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10 Saddest Harry Styles Songs That Will Make You Cry

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An artist whose fan base continues to grow with each passing year, Harry Styles is extremely versatile and makes music that can be appreciated by a vast demographic of music lovers. He’s able to convey nearly any emotion into a catchy hit while writing a story with substance.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard his music at some point, and he continues to explore his talents to their fullest potential. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the saddest Harry Styles songs from his entire discography!

1. From the Dining Table

Carrying a melancholic tone from beginning to end, this is a relaxing record that comes with a blend of warmth and sadness. “From the Dining Table” is a record that spoke to many listeners, and its message will be relevant no matter how generational music tastes change.

It features a simple acoustic melody, but that doesn’t take away from the impact of every note. Whether the artist is speaking from experience or not, the message is very relatable to many, and the song’s cinematic quality adds to the sentiment of the lyrics.

2. Fine Line

With a sense of nostalgia and an ethereal sound you can get lost in, this record puts reverb to use in an excellent way, and Harry’s vocals hit the sweet spot regarding dynamics. The instrumental goes through slight changes as it progresses, but most listeners latch onto the unique effects surrounding the artist’s voice.

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It’s a song that offers time and space to think to yourself, and the light acoustic melody isn’t overbearing, no matter how it changes throughout the record. Taking listeners on a journey, the instrumental is pretty powerful considering its minimalist approach.

3. Sign of the Times 

Featuring a calm into supported by a clean grand piano, this song offers an excellent progression, and I feel it’s one of the saddest Harry Styles songs on this list. It adds new layers that lead up to a climactic moment that brings everything together for a peak in emotion.

Harry’s vocals are always on point, and they perfectly match the changing energy of the instrumental. The song delivers light percussion that doesn’t muddy up the track and adds to the atmosphere without distracting from the main melodies.

4. Falling

A piano-driven record that gives the main focus to the vocals, it’s a touching record that many people hold close to their hearts. Even if the instrumental takes a simplistic route, all of the emotion and energy rely on the lyrics.

The message is quite honest, and the song can act as a backdrop to your deepest thoughts. “Falling” is a timeless record that won’t dwindle in quality over time, and his vocals are pristine no matter how much he stretches the dynamics.

5. Ever Since New York

This song comes with a more upbeat approach that features rolling percussion alongside an acoustic melody that gives the record an organic sound. Harry’s vocals come in layers, and the record is pretty easy to sing along to.

It isn’t as slow as some other records on this list, but it still has a whole-hearted sound that’s impactful and leaves an impression. The song builds up, reaching its height in the middle while slowly fading away as it reaches the end.

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6. Meet Me In The Hallway

“Meet Me In The Hallway” focuses on clean acoustics and powerful vocals that envelope listeners from every direction. It’s one of those tracks that you can get lost in and lose track of time.

It doesn’t feature percussion or numerous melody layers, yet it’s more than enough for Harry to get his message across. Another fantastic record from his discography; I personally think this is one of the saddest Harry Styles songs by far.

7. Two Ghosts

With an electric guitar riff that floats in and out, “Two Ghosts” carries a primary acoustic melody, and Harry takes a relaxed direction on his vocals. The dynamics of this song may be relaxing, but the overall message is relatively sad.

In between his vocals, an electric guitar does the rest of the talking by encompassing the tone of the message in the lyrics. The percussion helps carry the tempo, and its pace adds to the dragging emotion of sadness that can be found throughout the song.

8. Sweet Creature

Starting out strong, “Sweet Creature” sounds like it’ll progress by adding in new layers, but it actually simplifies as the song goes on. Harry’s vocals deliver consistent energy, but the instrumental slowly becomes more calming as it nears the end.

The story in this record is fairly straightforward, and it’s evident that many fans have latched onto the message it has to offer. Delivering an effortless impact on people’s emotions, this record is sentimental and saddening at the same time.

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9. Cherry

I think this record has one of the best melodies on this entire list. The tone of Harry’s voice sounds like he’s referencing a time that carries a fond memory with an added touch of loss in the dynamics.

This is one of the most instrumental-heavy songs here, as there’s plenty of space for the instrumental to do the talking. About halfway through the record, light percussion is introduced to help pick up the pace of the record.

10. She

This record may have a fairly sad message, but the instrumental brings a sense of hopefulness in comparison. Without hesitation, I can say that this is one of the saddest Harry Styles songs listed here, as every note and melody pulls at listeners’ heartstrings.

The pace is perfect for a slow dance, and the effects on the track make it easy to envelope yourself into the experience it has to offer. Electric guitar melodies carry most of this record’s weight as the artist’s vocals change throughout the song.


Friday 13th of January 2023

Nice. Thanks for leaving the video with it!


Friday 13th of January 2023

Nice. Thanks for leaving the video with it!