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10 Best Songs About Secret Love, Ranked 2023

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Everyone yearns to fall in love – to be romanced, whisked away, swept off your feet. To feel the butterflies of a first date, the rush of blood to your cheeks from the uncontrollable blush. Now, what if it must be kept secret? 

The added adrenaline of sneaking around, the knowing look you give them when you can’t embrace in public.

It’s thrilling, and nothing encapsulates that feeling better than these songs about secret love!

1. Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects 

This classic punk-rock song is by far the All American Reject’s most successful hit, bringing them widespread recognition and radio play. It’s even featured in several video games and movies. 

The music video is a fun time, showcasing various people hiding their faces and revealing secrets. These secrets range from funny to scandalous to dark, but the most prominent one is the secret love being sung about. 

The notion that it’s “dirty” implies it’s wrong, and for some, there’s nothing more enticing than secretly doing something they shouldn’t. The comments are filled with people proclaiming their love for the song more than a decade after its release – a testament to its long-standing relatability. 

2. Secret Love Song by Little Mix (Feat. Jason Derulo) 

Though this song is sweet and romantic, it’s a little sad, too. It talks of the deep love the singer is feeling, while simultaneously lamenting that they can’t profess the love. Things like being held and kissing on the dance floor that seem so simple are actually so far away. 

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Jason Derulo comes in as the secret partner in the story of this song. They mourn the situation together, offering the metaphor of a “homeless” love. It’s there, but can’t settle and grow. 

The song ends with little resolution, the two lovers still separated by secrecy. It’s a sad but perhaps relatable conclusion. 

3. Diary by Alicia Keys 

The story here features the offering of a safe place for the supposed love to blossom. She promises that her lover’s secrets are safe, and they can feel safe with their head on her pillow. 

She compares it to a diary – something so personal that’s never intended for public eyes. She says she’ll be their diary and keep their secrets. 

This is the demonstration of a deep and intimate part of love that is important but often hard to find. 

4. Secret Love by Hunter Hayes 

Hunter Hayes’ “Secret Love” is featured on an album called Storyline with many other fun and popular songs about secret love. The title itself implies that the song, and the lovers it features, are part of a bigger story. 

A line early in the song compares them to two criminals with a dream to steal. The vibe here is one of adventure and rebellion as they engage in a love that can’t be made known. 

He talks about living a lie and keeping a life you don’t want – feeling real and authentic only within this secret, star-crossed love. 

5. Secret Love by The Bee Gees 

This is a fun and relaxed little song about the frustration and desperation that comes with having a secret love. The heartbreak of being apart, the feeling that every little touch still isn’t enough – it’s one of the most emotional and relatable songs about secret love. 

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The song is upbeat and dancey, but that doesn’t mean it won’t elicit some emotions, especially if you’ve got a secret love of your own! 

6. Love Story by Taylor Swift

This classic country-pop crossover is about as romantic and sappy as they come. It tells a lovely story of a young couple separated by stigma and controlling parents. They must keep it a secret at all costs. 

That doesn’t last, though, and they opt to run away together and start their own life. Unlike some other songs about secret love, this one comes with a happy ending and the ultimate feel-good vibes. 

7. Secret Love by Stevie Nicks

This slow, swingy love song talks about a back and forth kind of secret love – with mixed feelings of passion and sadness over the fleeting nature of such an affair. Stevie Nicks talks about how she’s not asking for forever, and that her secret love had secretly died. 

At the same time, she can’t stand the thought of her secret lover being alone. A love like this can be a battle and a rollercoaster, as we see in this sad but romantic story. 

8. This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepson

Carly Rae Jepson is known for her poppy and upbeat tracks, and this one is no different. The vibe is fun and bouncy, and the story it tells is rebellious and exciting. 

She reveals early in the song that both of the secret lovers are already committed to someone else. This makes it doubly important that the love is kept secret, and it adds to the thrill of the affair. 

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Even though these actions are morally opposed by most in the real world, in the context of a song like this, they represent a common desire for some heat and adventure. 

9. Confessions by Usher

This song is the perfect example of how the allure of love translates to all genres of music. Here, Usher sings a confession of multiple lies and transgressions against someone he loves. 

Coming clean to those close to you is hard, especially when you know the risks. As can be seen in this song, though, it eventually becomes necessary if you want a clean slate with someone. 

While unconditional love is strong enough to make it through many issues, it’s a tough thing to find. For as sad as the song is, it’s filled with hope that such a love exists. 

10. Secret by Ann Marie (Feat. YK Osiris)

Catchy and fun, this song is essentially a proposition of starting a secret love. It’s a promise that it’ll be kept on the down-low, and it speaks to all the fun things that go along with this. 

The video matches the song perfectly. It shows the progression from proposition to actual love affair, with a sensual vibe that perfectly matches the sound of the song.