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10 Best Jason Aldean Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

Country music is known for its sad love songs, and Jason Aldean is one country singer that definitely knows a bit about creating the perfect love song. 

This list will inspire you, make you cry, and possibly make you fall in love all over again. So buckle up for the romantic ride of your life as we explore these beautiful love songs.

So without further ado, here is my list of the best Jason Aldean love songs of all time!

1. Talk

Let’s start our playlist the right way with “Talk.” Released in 2012 on the album Night Train, “Talk” touches on the beginning stages of a relationship where you talk about anything and everything, just to be close to the one you love. 

Talking and communicating is one of the best ways to solve any problems in your relationship, so take a page out of Aldean’s book when you add this country love song to your playlist today. 

2. Laughed Until We Cried

Reliving old memories and thinking about those who are no longer with us is easily one of the best ways to keep our love for them alive. “Laughed Until We Cried” is not a love song in the traditional sense but rather focuses on the singer’s love for someone who has passed.

Released in 2007 on the album Relentless, the song will have you thinking back to the days of your youth, reliving those memories of when life was simpler, and you laughed until you cried. Add it to your favorites today, and sing your heart out to the touching lyrics. 

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3. It Ain’t Easy

Saving a relationship that you know is doomed and not really worth saving is not easy, which is exactly the subject of Jason Aldean’s hit song “It Ain’t Easy.” But what else do you do when you love someone so much that you cannot stand the thought of being without them?

“It Ain’t Easy” was released in 2010 and featured on the album My Kinda Party. Let this country boy’s smooth voice fill your home and your heart.

4. Don’t You Wanna Stay (Feat. Kelly Clarkson)

What do you get when you put country stars Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson together in a recording studio? You get “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” This hit song featuring two of country music’s hottest talents was released in 2010 and features on Aldean’s album My Kinda Party.

“Don’t You Wanna Stay” is a song about a heartbreaking goodbye, with the singers begging their lovers to hold on and just spend another night. Goodbyes are never easy, and this song will make it even harder. Give it a listen, and let your emotions take over. 

5. Relentless 

Taken off Jason Aldean’s second studio album is a song about relentless love. You know the type – love that you cannot seem to escape no matter how bad you know it is for you. “Relentless” is truly heartbreaking and will have you feeling emotions that you haven’t before. 

The song was released in 2007 and is also the name of the singer’s second studio album. It is well worth a listen if only to remind you of a love that is so strong and pure that you feel you will drown in it. 

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6. The Way a Night Should Feel

Relationships should not be about turmoil and constant fighting. They should be about holding hands and sending time together. Jason Aldean describes this perfectly in his 2016 song “The Way a Night Should Feel.” 

Released on the album They Don’t Know, this upbeat song will have you wishing your relationship was more like the one the singer describes. “The Way a Night Should Feel” is a must-listen, so add it to your favorites playlist today. 

7. Staring at the Sun

The right person will give you butterflies when they walk into the room. The right person will make it seem like you are staring into the sun. The right person will make you feel like nothing else matters when you are together. 

This is the kind of love that Jason Aldean sings about in his hit song “Staring at the Sun.” Released in 2012 on the album Night Train, the song is for lovers who believe that true love does exist. 

8. No

All good things in life and love always seem to come to an abrupt end, and this includes those relationships that were good for a while but turned out to be toxic and harmful. “No,” tells the story of getting to the point where you know that the relationship you are in is not worth saving, no matter how hard you want to make it work. 

Released in 2007 on the album Relentless, “No” deserves a spot on this list, so add it to yours today and think about if the relationship you are in is worth it or not. This song, with its deep and meaninful lyrics, might just give you the courage to walk away. 

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9. You’re the Love I Wanna Be In

Jason Aldean found fame and fortune when he released his album, Jason Aldean, in 2005. One of the best songs on this album has to be “You’re the Love I Wanna Be In,” and it is a cute love song that you will want to dedicate to your lover. 

The song has a happy, upbeat tempo and is perfect for that barbecue playlist or for dancing with your lover in your arms in your living room. Give it a listen today, and give love a chance. 

10. Don’t Give Up On Me

Bringing us to the end of our ten best Jason Aldean love songs playlist is his 2009 release of “Don’t Give Up On Me.” We all know that relationships are hard work, especially when one person seems to be more committed than the other, but in this sweet song, Aldean begs his lover not to give up on him.

“Don’t Give Up On Me” was released on the album Wide Open and is the perfect addition to your love songs playlist.