The Ultimate Caline Guitar Pedal Clone List [2023 UPDATED]

Caline Guitar Pedal Clone List

Caline is an electronics company based in Shenzhen, China. They specialize in the manufacturing and development of effects pedals and power supplies, among various other types of musical equipment.

It’s difficult to find much information about Caline online, but ​it’s obvious that the company has already developed a dedicated fan base around the world due to the quality of their products. 

Have you ever wondered which pedals they are emulating? Well then you have come to the right place! We have gone and compiled a list of the corresponding pedals that Caline have cloned in their product line.​​







Hot Mushroom





Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face


Pure Sky


Paul Cochrane Timmy


Super Chorus

Super Chorus


English Man


Carl Martin Plexitone



Heavy Metal


Mark 4



Time Space



Orange Burst


Xotic BB Preamp


Blue Ocean


Mad Professor Deep Blue


Crazy Cacti


Fulltone Fulldrive 2


Rock Face


Wampler Plexidrive


Purple Smoke

Clear Boost


Active Direct Box

DI Box


10 Band EQ

Band EQ


Highway Man


Xotic RC Booster


Snake Bite


Original design


Sand Storm



Ultra Chorus

Ultra Chorus


White Heat

Mixing Boost

DOD Overdrive Preamp 250


Red Devil

Heavy Metal

Let us know if there are any adjustments or modifications that need to be made to the list by contacting us through our contact page.

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  1. Bhlokvva

    CP-15: Wampler Triple Wreck

    CP-21: IS NOT Wampler Plexidrive, but an OCD with slightly different tone control (more mids) and switchable 2N7000/4148 clipping.

    CP-24: MXR 10-band EQ

    CP-16: 2-stage distortion with 4148 clipping diodes in both stages.

    1. Patrick

      You missed the CP-43 Pegasus Overdrive clone of the Klon.

    2. Voice of the truth

      CP-15 is a electro harmonix metal muff actually, not a triple wreck!

    3. Caster Masters

      I don’t think the Highwayman is an RC booster clone because it has way more gain than an RC booster. This rumor started because it has the same circuit board are the orange burst, apparently. I suggest that it is possibly an AC Booster. The BB and RC are both based on the AC. If it is based on the RC, it is modified to the point that it’s something else entirely

  2. Yo

    CP-30 Wampler Plextortion

    CP-28 Boss CE-2

    CP-27 MI Audio Crunch Box

    CP-16 Noah’s Ark Distortion ‘B’

    CP-15 EHX metal muff (with top boost)

  3. Ad_slammer

    CP-24: MXR 10-band EQ
    CP-27: Mi audio Crunch Box v2/3 with presence as a pot (not inner trimmer)
    CP-30: Wampler Plextortion

  4. Andrew Howe

    The Highway is also a clone of the Timmy. Caline just put in weird pots for the tone controls so at noon it has a much more pronounced mid-hump. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the Pure Sky.

    Confirmed by rev engineering here:

  5. Bob P.

    I think the Hot Mushroom is an MXR Dynacomp clone. Pretty sure.

  6. Robert W Pickering

    I think the Hot Mushroom is an MXR Dynacomp clone. Pretty sure.

  7. ND4SPD

    Can you please update this list?

  8. AJ

    CP-34 Head Room – Vintage Distortion – Pro Co RAT

  9. Char W

    The CP-22 Purple Smoke is more like the Xotic Effects RC Booster than the CP-25 Highwayman.

  10. Hammy Wheeler

    The CP-47 PRESSURE TANK is a Diamond Compressor clone. Excellent pedal and remarkably quiet.

  11. Audiophile

    The CP-15 Tantrum pedal is supposedly a MESA BOOGIE pre-amp type clone. I purchased, plugged it into a JCM800 on low gain with presence and entire tone stack at 5. Through a PAF 50’s wired LP Custom setup I personally thought it was a SLO50/100 type preamp tone. I looked it up, others say MESA BOOGIE. Either way, this thing seriously destroys. Some terrible YouTube video reviews and some good ones. With my setup I felt it sounded pretty much dead ringer to SLO. You decide, worth it, and extremely quiet for such high gain.

