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10 Best Songs With the Most Bass, Ranked 2023

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There are all sorts of things to love about music – the lyrics are meaningful, the melodies are euphoric, and the rhythms make you want to dance! I love all of this stuff, but my absolute favorite thing about music is when the beat drops and you hear that sweet bass in your face! 

Recently, I bought a new subwoofer, and I’ve decided to put together a list of the 10 best songs with the most bass so that I can test the subs out to their full potential.

I encourage you to plug your subs in to, turn the EQ bass up to 10, and sit back and relax throughout this bass-heavy journey.


1. Parallax by Direct

To kick things off on this list of the best songs with the most bass, I decided to start with “Parallax” by Direct. This dubstep banger is really interesting as it is very minimal in its texture, with the most important thing about the song being…you guessed it… the bass! 

Just take a look at the comments section on the YouTube video. It’s full of people in shock at how many dislikes the song has, purely because the haters don’t have a sub or pair of headphones with suitable bass response. They’re missing out on all that sweet bass! 

2. Enough by Flume

The next track that I wanted to mention is “Enough” by Flume, featuring none other than Pusha T! 

I absolutely love this combination. It combines Flume’s classic trippy trap sound with Pusha T’s insane vocals to produce something that is dark, haunting, and bassy. I really love how this song is particularly slow with the drums being triggered at half-time.  

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It gives the bass plenty of time to breathe, it’s honestly quite overwhelming when you play it in the sub of a car! 

3. Surface by Aero Chord

EDM has always been a genre covered in bass frequencies, but I can always remember around 2015 when the genre started to get massively influenced by trap music. At this point, the bassy 808’s joined forces with the melodies and drops of EDM to form something truly crazy. 

“Surface” by Aero Chord is one of my favorite examples of this sound. It’s trappy, bassy, and has tons of interesting EDM synths, yet it’s not too cheesy or obnoxious. Truly one of the best songs with the most bass, it would go down HUGE in a club. 

4. Runaway (Frontliner Remix) by Galantis

As a child, I was brought up on heavy rock and metal music, but my Dad always had a soft spot for dance music. We would often listen to MTV Dance and hear the likes of Scooter and Basshunter, hardstyle and trance DJs that had plenty of bass to go around. 

We didn’t have decent speakers back then, but I am now fortunate enough to be able to relive those feelings through songs such as “Runaway (Frontliner Remix)” by Galantis. It’s a step up from the hardstyle of the ‘00s, yet it still sounds so familiar – love it. 

5. Concrete Jungle by Rootkit (Feat. P.Keys)

You’ve probably noticed through the vocabulary that I use that I love to talk about genres. I’ve mentioned dubstep, hardstyle, trance, and trap, so what is next? Well, it’s a genre that focuses on bass so much that it is appropriately named “bassline”. 

There are tons of bassline hits that I’m a fan of, but “Concrete Jungle” by Rootkit (Feat. P Keys) is one that really stands out to me. Play it loud and you will see what I mean – you just can’t not bop you’re head to this! 

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6. Chiron by Alix Perez & Eprom

When I’m not writing about music, I am an amateur music producer, particularly in the areas of electronic music. Due to this, I’m a bit of a synthesizer nerd, and boy oh boy did this mean I loved the year 2015. 

Around this time, artists such as Alix Perez and Eprom were releasing some of the best songs with the most bass and it was all due to the wavetable synthesis revolution. Songs like “Chiron” beautifully demonstrate this wacky type of modern synthesis, it sure can pump out the bass! 

7. Long Distance by Sam Gellaitry

A common misconception is that a song can have a lot of basslines, a lot of melodies, or a lot of vocals – it can’t have all three. That is such a load of rubbish, just take a listen to “Long Distance” by Sam Gellaitry and you’ll hear exactly what I mean. 

This track absolutely slaps – the synth melodies are wild, the trumpets are popping, the Jamaican vocals are vibing and best of all, the bass is insane! I can’t work out if I prefer the bassline in the main drop or in the verses, it’s a hard one! 

8. Hysteria by G Jones & Eprom

Sometimes producers release songs that just destroy all of the musical boundaries that had stood up until that point. It makes it almost impossible to describe the music, and I couldn’t think of a better way to summarize that than “Hysteria” by G Jones and Eprom. 

This track has SO much building up of pressure, acid basslines, dubstep riddims, it’s all over the place and I love it. It’s easily one of the best songs with the most bass in recent years, but I honestly think it is too “out there” for the general public to appreciate. 

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9. The End (Breaux VIP) by EPTIC

This next track is proper special to me – “The End (Breaux VIP)” by EPTIC. 

I first heard this song on NYE about a minute before midnight in 2016. The song was building up and up, and I could already tell it was going to be an incredible drop. However, we were teased – the DJ timed the drop perfectly to align with midnight, so we didn’t hear it for a whole minute. 

When that beat finally dropped, my jaw hit the floor. It was the most epic way to enter into 2017, with a bit load of bass in my face.

10. Sinkhole (Outer Edges) by Noisia

We’ve covered a ton of awesome songs throughout this list, and sadly we’ve reached the end. However, this simply could not be a list of the best songs with the most bass if I didn’t include at least one song by Noisia. 

I was thinking long and hard about what Noisia song to include – the drum and bass masters have so many bangers it’s unreal, but after a long and hard think, I settled on “Sinkhole (Outer Edges)”. 

This track isn’t exactly Noisia’s usual drum and bass style, featuring more of a half-time “drumstep” feel. However, I think that gives the bass the space it deserves to shine. Truly an absolute belter, and a great way to finish off this list.