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10 Best Fuck You Songs, Ranked (2023)

Welcome, music lovers, to a delightful musical journey of rebellion and unapologetic attitudes. At times, life serves us a slice of frustration or heartbreak, and we desperately seek the perfect soundtrack to channel our emotions.

Look no further, as we’ve handpicked 10 incredible “eff you” anthems to give voice to your bottled-up feelings. Ready to be amazed, empowered, and maybe even inspired to belt out a powerful tune in defiance.

Dive into our must-listen-to playlist and let these epic tunes serve as your battle cry for those moments when silence is simply not an option.

1. “Happier Than Ever” – Billie Eilish (2021)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: Happier Than Ever
🧑 Artist: Billie Eilish
💿 Album: Happier Than Ever
📅 Release Date: 2021
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 59 seconds

Ah, the indisputable number 1 on our list of the best “fuck you” songs: “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish. This 2021 powerhouse track showcases Eilish’s ability to use her voice to express raw, unapologetic emotion.

She brilliantly captures the essence of taking back one’s power and walking away from toxic relationships. The explosive chorus drips with satisfying defiance, as she declares, “I’m happier than ever, and I don’t need you to be“.

So turn this up, let the catharsis wash over you, and join Billie in saying “fuck you” to anyone who’s ever held you back.

2. “good 4 u” – Olivia Rodrigo (2021)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: good 4 u
🧑 Artist: Olivia Rodrigo
💿 Album: SOUR
📅 Release Date: 2021
🕒 Song Duration: 2 minutes 58 seconds

“Good 4 U,” Olivia Rodrigo’s fiery track from her 2021 album “SOUR,” lands in our list at a solid number 2 out of 10 best fuck you songs. This catchy, angst-fueled anthem is a fierce message to an ex who seems to have moved on with ease.

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It perfectly captures the raw emotions of heartache and fury, mixed with an undercurrent of sarcasm. Rodrigo’s powerful vocals and the song’s unapologetic pop-punk vibes convey an undeniable sense of embracing one’s emotions after a breakup, all while wishing the other person well – though maybe not so sincerely.

3. “Toxic” – Britney Spears (2003)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: Toxic
🧑 Artist: Britney Spears
💿 Album: In The Zone
📅 Release Date: 2003
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 19 seconds

Get ready, folks, because we’re taking a ride on the wild side with “Toxic” by Britney Spears from her 2003 album “In The Zone.” Coming in at number 3 on our list of the best expletive you songs, this high-energy track is an anthem of addictive love and dangerous relationships. Spears’ sultry vocals seduce us while she sings about being intoxicated by love’s poison, making it impossible to resist.

The message? Love can feel lethal, but sometimes, we just can’t help but revel in the chaos. So strap in, get toxic, and let Britney take the wheel, because it’s a rollercoaster ride you won’t forget!

4. “No Scrubs” – TLC (1999)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: No Scrubs
🧑 Artist: TLC
💿 Album: Fanmail
📅 Release Date: 1999
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 34 seconds

“No Scrubs” by TLC from their 1999 album “Fanmail” is a bold anthem empowering women to stand up against men who don’t treat them with the respect they deserve. With its catchy beats and powerful lyrics, the song sends a clear message: don’t put up with scrubs – men who are lazy, dependent on others, and lack ambition.

At number 4 on our list of the best fuck you songs, “No Scrubs” serves as a reminder that self-worth and standards are more important than settling for less in a relationship. Go on, ladies, embrace your inner queen and say “no” to scrubs!

5. “thank u, next” – Ariana Grande (2019)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: thank u, next
🧑 Artist: Ariana Grande
💿 Album: thank u, next
📅 Release Date: 2019
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 27 seconds

Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” is an empowering anthem about self-growth and learning from past relationships. Ranked at number 5 on our list of best “fuck you” songs, the lyrics radiate confidence and gratitude.

