is a lot of confusion online in regards to the different versions of the Fulltone OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Drive) around. Fulltone does not make it easy to understand the differences between each version - so that's why we are here to help fill the gaps!

There's currently only 4 versions of the OCD, although there has been speculation on whether more versions actually exist. It's also been rumored that there was an inside joke by the manufacturers of the OCD - who would write higher version numbers for the fun of it.

An e-mail from Michael Fuller, the founder of Fulltone, was received by a forum user in regards to this topic.

Everything after 4 is the same.

Michael Fuller
Fulltone Founder

He was also quoted by another online user stating:

Not an inside joke, just whenever I make a change to the PCB, whether it be a word because of a Trademark change, a new logo, etc It received a revision

I don't think there's a much difference between a 1.4 and a 1.7, but I'm sure I could get someone on the internet to argue with me 😉

1.7, the final revision for the OCD, have larger very large 100uf or 47uf filter caps in the power supply, which theoretically could Bass up/warm up the sound a bit. Theoretically that is. Practically, ehhh, maybe.

Michael Fuller
Fulltone Founder

From these statements we can conclude that there are indeed only 4 versions of the OCD around, and that there really wasn't any inside joke going on. Sadly!

Fulltone OCD Versions

Here is our table comparing each of the Fulltone OCD versions, including their serial numbers, version changes, sound, and related images:






#000 - #4563

#4564 - #9473

#9474 - #16060

> #16061


- Volume-pot changed

(100K -> 500K)

- Drive-pot changed 

(500K --> 1Meg)

(This modification is made to units with serial numbers above #9127)

- Tone-capacitor changed

(0.1u --> 0.047u)

- Tone-pot changed

(25k --> 10k)

- Added germanium diode in clipping section

- Volume control pot tapering changed (logarithmic)

- Opamp feedback loop capacitor and tone control capacitor values lowered for decreased bass response


- Lots of bass

- Lots of high end

- Less bass

- More middle

- Slightly softer high end

- Stronger midrange

- Increased sustain

- Improved tone-control

- Less bass

- Richer even order harmonic distortion due to asymmetrical clipping

- Improved volume-control


Credit goes to Pedal Area for the information provided above.

That concludes our article on the speculations involving the Fulltone OCD, and the differences between each of the versions brought out. Hopefully you have learned a thing or two, and can now make a judgement about which version suits your needs. 

As usual, let us know if there are any adjustments or modifications that need to be made to this article by contacting us through our Contact Page or commenting below.

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  1. Karl

    I really beg to differ. There is most certainly a 1.7 and it is almost a completely different pedal. I have a 1.4 sitting next to it. With the tone knob on the 1.4 at 11:00, it is the same as the tone on the 1.7 at max. Volume at unity is about 11:00 on the 1.4 and 8:00 on the 1.7. Completely different beast.

    1. Eddie

      That is interesting. I have the V1.4 and V2.0 and find very similar difference in the controls. This might suggest that the V2.0 is closer to the V1.7 in tone and performance (even though completely different circuit board technologies). The V2.0 might have even more bass than the V1.7; not tied the latter. Which do you like best? I’m finding that I like the thick chunky bass of the V2.0 for R&B and light muting with left hand, and the cutting treble/harmonics of the V1.4 for classic Rock.

  2. Rawler

    I’ve been rocking the V1 since ’05. I dont need another mid-humper OD, so I am sticking with it til it dies. Replacememts are $500+ nowadays so lets hope ole Mike can fix it if it bricks.

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