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10 Saddest Lil Peep Songs of All Time, Ranked 2023

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Musicians are often known for their incredible ability to convey emotions in their music – whether it’s happiness or anger, there’s a music genre for it. However, sometimes you just need some sad music to listen to when you’re feeling down in the dumps, and I’ve found Lil Peep to be irresistible when this circumstance arises. 

Despite his unfortunate and untimely death recently, the sad music of Lil Peep has grown more popular than ever before, and I think it’s time that I pay tribute to the saddest Lil Peep songs that have got me through tough times.

Read on to find out whether or not I have listed your favorite! 

1. The Way I See Things

The first song on my list of the saddest Lil Peep songs is “The Way I See Things”. A lot of people associate sad music with powerful ballads and passionate vocals, but I often need something a lot softer. 

When I feel like that, this song really strikes a chord. Lil Peep’s songs feel like they are barely whispered out, the drums are subtle, and the guitar parts are incredibly soft. It’s a gentleness that really soothes my soul when I’m feeling too sad for anything louder than this. 

2. Let Me Bleed

I grew up as an adolescent listening to trap music, I’ve always loved the sound of those skippy hi-hats and fat 808 kicks. However, there’s something a bit unrelatable about the genre – the lyrics always discuss money, fame, and girls, and I often found myself looking for something more relatable. 

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This is why I love trap songs like “Let Me Bleed” – Lil Peep took my favorite genre, applied emotional lyrics and minor scales to it, whilst keeping the timbral elements that I love.

Pure innovation!

3. Haunt U

On the 15th of November 2017, an immense sadness spread across the emo rap scene as news of Lil Peep’s death broke. He passed away devastatingly young due to a drug overdose, and I couldn’t help but think about all the albums he had inside of his head that never got released. 

Reading the YouTube comments for one of the saddest Lil Peep songs “Haunt U” made me realize that I’m not the only one who thinks like this. It’s honestly very emotional to read, you’ll quickly realize how supportive the community was.

R.I.P dude. 

4. star shopping

The next song that I wanted to write about is “star shopping”. This song is all about a love that Lil Peep song had, and I personally interpret it in a way that Lil Peep thinks that he is insignificant in comparison to the beauty and wonder of the girl that he loves. 

This always makes me think of stars, and how we get caught up in life despite the amazingly deep and ancient sky full of stars above us every night. I’m sure Lil Peep was thinking along these lines when he wrote this beautiful song. 

5. crybaby

I’m a 27-year-old man, and this is a prime demographic for a common misconception that I think hurts society – that men should not cry. Sometimes I get sad listening to music and shed a tear, only to be called a crybaby, and I think that is just not right. 

Lil Peep showed absolutely no shame in having a good cry about lost love or an emotional time, a belief that was illustrated beautifully in his song “crybaby”. If I ever feel that I need to let out some emotions, I listen to this song and just do it. 

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6. Tears 

Speaking of crying, the next song on my list of the saddest Lil Peep songs is “Tears”. Despite the name, this song actually fills me with an ambivalent feeling of euphoria and dysphoria, mainly due to the lyrics regarding “the last night” with someone you love. 

It’s something that anybody who has gone through grief can relate to, and this is once again reflected in the somber atmosphere of the YouTube video comments section.

Beautifully sad. 

7. absolute in doubt

Lil Peep has always stood out to me as a musician that can stand up on his own. He writes all of his own songs and lyrics, recorded most of his music in his own studio, and even dabbled in making his own beats. 

However, it takes a lot of dignity and self-respect to realize that one cannot achieve everything alone, and this is why I’m a huge fan of “absolute in doubt”, a song that Lil Peep collaborated on with Wicca Phase Springs Eternal.

In my opinion, it’s a collaboration made in heaven.

8. The day I finally do it

A lot of the saddest Lil Peep songs fill me with feelings of hope and love for the beautiful soul that he had. However, some of the other sad songs portray feelings of hopelessness and self-hate, it can be painful to listen to. 

As much as I love the song, “The day I finally do it” is a prime example of this, with many speculating that it refers to his will to eventually take his own life through a drug overdose.

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What a waste of talent, really. 

9. Cut Myself

The penultimate song on this list is “Cut Myself” by Lil Peep, and whilst some people may initially be offended by the graphic nature of this song, you should take a closer look. Sure, the song refers to themes of self-harm, but in my opinion, it’s all about raising awareness of it. 

This is a prime example of the indirect emotional value that Lil Peep often puts into his music. It’s not always as obvious as it may seem, so look a bit deeper to find the real emotional value. 

10. Five Degrees

The songs that we have listened to have been sad enough as it is, but the saddest thing of all is that this will be the final song that I will list – “Five Degrees”.

I thought long and hard about how I wanted to end this list of the saddest Lil Peep songs, and it felt like there couldn’t be any better of a way than with this song. Something about the lyrics, the guitar loops, and the drums just resonates a pure essence of sadness that I haven’t heard elsewhere. 

Lil Peep, we miss you so much, man. Thank you for everything you did for us musically, from writing these beautiful yet sad songs, to raising our spirits with more euphoric tracks.

R.I.P man.