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Grande reflects on her past loves, acknowledging the lessons learned and celebrating the stronger version of herself. Instead of dwelling on negativity, she embraces the journey of personal discovery.

“thank u, next” encourages listeners to find strength in vulnerability and to cherish – not resent – the ups and downs of love.

6. “About Damn Time” – Lizzo (2022)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: About Damn Time
🧑 Artist: Lizzo
💿 Album: About Damn Time
📅 Release Date: 2022
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 12 seconds

Ah, “About Damn Time” – Lizzo’s fabulous 2022 anthem from the album of the same name. In a deliciously sassy 100 words, this empowering track comes in as number 6 out of 10 on our “best fuck you songs” list.

Truly, it’s a feel-good celebration of self-love, smashing down society’s standards and expectations. Lizzo encourages us to unapologetically embrace our true selves, cheers to personal growth, and sends the fiercest “bye, haters!” as only she could.

With its addictive melody and unrelenting confidence, “About Damn Time” is a vibrant, uplifting anthem sure to leave you strutting!

7. “Before He Cheats” – Carrie Underwood (2005)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: Before He Cheats
🧑 Artist: Carrie Underwood
💿 Album: Some Hearts
📅 Release Date: 2005
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 20 seconds

“Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood is a feisty anthem from her 2005 album “Some Hearts.” This classic fuck you song showcases a woman’s fury after her ex’s infidelity. The lyrics see Carrie taking control and getting her revenge by trashing his prized truck.

With powerful vocals and a catchy melody, the song has become a breakup-and-empowerment staple. As the number 7 on our best fuck you songs list, “Before He Cheats” encourages listeners to stand up for themselves and channel their anger into action when faced with betrayal.

8. “New Rules” – Dua Lipa (2017)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: New Rules
🧑 Artist: Dua Lipa
💿 Album: Dua Lipa (Deluxe)
📅 Release Date: 2017
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 29 seconds

At number 8 on our list of the best “fuck you” songs, we have “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. Released in 2017, this catchy anthem showcases the power of self-worth and the struggle to escape a toxic relationship.

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Dua Lipa uses empowering lyrics as a guide to remind herself—and the listener—of the importance of sticking to her own set of new rules to prevent falling back into the same destructive cycle. This modern-day breakup song is an ode to personal growth and a reminder that sometimes, it’s okay to put yourself first, and say “fuck you” to the past.

9. “IDGAF” – Dua Lipa (2017)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: IDGAF
🧑 Artist: Dua Lipa
💿 Album: Dua Lipa (Deluxe)
📅 Release Date: 2017
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 38 seconds

“IDGAF” by Dua Lipa undoubtedly deserves its spot at number 9 on our list of the best “F*** You” songs. Dua Lipa oozes confidence and self-empowerment as she shuts down an ex-lover who’s trying to win her back.

With catchy hooks and a sassy attitude, “IDGAF” serves as a fierce anthem for the heartbroken who refuse to be dragged down by their past. Unapologetic and straight to the point, the lyrics make it crystal clear that Dua has zero interest in the past, and she’s confidently striding into her fabulous future.

10. “Thnks fr th Mmrs” – Fall Out Boy (2007)

Album art
🎵 Song Name: Thnks fr th Mmrs
🧑 Artist: Fall Out Boy
💿 Album: Infinity On High
📅 Release Date: 2007
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 24 seconds

Ah, “Thnks fr th Mmrs” – this iconic 2007 anthem from Fall Out Boy’s “Infinity On High” album is a pop-punk gem that made our list of the best f*ck you songs at number 10. The tongue-in-cheek title, which translates to “Thanks for the Memories,” showcases the sarcasm dripping from lead singer Patrick Stump’s voice.

The catchy beats paired with brutally honest lyrics create a perfect breakup song that says: “Hey, it was fun, but it’s time to move on.” No hard feelings here, just pure, unadulterated appreciation for the good times – minus the vowels, of course.