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10 Best Songs About Dandelions of All Time, Ranked

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As a young child, one of my absolute favorite things to do was pick dandelions, make a wish, and blow the tiny spores into the air and watch them dance. 

When putting together this special list of the best songs about dandelions, I was surprised at just how many songs there were and how the humble dandelion is symbolic in so many ways. 

Let’s explore how different artists have used dandelions as a theme in their lyrics and just what it means to them!

1. Dandelions by Ruth B

Ruth B uses the dandelion as a wishing agent in her hit “Dandelions” from her 2017 album Safe Haven

Wishing that her lover will realize how she feels and possibly reciprocate those feelings, the song takes on a kind of sadness that makes you think back on all your old crushes. 

This is a great song that is still extremely popular today, with fans rushing to purchase or stream this song when they need inspiration or a simple pick-me-up. 

2. Dandelions & Daisies by Stables

If you have never heard of the band Stables, you might just want to buy every album they have ever recorded. 

“Dandelions & Daisies” is one of their first tracks recorded for their 2018 album Reverie. The lyrics speak of lost love and how all that remains are the memories of that love.

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An Indie song, “Dandelions & Daisies will have you crying into your pillow about the one that got away. Grab the tissues!

3. Dandelions by Five A & Abby Lee

This song absolutely blew me away. A melodic song that leaves you questioning absolutely everything, the video is even more intense. Filmed with a split-screen, “Dandelions” was recorded in 2013 by Five A and Abby Lee, and boy do these two voices work well together!

The song takes on a sad tone, making you wonder if it is about two lovers that have been separated, or possibly in a parallel universe, both dreaming of the other without knowing they exist. 

This is a must-listen for those who enjoy music with a hidden meaning.

4. Dandelion by The Rolling Stones

It is hard to tell or guess exactly what The Rolling Stones were singing about in their 1967 hit “Dandelion.” While it is common knowledge that Keith Richards named his daughter Dandelion, the lyrics also speak of our choices in love and life.

Regardless of the true meaning, this song off their We Love You album is thought-provoking and inspiring and well worth a listen. 

5. Dandelion by Black Country Communion

It’s not often that an alternative rock band would have a song named after a flower, but that’s exactly why “Dandelion” by Black Country Communion is unique. Taken off the 2012 album, Afterglow, this track speaks of hope, dreams, and a wish, all with a rock beat that will have you in awe. 

Black Country Communion explores the possibility of hopes and dreams existing, and it is one of those songs you play when you are down and questioning absolutely everything in your life. 

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6. Summertime Dandelion by Jon Doe

To most, the dandelion is nothing more than a weed. But all it takes is for one person to see the true beauty of a dandelion for it to be considered special. Jon Doe is that one person, and his melodic song “Summertime Dandelion” is like an ode to the love of his life. 

Featured on the 2020 album Summer Fling, the track explores the unique beauty of a woman and his complete and utter adoration of her. 

This song about dandelions is great for those looking to woo that special someone and is sure to land you a date. 

7. Strawberry Blonde by Raspy

TikTok has given rise to a new type of artist, with many finding fame and gaining quite a following thanks to the social media application. 

Raspy exploded onto the scene very recently and, in April of 2022, released his first hit, “Strawberry Blonde.” 

The song is, of course, about a girl and has been described as one of the most underrated songs of the year. It has a feel-good vibe that will put a smile on your face. 

8. Dandelion by Gabbie Hanna

When poetry and music come together, you can expect beauty in the words and the whole idea around the subject. “Dandelion” is a poem by the artist Gabbie Hanna, who then had the idea of making it into a song. 

Released in 2020, “Dandelion” is a song about the strength and resilience of a dandelion that grows regardless of the terrain it finds itself in.

This, too, rings true for those battling mental health and is a song of encouragement to keep going no matter what challenges you may be facing. 

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9. Dandelion by Jasper Sawyer

Jasper Sawyer hit the nail on the head when he recorded “Dandelion” in 2021. It is a truly beautiful song with an almost sickly sweet melody. It speaks about the strength of a dandelion.

Withstanding things that not even a rose can handle, the song hints at the strength of those who face adversity in their lives. 

An artist to watch, Jasper Sawyer could soon become a household name if he continues making tracks as good as this one. 

10. Dandelion by Utero

A fun, cute, and catchy song, “Dandelion,” was released in 2021 by the band Utero. While their music is fairly new, they have already amassed an impressive fanbase, with many calling the song catchy and addictive. 

Centering around a girl named Dandelion, the song focuses on the singer’s wish to gain her trust and love and ultimately make her his. The lyrics are catchy, and you will soon find yourself singing along. 

Utero does not have many songs, and certainly not enough for an album, but this is a band to watch in the future.