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10 Best Kings of Leon Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

If you are looking for a legendary rock band of the modern era, look no further than Kings of Leon. During the last two decades, the group has achieved global fame by creating rock music that is both unique and timeless.

The band was formed in Tennessee, USA, in 1999, and all the members are from the Followill family.

Their music is mainly rock, but their sound has evolved over the years. They started with a lot of blues influence, and later, they moved towards a more alternative and arena-rock sound.

One theme they have stuck to is love songs, so today, I’ll be taking a look at the 10 best Kings of Leon love songs!

1. Use Somebody

Album: Only by the Night
Released: 2008

“Use Somebody” is undoubtedly the most iconic Kings of Leon love song. In my opinion, it is also their all-time best song. It came as the second single of their breakthrough album, Only by the Night.

Among many other awards, the track won Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Performance. It was also nominated for the Grammy for Song of the Year. 

The song also performed exceptionally well on charts worldwide and reached the top in the US, Poland, Belgium, and Canada.

The lyrics talk about how the singer needs somebody and how that somebody is exactly like the person he is singing to. It is a beautiful love song and a massive global hit.

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2. Sex on Fire

Album: Only by the Night
Released: 2008

The band’s biggest hit and the second best Kings of Leon love song is “Sex on Fire.” This song performed well because it is so infectious. 

“Sex on Fire” gave them their first number-one single in many countries, including the UK, Australia, and Finland. It also made it to the top in Ireland and the US. It also won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance and was further nominated for Best Rock Song.

The song was written about Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge. At the time, she was the girlfriend of the band’s lead singer, Caleb Followill. Today, the two are married.

3. Closer

Album: Only by the Night
Released: 2008

“Closer” is probably the most emotional and impactful song by Kings of Leon. Everyone who has heard this song has some emotional connection to it; in most cases, it connects to love. 

Along with lyrics that will bring tears to your eyes comes a melody and beat that will give you chills down to the bone.

“Closer” is also from the Only by the Night album. We can already see why this album turned Kings of Leon from a great band into a legendary band. Only by the Night was also nominated for the Best Rock Album Grammy Award, and it won the Brit Award for Best International Album.

4. The Bucket

Album: Aha Shake Heartbreak
Released: 2004

“The Bucket” is a less conventional love song. Many would even argue that it is not a love song at all. 

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It is not a song about a lover. It is a song about the love that the members share. It is about how strong their bond as a family has become through all of the difficulties that they have faced, including fame at a young age. In that way, it is a love song by the band to the band.

“The Bucket” was one of their most successful singles when it was released. It made it as high as number 16 on the UK Singles Chart.

5. Walls

Album: Walls
Released: 2016

“Walls” was released in 2016 as a promotional single for their seventh studio album. The album has the same name as the song – Walls. This album has to be included in the Kings of Leon love songs list because the album title is an acronym for We Are Like Love Songs.

This song is a stripped-back version of the band, and deep lyrics and an amazing vocal performance carry it.

6. Fans

Album: Because of the Times
Released: 2007

Kings of Leon enjoyed more success in the UK than in their home country. Their earliest success was mainly due to their UK fanbase.

“Fans” is a tribute to their fans in the UK. You could say that this track is a love song to the UK fans of the band.

The track itself also did very well in the UK. It became the band’s highest-charting single at the time, reaching number 13 on the UK Singles Chart.

7. Crawl

Album: Only by the Night
Released: 2009

This is one of their more traditional-sounding rock songs, but still one of their best love songs. The lyrics and the music are harsher, making it a true rock tune.

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The track speaks about a relationship where there is love as well as struggle. He speaks to his lover, telling her she must learn to crawl before he walks away.

8. Knocked Up

Album: Because of the Times
Released: 2007

“Knocked Up” talks about a relationship that is formed by someone falling pregnant. The singer says he does not care what others say and will choose to be her lover and raise a child with her.

9. Charmer

Album: Because Of The Times
Released: 2007

Another epic rock track by Kings of Leon. “Charmer” (as the name suggests) is about a woman who is a charmer. She is always looking at the singer, winning over his heart.

10. Beautiful War

Album: Mechanical Bull
Released: 2013

“Beautiful War” is about fighting for love. It is a beautiful love song that speaks about how real love is love that is worth fighting for.

The song did not impress on the charts, and it hardly made it into the UK top 100. Nevertheless, it is one of their most beautiful love songs.