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10 Best Songs About Sharon of All Time, Ranked

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It isn’t uncommon for artists to have name’s in the title of their songs, and they generally reference a loved one or stand for another meaning that’s a part of the record’s story. You’ll find this within any music genre, and some of them have turned out to be generational classics.

Regardless of your music taste, these classics have made an impact on music as a whole.

For this article, I’m going to dive into the 10 best songs about Sharon and break down each record’s production value in detail.

1. Song For Sharon by Joni Mitchell

It’s impressive how multi-faceted Joni Mitchell is, as her music ranges from folk, pop, rock, and more. “Song For Sharon” is a staple record from her career and comes with many relaxing and peaceful melodies that soothe the mind.

Rippling guitar melodies warp around each other with soft reverberation, and Joni’s vocals are a blessing to the ears. The production of this song couldn’t be any more crisp, and each dynamic shines with pristine quality; it’s the perfect song to get lost in and forget about time for a little while.

2. Bad Sharon by Robbie Williams

One of the catchiest songs from his album The Christmas Present, this record is full of energetic qualities that deliver excellent cinematic value. The song almost sounds like a symphony with how many instrumental layers trade places, and it’s a song that continuously resurfaces around Christmas time every year.

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“Bad Sharon” ended up being a smash hit for Robbie Williams, and many fans would title it one of the best songs about Sharon. The instrumentation follows many well-known tropes in pop music for Christmas time, and Robbie’s powerful voice matches the song’s energy in the best ways.

3. Sharon by David Bromberg

An artist that never confined himself to one genre of music, David Bromberg is a national treasure, and his record “Sharon” comes with many catchy melodies and progressions throughout. Released on his album Demon In Disguise, this record comes with many influences from jazz, bluegrass, and blues.

Outside of the artist’s relaxed vocal style, there are many open areas in the song that allow you to get lost in the enticing guitar solos and soft yet relentless drum kit. He does a great job at storytelling in a direct way, and he always tells them through his unique lyrical style.

4. I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon by Bobby Darin

Released in 1960, Bobby Darin was a familiar voice of that era in music, and he never shied away from making a wide range of music such as jazz, folk, and even swing. “I Ain’t Sharin’ Sharon” is a story about a particular loved one and how they impacted Bobby’s life.

The production value is a blend of previous generations and the new sounds of the 60s as it offers funky saxophones and a danceable tempo. It’s also surprising how clear his vocals cut through the song, allowing you to catch every word without missing a beat.

5. Go Do That with Sharon by David Haerle

One of the more modern records on this list, David Haerle has a voice that’s loved by many all over the world. This record is a part of his album Death Valley, and it exudes a great combination of modern and classic rock elements.

David has a surprisingly powerful voice when he wants it to be, as he tends to alternate between energetic hooks and verses that come off in a spoken-word style at times. The production as a whole is top-notch, and I’d say this is one of the best songs about Sharon by far.

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6. My Name Is Sharon by The Steel Wheels

Delivering a rich indie sound, The Steel Wheels come with a unique production value that makes them stand out from the rest. Aside from the sweet, lofty vocals on the ear, the group is talented with many different instruments, and this record comes with many beautiful melodies.

The drum kit holds a steady and relaxed tempo that easily sets the tone for a slow dance, and the record has the ability to decompress your brain as it’s quite relaxing to listen to. You always hear about universally good music, and I feel The Steel Wheels fall into that category.

7. Sharon’s Got a Drugstore by John Hiatt 

Carrying an uptempo beat, John Hiatt released this record in the late 70s, and it has been on repeat for many fans ever since. Many would argue this could be labeled as one of the best songs about Sharon as it boasts many memorable qualities and energy that people seem to love.

It’s a relatively short song that seems to end a little too soon, yet at the same time, it seems perfect for the tempo and structure of the song. John has made many other great songs, but “Sharon’s Got A Drugstore” is undoubtedly one of his top hits.

8. Rose Of Sharon by Kingsley King

With a blend of afrobeats and gospel music, Kingsley brings powerful vocals to a message that you can benefit from. This record is pretty calm for the most part, but it’s still highly impactful nonetheless, and he’s accompanied by chorus backing vocals that add to the song’s anthemic qualities.

Kingsley King is a passionate artist that’s as genuine as they come and will continue to influence and inspire his dedicated fan base. “Rose Of Sharon” hits all the right notes to put you in a good mood, and it exudes the stellar cultural nuances that Kingsley is known for.

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9. Sharon Rae by Johnny Paycheck

From his album Lovers and Losers, “Sharon Rae” displays plenty of influence from country music along with a little bluegrass and swing mixed in. The instrumental is fast enough to dance to, and the chorus will make you want to sing along to every word.

Due to his classic vocal style and powerful choruses that pull the listener in, I feel this song could be considered one of the best songs about Sharon on this list. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most memorable songs from the artist’s career and was a smash hit out of the other songs on his album.

10. Rose Of Sharon by Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are widely loved by music lovers worldwide, and many other genres respect them due to their impact on the industry and the quality of their music. “Rose Of Sharon” is one of a long list of excellent records that the band has produced.

The group makes plenty of music that could be considered timeless as it can be enjoyed by a vast demographic of listeners. Not only do the sonics provide a sense of relaxation, but they also change enough to keep you tuned in to the minor dynamics that cut through the main melodies.