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10 Best $uicideboy$ Love Songs of All Time, Ranked 2023

While the American hip-hop duo disagrees with being labeled, $uicideboy$ falls into a musical style called horrorcore. It’s particularly defined by macabre themes and horror imagery and typically explores the darker side of life and mind alike. While some of their content is lighter than others, this duo can hit home quite hard when they want to. 

That said, they’re also unafraid to dip into the lifelong battle we all face at one point in our lives: love.

Here are 10 of their best love songs, with a warning that not all of them are pleasant!

🎵 Best $uicideboy$ Songs
😢 Saddest $uicideboy$ Songs

1. Leave Your Things Behind II

Album: Eternal Grey
Released: 2016

Kicking off this list is the incredibly melancholic “Leave Your Things Behind II”. The track features a similar style as its prequel, but with some samples and electronic elements reversed and chopped it holds a significantly pessimistic air.

This song’s all about spilling your emotions out to someone you love, despite it falling on deaf ears. It also suggests the end of a relationship and the feelings of futility that surround it. 

2. …And To Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around 

Released: 2020

The primary meaning of this song is quite pessimistic as it explores feeling overwhelmed in life and facing consequences for our actions. While exploring the past and how his life has impacted him thus far, $crim talks of a toxic relationship that was so problematic it kickstarted a detox that led to his eventual sobriety.

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While the overall message of this song is not of love, I feel that the verse about toxic relationships is powerful enough to make its way into my list. 

3. Meet Mr. Nice Guy

Album: I Want To Die In New Orleans
Released: 2018

I mentioned that some of $uicideboy$’s love songs are unpleasant and this is a rather strong example of that. In “Meet Mr. Nice Guy”, the duo explores a particularly painful breakup and the mental instability that comes with the pain of a relationship ending. They also explore the use of drugs to mask the pain and distract from reality (which is never recommended).

The song follows a simple trap beat with the duo’s signature rap-meets-singing style and trippy electronic samples that makes it one of their catchiest offerings. 

4. Escape From Babylon

Album: Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation
Released: 2022

Believe it or not, we have a somewhat hopeful track from $uicideboy$ in “Escape From Babylon”. It still features their signature self-loathing, but this incredible track brings a level of calm rarely heard throughout their discography and sings of the importance of self-love and doing what is right for yourself. 

It might not be a song directly relating to romantic love, but the song touches on a relationship ending at the beginning of the track. This then leads toward the journey of self-love, which I take in a positive light in this track. 

5. Opal Ring

Album: My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can’t
Released: 2015

When it comes to breakups and relationships, I feel like $uicideboy$ exposes themselves better in their minimalist songs. “Opal Ring” is one such track that allows its simple melancholic melody to sit behind some rather striking lyrics.

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In this track, the duo rap about their breakups and the impact they’ve had on them both as people. They also rap of hearts with bits in them and missing pieces of a whole person, suggesting heartbreak has changed them. 

6. Leave Your Things Behind I 

Album: 7th Or St. Tammany
Released: 2015

In true $uicideboy$ fashion, “Leave Your Things Behind” is a painful, dragging track that explores the confusion surrounding a breakup and the ensuing feelings that arise afterward. 

The harrowing wails and screams add to the emotional power of the track while lulls of simple, almost calm melodies allow breathing room between the chaos. 

7. 2 Hot 4 U (Feat. Fat Nick)

Album: When The Lean Runs Out
Released: 2016

This one’s a slight diversion from the list’s origins. It’s a Fat Nick track, but the verses from $uicideboy$ are too powerful and catchy to ignore. It’s a collaboration that should happen more often; its hectic beats and $crim’s striking verse add to the sheer force of this horrorcore-heavy track. 

It loosely deals with breakups and pain, but the simple line “Found out that I just got dumped, I ain’t feelin’ very pumped” sums up a breakup pretty well. 


Album: I No Longer Feel The Razor Guarding My Heel (II)
Released: 2015

As you can likely tell from the song title, this isn’t blissful, touching reminiscence on a past relationship. Despite the song’s dreamy instrumentals and backing vocals, the song is an angry outburst towards a toxic relationship that caused a lot of pain. 

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Despite this, there are plenty of egos to go around in this track. Despite its vulgarities, it’s one of $uicideboy$’ strongest tracks in their discography. 

9. Lucky Me

Album: Eternal Grey
Released: 2016

“Lucky Me” follows a similar pessimistic style as “Leave Your Things Behind II”, and explores the feelings of pain and isolation post-breakup. Its snappy drum beats and deep 808 hits make it a hard-hitting track both instrumentally an emotionally, and I think it demonstrates $uicideboy$’s ability to make the most of minimal instrumentals. 

The song also acts as a warning to not delve into drugs as it briefly explores the issues surrounding them. Despite our pain, drugs are never the answer. 

10. A Girl Named Drool And A Pack Of Kools

Album: Grey Sheep II
Released: 2016

“A Girl Named Drool And A Pack Of Kools” might give the initial impression that it could be a love song. In it, Ruby becomes interested in a girl and asks her for a cigarette just for a reason to talk to her, all the while dreaming of how life could be for them both. Rather abruptly, the track delves into $uicideboy$’s horrorcore influences and begins a rather dark verse about kidnapping and murder. 

Also, can we take a moment to simply appreciate some of $uicideboy$’s song titles?