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10 Best Songs About Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

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Emotions can be weird and challenging to navigate. Sometimes, you may find yourself looking at your best friend and thinking, “Damn, I think I love you.”

So, I’ve put this playlist together for the people who are currently grappling with their emotions and feelings toward their best friends. Hopefully, some of the songs will inspire you and help you come to terms with your feelings. 

So without further ado, here is a list of my favorite songs about falling in love with your best friend!

1. Lucky by Jason Mraz (feat. Colbie Caillat)

“Lucky” is one of Jason Mraz’s most famous songs, and once you give it a listen, you’ll easily be able to understand why. It’s incredibly catchy, with a unique and exciting melody sung in Jason’s signature, old Hollywood tone. 

The song features the beautiful vocals of Colbie Caillat, and the two sing in stunning harmonies that tug at the heartstrings. This is one of my favorite songs about falling in love with your best friend of all time. 

2. Do You Wanna Know A Secret by The Beatles

“Do You Wanna Know A Secret” by The Beatles is a great song to listen to if you’re in the mood to lament about your emotions. It’s a song that draws influence from many places, with a darker, more melancholy sound in the verses, then a feeling of euphoria in the chorus. 

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The song perfectly encapsulates the tumultuous emotions that arise with developing feelings for your best friends. But this kind of complexity and genius is really par for the course when it comes to The Beatles – they’re some of the best songwriters the world has ever seen.

3. The Way I Feel Inside by The Zombies

This is another very emotionally-charged song, though this time it’s from The Zombies. “The Way I Feel Inside” starts with a solo voice singing in a haunting tone, singing through the entire chorus to introduce this work. 

It’s a fantastic piece of songwriting, with a very musical chord progression, melody, and instrumentation. In my opinion, the Zombies are highly underrated, and if you’re a music nerd, I think you’d love their music.

4. Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the greatest songwriters of her generation, and it’s probably no surprise that “Mary’s Song” is one of my favorite songs about falling in love with your best friend. Taylor has an incredible way with words and a talent for composing songs that set her apart from the industry. 

“Mary’s Song” features her signature whispy vocals, with a simple accompaniment that allows you to pay attention to what she’s saying. Her lyrics hit home for many people who’ve been in this situation, and overall, this is a perfect song to listen to. 

5. If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz

“If It Kills Me” might not be one of the most popular tracks that Jason Mraz has ever released, but it’s one of his best, in my opinion. It’s got an interesting, unique chord progression that gives it an almost musical-theater sound – cheerful, with a touch of melancholy. 

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The song is very musical as well, with a clever chord structure, logical melody, and catchy chorus. It’s one of my favorite songs about falling in love with your best friend and is worth listening to, especially as an introduction to Jason’s work. 

6. Best Friend by Jason Chen

Jason Chen has lived in relative obscurity for most of his career, but he’s released free, top-rated songs over the years, including “Best Friend,” which has more than 32 million views on YouTube. It’s a song that encapsulates the sound of the early 2000s.

It features a lovely and straightforward piano accompaniment, a catchy drum beat, and Jason’s beautiful vocals that are haunting and powerful. He’s got a great range, though his high register is where he shines. 

7. Falling In Love (With My Best Friend) by Matt White

If you’re a country fan, then you’re going to love “Falling In Love” by Matt White. It’s got a folk-country sound that, while not the most complex music in the world, perfectly relays the message that Matt is singing about in this song. 

It touches on the denial that we tend to go through when we start falling for our best friends as a way to preserve our feelings and the feelings of our friends. Overall it’s a fantastic song and is one of the greatest songs about falling in love with your best friend out there. 

8. Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams

“Save The Best For Last” is a bit of a throwback on this list and is sung by the incredible talent that is Vanessa Williams. This song almost sounds like something that one would feature in a Disney movie and has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity thanks to TikTok.

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It features a beautiful orchestral accompaniment that serves as the perfect underscore for Vanessa’s unique vocals. If you’re a fan of emotional ballads, then I think you’ll love “Save The Best For Last” 

9. I Want You to Want Me by Letters To Cleo

This is another throwback song and is one of the most popular tracks that “Letters To Cleo” has ever released. It features a 60s-style rock feeling, with heavy electric guitar, an uptempo drum beat, and simple, joyous vocals. 

If you’re a fan of old-school rock with a poppy feel to it, then I think you’ll love “I Want You to Want Me” by Letters To Cleo. The vocals are powerful and addictive, and the song’s chorus is exceptionally catchy. 

10. Shiver by Coldplay

And finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without a feature from Coldplay – a band that seems to be able to capture the full range of human emotion throughout their songs. “Shiver” takes on a more rock and roll feel, with a powerful electric guitar and intense drum beat. 

The vocals are beautifully delicate and haunting, singing about the feeling of unrequited love for your best friend. It’s emotionally charged for sure, but that’s a given with Coldplay.

All of their songs tug on the heartstrings!