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10 Best Chance the Rapper Songs of All Time, Ranked (2023)

Hey there, fellow music lover. Are you ready to dive into a world of deep beats, profound lyrics, and irresistible melodies.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re about to uncover the undeniable genius of a hip-hop legend and explore the incredible versatility of his musical prowess.

Curious to know which sensational tunes made the cut. Let’s not wait any longer to delve into the list of the best Chance the Rapper songs that you won’t be able to resist singing along with.

So, without further ado, let’s get this party started!

1. “Cocoa Butter Kisses” Feat. VIC MENSA, Twista (2013)

🎵 Song Name: Cocoa Butter Kisses
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): VIC MENSA, Twista
💿 Album: Acid Rap
📅 Release Date: 2013
🕒 Song Duration: 5 minutes 7 seconds

One of Chance the Rapper’s most notable songs, “Cocoa Butter Kisses” from the album Acid Rap, delves into the nostalgia of youth and growing up. This song explores the consequences of smoking, with lyrics like, “Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank.” It evokes memories of simpler times, such as childhood friendships and family bonds.

Through this captivating track, Chance the Rapper, along with Vic Mensa and Twista, reflects on the impact of choices, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

2. “No Problem” Feat. Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz (2016)

🎵 Song Name: No Problem
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz
💿 Album: Coloring Book
📅 Release Date: 2016
🕒 Song Duration: 5 minutes 5 seconds

“No Problem” from Coloring Book is a banger featuring Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz. The lyrics exhibit their confidence as independent artists, emphasizing that they don’t need a record label, with lines like “If one more label try to stop me”.

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Chance’s carefree attitude and his innovative style make this a standout track, showing that he can stand alongside rap giants. The song’s catchy chorus and high-energy vibe create an irresistible anthem for listeners, reminding us why we love Chance.

3. “All Night” Feat. Knox Fortune (2016)

🎵 Song Name: All Night
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Knox Fortune
💿 Album: Coloring Book
📅 Release Date: 2016
🕒 Song Duration: 2 minutes 22 seconds

In “All Night” from Chance the Rapper’s 2016 album, Coloring Book, we dive into a lively party scene where Chance criticizes fake friends and superficial party-goers. With playful lyrics and a catchy chorus, Chance questions people’s motives and pokes fun at those pretending to be close to him.

All Night” is a feel-good anthem that just makes you want to dance and is a standout track, showcasing Chance the Rapper’s charisma and lighter side.

4. “Favorite Song” Feat. Childish Gambino (2013)

🎵 Song Name: Favorite Song
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Childish Gambino
💿 Album: Acid Rap
📅 Release Date: 2013
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 5 seconds

“Favorite Song” from Chance the Rapper’s 2013 album Acid Rap is an anthemic party track that boasts fun lyrics and catchy melodies. Featuring Childish Gambino, the song explores the idea of fans loving a song without fully understanding the lyrics.

Chance’s self-aware, witty lines combined with Childish Gambino’s clever wordplay make it an enjoyable ride. As a mix of hip-hop, soul, and R&B, “Favorite Song” only adds to Acid Rap‘s wild success and sets the stage for Chance’s bright future.

5. “Juke Jam” Feat. Justin Bieber, Towkio (2016)

🎵 Song Name: Juke Jam
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Justin Bieber, Towkio
💿 Album: Coloring Book
📅 Release Date: 2016
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds

“Juke Jam” from Chance the Rapper’s 2016 album Coloring Book is a nostalgia-tinged anthem that reminisces about teenage love and experiences at the roller rink. Featuring Justin Bieber and Towkio, this smooth track explores the innocence, confusion, and excitement of growing up and connecting with others.

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With its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics, “Juke Jam” stands out as a heartfelt and memorable song, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

6. “Same Drugs” (2016)

🎵 Song Name: Same Drugs
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
💿 Album: Coloring Book
📅 Release Date: 2016
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 18 seconds

“Same Drugs” from Chance the Rapper’s 2016 album Coloring Book is a captivating tune that explores the theme of growing apart. Using a metaphor for drugs, Chance laments the end of childhood innocence, referencing Peter Pan’s Wendy as he sings about nostalgia and the loss of connection with a once-close friend.

With its emotive lyrics and relatable narrative, “Same Drugs” resonated with listeners, solidifying its position as one of Chance the Rapper’s best songs.

7. “Hot Shower” Feat. MadeinTYO, DaBaby (2019)

🎵 Song Name: Hot Shower
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): MadeinTYO, DaBaby
💿 Album: The Big Day
📅 Release Date: 2019
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 46 seconds

“Hot Shower” by Chance the Rapper, featuring MadeinTYO and DaBaby, from the album The Big Day, is a light-hearted, catchy tune. The lyrics showcase Chance’s fun wordplay, as he compares himself to Superman’s trainer and throws in pop culture references like Super Saiyan.

With its infectious beat, it’s a perfect party song. This track humorously addresses the ups and downs of fame and adulting, resonating with listeners who appreciate its quirky, engaging vibe.

8. “The Highs & The Lows” Feat. Joey Bada$$ (2022)

🎵 Song Name: The Highs & The Lows
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Joey Bada$$
💿 Album: The Highs & The Lows
📅 Release Date: 2022
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 16 seconds

In “The Highs & The Lows” from the album The Highs & The Lows, Chance the Rapper and Joey Bada$$ create an anthem for embracing life’s ups and downs. The catchy chorus encourages listeners to “take the highs with the lows.” The raw and honest lyrics delve into vices and emotional struggles, promoting self-awareness and resilience in the face of adversity.

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A powerful collaboration, this track stands out in the duo’s discography and leaves a lasting impact on fans.

9. “All We Got” Feat. Kanye West, Chicago Children’s Choir (2016)

🎵 Song Name: All We Got
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Kanye West, Chicago Children’s Choir
💿 Album: Coloring Book
📅 Release Date: 2016
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 24 seconds

“All We Got” from Chance the Rapper’s iconic 2016 album Coloring Book is an uplifting anthem featuring Kanye West and the Chicago Children’s Choir. Celebrating the power of music to bring joy and healing, Chance showcases his gratitude for his life path while also emphasizing the importance of music as a unifying force.

With its catchy, energetic chorus, this feel-good track had a significant impact on its listeners, securing its place as one of Chance’s best songs.

10. “Wraith” Feat. VIC MENSA, Smoko Ono (2022)

🎵 Song Name: Wraith
🧑 Artist: Chance the Rapper
🧑 Featured Artist(s): VIC MENSA, Smoko Ono
💿 Album: Wraith
📅 Release Date: 2022
🕒 Song Duration: 2 minutes 28 seconds

In “Wraith” from the album Wraith, Chance the Rapper joins forces with VIC MENSA and Smoko Ono, showcasing creativity in their lyrics. The song features lines that touch on personal struggles and the harsh realities they’ve faced, like “It’s a war zone at home.” With its catchy hooks, “Wraith” resonates with listeners and has solidified its position as one of Chance the Rapper’s best songs.

Chance’s verses highlight a determined, unapologetic spirit and a strong sense of identity.