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10 Best Hozier Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

A multi-faceted artist that continues to impress his fan base, Hozier brings plenty to the table with every song he releases. The singer also carries a signature style and voice, both of which are part of what’s made him so popular.

His discography features a range of styles, and there’s no shortage of interest in his artistry. 

For this article, I’m going to focus on the 10 best Hozier love songs that everyone should hear at least once, if not on repeat!

1. Work Song

If you like songs with a slow swing to them, “Work Song” would be exactly what you’re looking for as it hits the nail on the head for a slow yet, hard-hitting track. Stacked with somber melodies and passionate vocals, the entire production encapsulates melancholic thoughts and personal feelings.

Not only does the instrumentation carry you through the record, but the vocals deliver a message that’ll immediately catch your interest. The dynamics offer the perfect recipe to snag your emotions and reel you into an audible journey you won’t soon forget.

2. In a Week

This record focuses on an acoustic top melody which carries a lot of the weight regarding the song’s dynamics. You’ll be greeted with soft vocals, which only heighten the song’s tone, and many fans find the message quite relatable.

“In a Week” is a track you can easily attach to your own life experiences, and the faint tone of the instrumentation is something you won’t be able to ignore. There’s also a great contrast between male and female vocals which equally complement each other at every turn.

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3. Jackie and Wilson

For me personally, I feel “Jackie and Wilson” is one of the best Hozier love songs on this list, as it offers a great blend of melancholic dynamics alongside a bit of grit. There’s a cinematic quality to this track, and the hook is bound to stick with you long after your first listen.

There’s a catchy element to this record that quickly becomes infectious, and the vocals come with a classic quality that anyone can appreciate. You’ll also find angelic backing vocals that do a great job of supporting the overall tone of the record all throughout.

4. Run

If you’re on the hunt for a sound that’s a little more dramatic, “Run” would be a great choice. It carries a significant impact with the instrumentation alone, and there’s a lot of pain sprinkled throughout the lyrics.

Many listeners find themselves attached to this record due to its message, and the consistent, droning sound of the top melodies sounds emotionally heavy on their own. It’s a simple record that makes a big impression on every listener, and it boasts a general quality that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of their music preferences.

5. Like Real People Do

“Like Real People Do” is a very laid-back song that you can easily get lost in, and there’s plenty you can appreciate about the production as a whole. The vocals are lighthearted and supported by matching notes in the instrumentation, offering the perfect backing track to the story.

There are moments of dramatization in the dynamics of the record, which mainly come from the sparing piano notes and airy vocals in the background. This is a record you’re supposed to sink into, and as usual, many listeners find themselves getting lost in their thoughts with this record acting as the soundtrack.

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6. Wasteland, Baby!

Although this record takes a relatively simple route with the production, there isn’t any shortage of artistry from beginning to end. I think this is one of the best Hozier love songs, as it has everything you need to enjoy it all the way through.

One of the stand-out features of this track is the effects on the vocals, which sound dreamy all on their own. The calming acoustic melodies only take the vocals to new heights, and the overall dynamic of the record will bring a sense of peace that washes over you.

7. Take Me To Church

Likely to be one of Hozier’s most popular songs, “Take Me To Church” is extremely popular due to the hook alone. Even if you don’t actively listen to his music, there’s a good chance you’ve heard this record on more than one occasion.

It carries a dramatic tone that sounds pretty cinematic, and it slowly builds you up to a banging hook that’s unexpected to first-time listeners. The singer pours his heart into every word throughout this record, and the instrumentation perfectly represents the tone he’s trying to portray with his story.

8. Better Love

For those looking to learn more about what Hozier’s music has to offer, “Better Love” is a record you don’t want to miss out on. With heavy percussion and gloomy piano melodies, Hozier’s vocals build up the dynamics of the track, leading listeners to more than one climatic moment.

Many people resonate with heavy beating drums, and that’s one of the most prominent features of this record. Aside from the instrumentation, it can’t be argued that the story has resonated with millions of listeners over the years.

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9. Sunlight

This record has a somewhat daring sound to its dynamics, with a hint of rebelliousness that’ll drive inspiration through every listener. The vocals are pretty catchy as well and are perfectly set up for you to sing along to.

I’d say the instrumentation of this track is the highlight of the show, as the story is easy to follow. However, its impact is taken up a notch with the help of impactful drums and hard-hitting chords in the top melodies.

10. No Plan

For those looking for more of a groove, “No Plan” is a unique record that doesn’t follow many of the production styles listed in this article. It’s more upbeat and carries a funky bass line that has a pace you’ll easily sink into.

The top melodies deliver hard piano keys and electric guitars, all of which blend together to deliver a gritty sound you’ll love. I’d say this is one of the best Hozier love songs, as it’s clearly much different from the rest.