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JHS Morning Glory V4 Review (2021)

The multi-award winning JHS Morning Glory comes in its fourth installment after much recognition and appraisal from the community. Back in 2009, JHS had a goal to create an overdrive pedal that “simply took a guitar and amplifier’s tone to the next level without adding strong mid frequencies or any other characteristic that came along with the Tubescreamer style circuits on the market.

JHS Morning Glory V4 Side ViewJHS Morning Glory V4 Front View incl. Red Remote

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The pedal contains 3 basic control knobs corresponding to their effect: volume, drive and tone. Volume controls the master output volume, drive controls the amount of overdrive, and tone is a basic high-pass filter which controls the brightness or darkness of the circuit.

One notable improvement of the Morning Glory V4 is in its gain switch. JHS have gone and released a new boost mode, which contains more low-end content, huge high-end, and is just overall much more powerful. The LED located on the front-panel indicates the status of the toggle (blue = on, red = on+gain).

The JHS red remote (which is included with the pedal) allows you to toggle the on-board gain remotely. All that’s needed is a standard mono patch cable, which can plug directly into the red remote jack situated on the side of the pedal.

When I heard about the next improvement for the latest version of the Morning Glory I was very impressed. They went and added twice the amount of headroom to the V4 compared to the previous version. This gives you the ability to use the pedal as a clean boost, or to just add some real grit to your tone.

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Visit JHS Pedals for more information about the Morning Glory V4.


The JHS Morning Glory v4 stays true to the much loved older version with additional features and improvements. It’s a well-thought over overdrive pedal that offers high transparency, allowing for the tone of the guitar to come through amazingly. Furthermore, the Morning Glory V4 is well-built and feels very sturdy. I can see it lasting for a good length of time.

Overall the JHS Morning Glory V4 will suit anyone that is looking for a great-sounding overdrive at an affordable price.


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