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10 Best Songs About Snakes of All Time, Ranked

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Snakes are a popular theme in music and can allude to mystery, danger, and even death. But sometimes, snakes are portrayed in a positive light with songs that are meant to both warn and educate listeners about these fascinating reptiles. 

This list features a perfect mix of new and old music and shows how artists interpret their feelings and understanding of snakes while others use them as a metaphor for something sinister. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the best songs about snakes! 

1. Cold Cobra by Limp Bizkit

Childhood fears come alive in this explicit track from Limp Bizkit. “Cold Cobra” explores lead singer Fred Durst’s fear and fascination with snakes and how he overcame this fear as he grew up to understand more about the reptiles. 

This is a great song for those days when you are angry with the world. “Cold Cobra” was released in 2011 and remained one of the band’s most memorable songs. 

2. Crawling King Snake by The Doors

“Crawling King Snake” is considered by many fans to be one of the most iconic songs by The Doors. Released in 1971 from their album L.A. Woman, “Crawling King Snake” is about a large snake terrorizing a town or city. 

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Eventually killed by a determined group of people, the song is essentially a metaphor for the ultimate triumph over evil. 

The Doors are known for their classic blues sound, and “Crawling King Snake” has that sound fans expect from the band. Many artists have covered this great track, but none sound as good as the original version by The Doors. 

3. Snake Eyes and Sissies by Marilyn Manson

The King of “weird,” Marilyn Manson graces us with his musical talent with the song “Snake Eyes and Sissies.” Released in 1994, the song is an ode to snakes with lyrics that hint at death and venom and is quite dark in nature. 

While alternative metal might not be everyone’s cup of tea, some consider Manson’s controversial music brilliant. Give this song a listen and then decide for yourself if you agree with his fans.

4. Snake Eyes by Alan Parsons Project

Excellent guitar work and great vocals make “Snake Eyes” by the Alan Parsons Project a must-listen. If it’s classic 80s blues that you’re after, this song should be on your daily playlist. “Snake Eyes” was recorded in 1980 and remained one of the band’s most popular songs. 

The song tells the tale of a snake charmer who is bitten by his snake and is more a warning about trusting unworthy and cunning people. The lyrics and the beat draw you in, and the catchy tune might get stuck in your head for days. 

5. Calming the Snake by Sonic Youth

Grunge at its best, “Calming the Snake” by American band Sonic Youth was released in 2009. Incredible guitar and drum work, paired with deeply mysterious lyrics, make this song a perfect addition to the best songs about snakes list. 

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While there is no direct link to snakes, fans have formed their interpretation of the lyrics over the years. Some suggest the song is about being aware of unexpected threats, and others say this song is about the fear of snakes. 

While we will never know the true meaning, the song remains a brilliant piece of musical genius with an unmistakable grunge sound.

6. Union of the Snake by Duran Duran

The perfect addition to your 80s playlist, “Union of the Snake”, is an upbeat track from Duran Duran. Known for their classic 80s pop sound, they deserve a spot on the best songs about snakes list. 

“Union of the Snake” was recorded in 1983 and featured on the band’s Seven and the Ragged Tiger album. 

The song makes a lyrical reference to different types of snakes, hinting at the serpent that lured Eve from the biblical days, Medusa from Greek mythology, and is more about the symbolism associated with these slithery serpents.  

7. Snakes by The Pixies

The Indie rock band The Pixies has a cult-like following. Listening to their songs like “Snakes” from their 2014 album Indie Cindy makes it easy to understand why. 

While their musical performance is out of this world, it is the eerie yet soothing voice of Black Francis that truly makes the song brilliant. 

“Snakes” is a song about a snake trying to escape from its cage and is a metaphor for freedom and escape from the pressures of society as a whole. Add this one to your playlist today and experience the true genius of The Pixies.

8. Snake Bite by Alice Cooper

“Snake Bite” by 90s rocker Alice Cooper is an eerie ode and warning about the dangers of snakes. The song is about the slow, painful death of a snake charmer who has been bitten by his snake and serves as a warning that these slithery creatures can turn on you at any moment. 

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The song was released in 1991 and features on the album Hey Stoopid. Alice Cooper is known for its classic rock sound and is a great addition to any playlist. 

9. Spiders and Snakes by Jim Stafford and Dolly Parton

Two country music legends come together in this 1974 song about all things creepy crawly. “Spiders and Snakes” was co-written by Jim Stafford and Dolly Parton and was an instant hit on country music charts when it was released. 

The song has a fun tune and lyrics guaranteed to make you smile. “Spiders and Snakes” brings us to the end of the best songs about snakes list and is truly a musical masterpiece for country fans across the globe.

10. Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is undeniably one of the best female rappers of our time. While songs like “Anaconda” are infamous for their explicit music videos, once you get past the raunchy, sex-fuelled video content, there is a simply brilliant song. 

“Anaconda” was released in 2014 and is featured on Minaj’s album The Pinkprint. Singing about snakes and “butts,” the song was largely influenced by the 80s hit “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.