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10 Saddest Naruto Songs That Will Make You Cry, Ranked

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Heavily praised for its storytelling and animation, Naruto is a show that’s loved by many age groups of people. The show’s widespread influence across the world still lasts to this day, even if the show isn’t as relevant as it once was.

One aspect that brings a wave of nostalgia to Naruto fans is the signature music that can be found throughout the many episodes that came out over the years. 

In this article, I’m going to explore the 10 saddest Naruto songs that made a lasting impact on anime-fans all around the world!

1. Sadness and Sorrow

Considering what each of these songs are used for, many of them are solely instrumental as they were fitted to a particular scene or emotion. This track brings a cinematic quality that uses many world instruments that come together to paint a gloomy picture.

The instrumental swells with emotion, offering beautiful strings that carry backing melodies while short plucks are riddled throughout. Over seven minutes long, “Sadness and Sorrow” delivers a stellar listening experience from start to finish with a vast range of dynamics and sonic elements that are pleasing to every listener.

2. Comet

Although the track is relatively simple, it’s easy to get lost with its ethereal strings and distant woodwind instruments. Each of the track’s layers blends perfectly, and it keeps a fairly consistent tone until a significant upturn near the end of the track for a more climatic sound.

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There isn’t any percussion in this record, and you may not even notice as the record sounds great just the way it is. The melodies have a way of striking emotion that’ll leave an imprint on the brain and also brings a contrast of somber and uplifting tones.

3. Old Friend

There’s a good chance this song will put you in your feelings, as it boasts long, drawn-out string melodies and plucks that give a sense of hopelessness that slowly turns to a new outlook. It’s amazing how an instrumental can depict such a vivid story and picture, which is part of what makes the record one of the saddest Naruto songs by far.

Primarily driven by string melodies that hold a light tremolo, they’re accompanied by light plucks and very light pads to cover the backing melodies. Even though the song has positive moments, it tends to return to a dynamic of sadness.

4. I Have Seen Much

This is a standout record as it comes with many different vocal melodies that envelop listeners in a state of introspection. The reverberated choirs are partnered with angelic string melodies that fill all of the open space with soft dynamics.

It’s a song that’ll send a wave of calmness over your mind and body and is a great example of the artistry that went into Naruto. “I Have Seen Much” does have its sad moments, but it has many inspiring transitions as well.

5. Samidare (Early Summer Rain)

Offering a musical journey for listeners to get lost in, the record definitely has a sentimental dynamic that can’t be ignored. Naruto has a way of tugging at your emotions, and this record is a favorite for many fans who love to revisit the show’s soundtrack.

There’s a fair amount of pain littered throughout the track, and its most dynamic moments are easily the most emotional. It also has a light amount of percussion throughout the record, which gives it a looming cinematic quality that floats in the background of the main melodies.

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6. My Mother and My Father

“My Mother and My Father” is considered to be up there with the saddest Naruto songs by many die-hard fans, and it’s evident due to the impactful qualities of the song’s production. A blend of choir vocals, solemn percussion, and driving string melodies carry the weight of the song’s story.

It has a dark and lonely side, but it also has areas that exude dynamics of triumph and accomplishment over times of misfortune. The female vocals are one of my favorite parts of the song, and as the song progresses, you continue to get lost in every layer of the track.

7. Companions

This record is one of the simpler productions on this list, but its value and intricate dynamics are a peaceful listen overall. It goes through many emotions that listeners pick up on and brings surprising transitions that blend seamlessly.

Acoustic plucks, and light string melodies carry the weight of the melody, while deeper frequencies reside in the background to give a decent spectrum on the frequency range. The song becomes more enticing as it progresses, and I personally think it’s one of the saddest Naruto songs on this list.

8. Man of the World

A record so iconic that many fans remember the dialogue that was paired with it in the show, and there’s a sense of extreme loss and sorrow throughout the instrumental. Wailing strings quickly put your mood in a somber state and the sonics of the record pair with many listeners’ personal thoughts and feelings.

Strictly melodic, the record takes listeners on an audible journey that anyone from any age group can appreciate. You don’t have to know the anime to appreciate its music, and this record will go down as one of the best from the soundtrack.

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9. God’s Will

You can’t talk about Naruto’s soundtrack without mentioning “God’s Will” which still stands as a fan favorite for many people even years after its introduction. The record is an excellent blend of classical elements from multiple cultures worldwide that delivers a timeless production quality.

The song goes through a significant swell in the dynamics that changes the mood and pace of the record from sadness to inspiration, which can be an overwhelming pair of emotions. A stellar track in all regards, I feel its strongest influence comes from the vocals sprinkled throughout.

10. Grief and Sorrow

“Grief and Sorrow” is primarily driven by a beautiful piano melody that evolves throughout the record, while additional orchestral melodies join to add to the song’s dynamics. It’s relatively simple in comparison to others on this list but left a lasting impact on listeners nonetheless.

The Naruto show is full of excellent music, but I felt this record had to make the list considering the topic in question. Giving listeners a simple blend of piano, strings, and woodwind instruments, it’s a song that’s full of passion.