Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar Review (2021)

Seagull Artist Mosaic Front View

In this article we will be presenting our Seagull Artist Mosaic review. We will be checking out everything this acoustic guitar has to offer, so you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right one for you.

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It should be mentioned that the Artist Mosaic has two alternative models. There’s an acoustic-electric version, and also a cutaway model. For this review though we will be focusing solely on the classic version of the Artist Mosaic.

Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar Review


Robert Godin founded Seagull in Quebec back in 1982. Their philosophy was to take the essential components of high-end guitars, and make a more affordable alternative that is suitable for everyday musicians. All Seagull guitars are made and manufactured in Canada, which is quite admirable to say in this day and age. The company boasts about using sustainably sourced wood for the creation of their guitars, which is sourced from their own backyard in a controlled fashion.


Here are some of the specifications of the Seagull Artist Mosaic:


Millimeters (mm)

Body Depth



Body Length



Lower Bout



Nut Width






Upper Bout






Seagull Artist Mosaic Front View

Front View

Seagull Artist Mosaic Back View

Back View

Side View


Seagull guitars are extremely underrated. Forget about the big brand names like Fender and Ibanez, and get yourself a real acoustic guitar. You’ll find that seagull equipment is much better value. The Artist Mosaic sounds and plays just as good as any $3000+ guitar out there.

There is no question about it; the Artist Mosaic is a premium guitar. If you look online you’ll see that all the reviews are the same. It’s nothing other than positive reviews everywhere, which is definitely justified. If you can find an acoustic guitar that sounds as good as the Artist Mosaic for around the same price then please let us know. Our contact page can be found here. Seriously!


The wood used in the creation of an acoustic guitar has quite an impact on the overall sound it produces. You can look here to gain a better understanding of various types of wood and the sounds they produce.

​Since we now know the impact of different woods on the sound of an acoustic guitar, let’s talk about what the Artist Mosaic is made of.


Select Pressure Tested Solid Cedar


Solid Mahogany




Indian Rosewood


Semi-Gloss Custom Polished Finish

The acoustic guitar features solid cedar on the top and beautiful mahogany on the back and sides. The combination of these two woods gives off a succulent and warm tone to die for.

The solid mahogany gives you that organic tone, a really nice woodiness feel. Furthermore, the cedar top gives you that played-in tone that we all know and love.

The bridge and fretboard are both made of Indian rosewood. The frets look great, and feel even better on your fingertips. Rosewood fretboards are found on many, many, guitars. This is because they’re the most commonly found fretboard. There’s a good chance your favourite guitarists are using Indian rosewood right now.

To understand how good the Artist Mosaic sounds you really have to hear it for yourself. It’s definitely got the characteristics of a high-end acoustic guitar, and is well and truly worth every cent.


It may sound like this whole review has just been a sales pitch, but the Seagull Artist Mosaic acoustic guitar definitely deserves every bit of credit we’ve given it. I’d say it’s easily one of the best acoustic guitars you can find for under $1000 at the moment.

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  1. Mike

    Hi guys,
    Just a heads up only because they are important specs. As per email from Seagull, as of 2017 the fretboard and bridge are Ritchlite, a resin composite and not Rosewood.

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