  12. Audiophile

    The CP-504 M:Fuzz pedal is said to be an OpAmp V4 Big-Muff Pi. I own a 1990’s V4 and Sovtek version of these and have played them for longer than many people reading this have been alive. It’s neither of those. It’s very very close, but is missing the sharp edge/bite of a real Big Muff. It’s also an altered tone control with a sweep range that is useful all the way through 0 to dimed. Unlike the real Big Muff, the M:Fuzz’s tone setup is more mid-range focused, where the original Muff muddies out. You will get a smoother, more sustainy melodic type tone with this than an original. Not a bad pedal at all. Will sit side by side with my real muff. This thing just does Fuzz a little differently. I’m willing to bet its some oddity Muff edition clone because it’s definitely Muff’ish, just not OpAmp V4 or Sovtek for sure.

  13. Trey

    I’m pretty sure the Purple Smoke’s (CP-22) clean boost is a unique design it’s the secret sleeper pedal that does something that’s not duped by anything else available out there effectively it’s a hidden gem destined to be somewhat of a legend for the price it simply can’t be beat for what it does. It offer’s a special tone not just for guitarist’s but for synths & mic boosting as well it’s really quite an impressive stomp box folks.

  14. Russ

    CP-99 “Overdrive” was referred to as the Medusa in the Reverb listing, but that word is nowhere to be found on the pedal.(Gold with red print – graphic of what looks like a mermaid using a pointy metal guitar as an arrow in its bow)- supposedly a Klon, but I cracked one open and it’s not a traditional Klon. They changed the pot values, used a different op amp, Lower voltage than the real Klon. Uses an inductor to achieve +12v rather than a charge pump.. I could not find any +18v in there. Sounds higher gain and more treble than a real Klon.

  15. Jessica

    Bob P is correct about the hot mushroom.
    CP-09 is a tuner pedal
    CP-13 Super Chorus
    CP-14 English Man is a Marshall Plexi amp distortion
    CP-15 Tantrum is a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone EQ with other metal distortion
    CP-17 Time Space delay reverb
    CP-19 Blue Ocean delay – analog bbd
    CP-21 Rock Face distortion is a Marshall Plexi distortion a la wampler plexidrive, with JTM speaker distortion qualities
    CP-26 Snake Bite reverb
    CP-27 Sand Storm distortion
    CP-28 Ultra Chorus
    CP-29 White Heat Mixing boost is “heavily influenced by” the DOD 250 Classic Overdrive Pre
    CP-30 Red Devil distortion – (Wampler Triple Wreck?)
    CP-31 Hot Spice – micro Jim Dunlop Crybaby wah
    CP-32 Clear Veil Overdrive – is a fuzz and overdrive
    CP-34 Head Room Vintage Distortion
    CP-36 Big Dipper pitch shift/octave/detune
    CP-37 Drifter Seven – 7mode digital delay w/analog emu
    CP-38 Lucky Seven – 7mode digital fx flanger/phaser/tremolo/vibrato/detune/Roland jazz amp chorus(?)/Uni-Vibe chorus
    CP-41 Ghost Rain – delay and reverb
    CP-43 Pegasus is a Klon Centaur clone
    tCP-46 Fuzzy Bear is a Dallas Arbiter Fuzzface but has BC549’s instead of Germanium transistors or the Silicon BC-108’s
    CP-47 Pressure Tank compressor
    CP-49 Midlander is an Ibanez Tubescreamer with RC4558 ICs
    CP-50 Central Station Leon Drive – Fulltone OCD distortion
    CP-54 Big Orange Crushing Overdrive is also an Xotic BB clone, i believe
    the newer Grizzly Bear or something pedal is another Fuzzface clone…
    CP-55 Central Station American Sound is a Fender gain channel and tonestack

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