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10 Best Regina Spektor Songs of All Time, Ranked

Picture this: you’re cozy in your favorite little corner of the world, headphones on, completely enchanted by the uniquely mesmerizing sound waves surrounding you…welcome to the world of Regina Spektor! 

This indie-pop queen has dazzled us for decades with her distinctive voice and otherworldly piano skills. Can’t get enough of her quirky, heartfelt tunes?

Neither can we.

From her delightful musical tales to heart-wrenching ballads, join us as we delve into the treasure trove of the 10 best Regina Spektor songs.

1. “Two Birds” (2009)

🎵 Song Name: Two Birds
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Far
📅 Release Date: 2009
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 16 seconds

“Two Birds” from Regina Spektor’s 2009 album, Far, captures the essence of lingering in comfort zones and the fear of change. Spektor’s vivid storytelling portrays two birds representing individuals with contrasting mindsets.

One bird yearns for freedom while the other prefers to remain safe in familiarity. Listeners can resonate with the song’s emotional depth, contemplating their own hesitations in life.

Regina Spektor’s compelling storytelling and enchanting melodies make “Two Birds” a standout track in her discography.

2. “The Call” (2009)

🎵 Song Name: The Call
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: The Call
📅 Release Date: 2009
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 7 seconds

Regina Spektor’s “The Call” from her 2009 album The Call beautifully captures the bittersweet nature of change and relationships. With its gently building lyrics, it conveys hope amidst uncertainty.

The line “Just because everything’s changing / Doesn’t mean it’s never been this way before” reminds listeners that life is full of cycles. The heartfelt chorus, “I’ll come back when you call me / No need to say goodbye,” showcases the enduring bonds of friendship and love.

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3. “Fidelity” (2006)

🎵 Song Name: Fidelity
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Begin to Hope
📅 Release Date: 2006
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 47 seconds

“Fidelity”, a heartwarming track from Regina Spektor’s 2006 album Begin to Hope, explores themes of vulnerability and self-protection in love. Spektor’s whimsical voice and piano-driven melody capture the listener’s heart while the lyrics reflect the emotional struggle of opening up to love.

“I never loved nobody fully, always one foot on the ground”, Spektor’s heartfelt confession resonates with audiences, making it one of her most-loved songs. Overall, “Fidelity” is a poetic masterpiece that showcases Regina Spektor’s unique musical persona and emotional depth.

4. “Samson” (2006)

🎵 Song Name: Samson
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Begin to Hope
📅 Release Date: 2006
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 10 seconds

“Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth” – “Samson” by Regina Spektor, from her 2006 album Begin to Hope, explores a modern interpretation of the biblical character Samson and his connection with a lover who eventually cuts his hair, thus removing his strength. The song, weaving a beautiful narrative of love and vulnerability, is a poignant reminder of the hidden layers within relationships.

Through captivating storytelling, Spektor’s evocative lyrics and melodies have made “Samson” one of her most beloved songs amongst fans.

5. “Us” (2004)

🎵 Song Name: Us
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Soviet Kitsch
📅 Release Date: 2004
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 52 seconds

Released in 2004 from the album Soviet Kitsch, Regina Spektor’s poetic song “Us” is a vivid depiction of the human condition. The lyrics explore themes of fame, impermanence, and societal flaws.

Spektor’s powerful voice and striking piano melodies make “Us” undeniably captivating. The impactful line “living in a den of thieves” evokes the struggle of navigating through corrupt systems, while the imagery in “our noses have begun to rust” signifies human decay and vulnerability.

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6. “Dear Theodosia” Feat. Ben Folds (2016)

🎵 Song Name: Dear Theodosia
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Ben Folds
💿 Album: The Hamilton Mixtape
📅 Release Date: 2016
🕒 Song Duration: 2 minutes 26 seconds

“Dear Theodosia” by Regina Spektor, featuring Ben Folds, is a heartwarming track from the 2016 album The Hamilton Mixtape. This beautiful song showcases strong parental love and commitment, with lyrics about building a better world for future generations.

The collaboration between Regina and Ben results in an emotional and harmonious performance. Listeners are captivated by the blend of their vocals and the song’s tender meaning, making it one of Regina Spektor’s most memorable tracks.

7. “On the Radio” (2006)

🎵 Song Name: On the Radio
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Begin to Hope
📅 Release Date: 2006
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 20 seconds

“On the Radio” is a captivating track from Regina Spektor’s 2006 album Begin to Hope. The lyrics dive into the complexities of life, love, and loss, but with a sense of humor and hope.

Spektor’s unique storytelling captivates listeners, and her reference to the iconic song, “November Rain,” creates a feeling of nostalgia. The catchy chorus exhibits the power of music and radio in our lives.

This gem of a song showcases Spektor’s distinctive talent and is a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

8. “Eet” (2009)

🎵 Song Name: Eet
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Far
📅 Release Date: 2009
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 51 seconds

“Eet” from Regina Spektor’s 2009 album Far vividly captures the bittersweet feeling of fading memories. By likening loss to forgetting the words to your favorite song, Spektor elicits a sense of nostalgia and frustration.

Her unique vocal delivery and the catchy and emotive chorus, “Eee-eee-eet, eet, eet,” help listeners connect and empathize with the song’s underlying message. Overall, “Eet” is a poignant, relatable, and impactful masterpiece from Regina Spektor’s diverse discography.

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9. “Better” (2006)

🎵 Song Name: Better
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Begin to Hope
📅 Release Date: 2006
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 22 seconds

“Better” is a captivating track from Regina Spektor’s Begin to Hope album released in 2006. It delves into themes of emotional healing and the complexity of human connections, with lyrics that ponder if a simple act of compassion, such as a kiss, can alleviate pain.

Musical elements like the playful piano melody and Spektor’s distinctive vocal style make “Better” one of her most memorable songs. Listeners are drawn in by the raw vulnerability and the universal desire for understanding and relief found within its lyrics.

10. “Blue Lips” (2009)

🎵 Song Name: Blue Lips
🧑 Artist: Regina Spektor
💿 Album: Far
📅 Release Date: 2009
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 32 seconds

“Blue Lips” by Regina Spektor, from her 2009 album Far, is a deeply introspective and thought-provoking song. Delving into themes of faith, the passage of time, and the human experience, the lyrics showcase our interconnectedness through the recurring imagery of blue lips, blue veins.

Spektor also touches on the environmental and societal issues, providing a commentary on how humanity has treated our planet – blue, the color of our planet from far, far away. A powerful and evocative piece, “Blue Lips” remains a standout track in Regina Spektor’s repertoire.