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10 Saddest Anime Songs That Will Make You Cry, Ranked

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Anime has been growing in popularity for a few decades now, and it’s becoming more commercially accepted globally. With its growing fan base, not only does anime receive tons of praise for its artwork, but the songs associated with the animations are equally appreciated.

In this article, I’m going to list out the 10 saddest anime songs that have garnered a lot of attention from fans around the globe!

1. Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto)

An orchestral symphony that sends you through waves of emotion, this is one of the most recognizable songs from Naruto. Displaying many authentic instruments from all over the world, the song is a driving force for the show.

The record goes through many dynamic changes that are sure to make you shed a tear.

2. Ichiban no Takaramono (Angel Beats)

This is a song that stays relatively melancholy, and the lead vocals offer a surprising range of talent you wouldn’t expect. In a similar fashion to many anime songs, this record comes with many orchestral qualities that are quite peaceful.

Riddled with infectious emotion, it’s a song that’ll quickly get stuck in your head due to its stellar instrumentation. Although the lyrics aren’t in the English language, you can clearly hear the pain and emotion in the singer’s voice as she goes through all of the high and low sonics.

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3. Bird’s Poem (AIR TV)

Dream piano melodies will catch your interest from the start, and as the song progresses, it introduces new instruments that only make the driving emotion stronger. Primarily written with orchestral instruments, “Bird’s Poem” is a fan favorite for those who watch the anime.

Air TV is an anime that’s loved by many, and its fans have only good things to say about this record. It’s another song on this list that doesn’t boast any vocals, yet the instrumentation does all the talking that’s necessary by painting a sonic picture that’s clear as day.

4. Despair (Naruto Shippuden)

One of the more extensive songs on this list, “Despair,” takes you on a musical journey that’s filled with sadness, hope, and adventure. My favorite characteristic of orchestral music is how well it can tell a story without needing any vocals.

Many fans consider this record to be one of the saddest anime songs of all time, and this is primarily due to the stringed instruments that display plenty of sorrow. I’d say this record is great for times of introspection as you can get lost in your thoughts and let the music control the narrative.

5. Roaring Tides (Clannad)

This is a calm and melancholic song that doesn’t change its arrangement too much throughout the song, yet the repeating bells and piano melodies will float around your ears in the best way. The tempo is driven by a simple drum kit that isn’t overbearing and won’t distract from the main melody’s emotion.

It’s fair to say this song takes a more simple approach as it’s primarily a brief melody loop, but it’s so enticing that it never gets old. Later in the song, you’re greeted with additional orchestral instruments to bring the whole ensemble together.

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6. Krone (Guilty Crown)

“Krone” is a well-known record from this anime, and it’s another song on this list that doesn’t come with any vocals, and the instrumentation shows they aren’t needed. The song tells a story from many different angles with varying dynamics throughout.

With notions of peace, anxiousness, and hints of looming percussion, it arranges tonality just right in every regard. Whether you’re an anime fan or simply like good music, this song is an orchestral masterpiece that can be appreciated by anyone from any generation and will surely tap into your feelings.

7. Watashi No Uso (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)

Like many other tracks on this list, this song starts out with a soft piano melody yet leaves room for other dynamics and instruments to join in. The progression of this song is handled just right as it gives you enough time to process the changing structure of the production.

To me, this record is easily one of the saddest anime songs on this list. The record has the ability to send you into deep thought while contemplating your emotions through the record’s story-telling instrumentation that is unmatched by many other anime songs.

8. Moonlit Night (Death Parade)

This record may boast a primary piano melody like others on this list, but its orchestral instrumentation couldn’t be any more beautiful in comparison. There aren’t any sharp changes in the arrangement, although the song put a good amount of effort into building overwhelming dynamics that’ll absorb listeners.

It’s easy to get lost in a song like this, as it sounds like a personal soundtrack to your deepest thoughts. Aside from these points, it’s a record that has become an unchanging staple to the Death Parade show and its die-hard fan base.

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9. Theme Song (Fairy Tail)

After giving the song a full listen, it’s apparent that it takes a lot of influence from various cultures and uses an excellent blend of organic instruments. Regardless of the fact this song was created for an anime, it’s a record that stands strong on its own and will be immortalized through the show’s fans.

It also has a sense of uplifting inspiration amid its dramatic qualities that seem to display a sense of hope on the horizon. Anime shows know how to display the pros and cons of human emotion, and this record is perfect for that sentiment.

10. Call of Silence (Attack On Titan)

Created for one of the most viral anime’s over the last few years, “Call of Silence” became widely loved by many anime fans due to its looming qualities that encapsulate the mood of the show with excellence. Moreover, the song delivers angelic vocals that match the ethereal qualities of the production just right.

Attack On Titan doesn’t refrain from intensity, and the show has many moments of darkness and sorrow. This song doesn’t have any overbearing percussion or sharp melodies, as the vocalist carries a majority of the song’s emotion in her changing dynamics.


Monday 10th of April 2023

Kanashimi no Mukou e should definitely be an honorable mention


Monday 10th of April 2023

Kanashimi no Mukou e should definitely be an honorable mention


Friday 2nd of September 2022

i feel like fuyu no hanashi from given deserves a mention, anyone who has seen the anime and doesnt cry when they listen to the song is a straight out sociopath, specially when mafuyu yells


Friday 2nd of September 2022

i feel like fuyu no hanashi from given deserves a mention, anyone who has seen the anime and doesnt cry when they listen to the song is a straight out sociopath, specially when mafuyu yells