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10 Best Lil Dicky Songs of All Time, Ranked (2023)

Meet Lil Dicky, the hilarious, quirky, and wildly talented rapper who turned the music industry on its head. Starting from YouTube fame in 2013, he’s since exploded onto the rap scene with his tongue-in-cheek lyrics and unique storytelling.

With numerous viral hits under his belt and a TV show, Lil Dicky is a one-of-a-kind force in today’s world of hip-hop. Are you ready to embark on a hilariously dope music journey.

Keep reading for the 10 best Lil Dicky songs that’ll have you hooked and jamming in no time!

1. “Freaky Friday” Feat. Chris Brown (2018)

🎵 Song Name: Freaky Friday
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Chris Brown
💿 Album: Freaky Friday (feat. Chris Brown)
📅 Release Date: 2018
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 37 seconds

“Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky featuring Chris Brown, from the album Freaky Friday (feat. Chris Brown), is a humorous take on the classic body-switching premise.

The song sees both artists living each other’s lives and addresses topics like fame, race, and self-love. It gained traction for its catchy melody and entertaining music video.

“Freaky Friday” showcases Lil Dicky’s comedic rap style and further solidifies his place in the industry.

2. “Molly” Feat. Brendon Urie (2015)

🎵 Song Name: Molly
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Brendon Urie
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 4 seconds

“Molly” by Lil Dicky, featuring Brendon Urie, is one of the standout tracks from his 2015 album Professional Rapper. The song reveals a softer side of Lil Dicky, showcasing his vulnerability and emotional depth.

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Stepping away from his comedic persona, the rapper shares his regrets and heartbreak about a relationship sacrificed for his career. Many fans consider it one of the best Lil Dicky songs due to its raw honesty and relatability, as it captures the universal struggle of balancing love and ambition.

3. “$ave Dat Money” Feat. Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan (2015)

🎵 Song Name: $ave Dat Money
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 51 seconds

“$ave Dat Money” by Lil Dicky, featuring Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan, from the album Professional Rapper, is a tongue-in-cheek take on the lavish spending habits often showcased in rap music. The song focuses on frugality and saving money, with its catchy chorus promoting a more budget-conscious lifestyle.

The witty lyrics and unconventional theme significantly contributed to its popularity, making it one of Lil Dicky’s top hits in 2015, challenging the status quo in the rap scene.

4. “Earth” (2019)

🎵 Song Name: Earth
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
💿 Album: Earth
📅 Release Date: 2019
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 42 seconds

Lil Dicky’s “Earth” from the album Earth (2019) is a fun and catchy ode to our planet featuring artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. The song’s uplifting lyrics communicate a strong environmental message, encouraging listeners to appreciate the diverse life on Earth and take action to protect our home.

Combined with its star-studded lineup, “Earth” has had a significant impact on listeners by raising awareness for environmental issues in a creative and entertaining way.

5. “Professional Rapper” Feat. Snoop Dogg (2015)

🎵 Song Name: Professional Rapper
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Snoop Dogg
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 5 minutes 54 seconds

The witty song “Professional Rapper” by Lil Dicky (featuring Snoop Dogg) comes from the 2015 album Professional Rapper. Renowned for its clever lyrics and unique storytelling, the song showcases an interesting conversation between Lil Dicky and Snoop Dogg, as Dicky tries to prove himself as a legitimate rapper.

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The song demonstrates Lil Dicky’s humorous approach to hip-hop, enabling him to stand out from other artists and making his mark on the industry.

6. “Lemme Freak” (2015)

🎵 Song Name: Lemme Freak
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 46 seconds

“Lemme Freak” by Lil Dicky, from his 2015 album Professional Rapper, is a humorous yet relatable track for listeners. The song narrates the protagonist’s struggle to impress a girl, negotiating intimacy as their relationship evolves.

The razor-sharp lyrics emphasize the reality of awkwardness and vulnerability in romantic relationships. Featuring wit and everyday relatability, “Lemme Freak” crowns itself as one of Lil Dicky’s best songs, showcasing his unique storytelling abilities and rap style.

7. “Pillow Talking” Feat. Brain (2015)

🎵 Song Name: Pillow Talking
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
🧑 Featured Artist(s): Brain
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 10 minutes 46 seconds

In “Pillow Talking” by Lil Dicky (featuring Brain), from his 2015 album Professional Rapper, the song narrates a post-coital conversation. Through witty and humorous lyrics, Dicky explores philosophical topics like the existence of God, aliens, and our relationship with animals.

Pillow Talking stands out as one of Lil Dicky’s most unique and ambitious songs, making listeners both think and laugh while enjoying the catchy beat.

8. “Bruh…” (2015)

🎵 Song Name: Bruh…
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 4 minutes 23 seconds

In “Bruh…” from the album Professional Rapper, Lil Dicky showcases his lyrical prowess and wit, impressing listeners and making them laugh. He playfully pokes fun at his life, relationships, and rap skills, while also asserting confidence in his abilities.

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Bruh…” highlights Lil Dicky’s unique style as he effortlessly blends humor with impressive wordplay, making it a fan favorite on the album.

9. “White Crime” (2015)

🎵 Song Name: White Crime
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
💿 Album: Professional Rapper
📅 Release Date: 2015
🕒 Song Duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds

Lil Dicky’s “White Crime” from his 2015 album Professional Rapper cleverly tackles the concept of harmless, petty criminality. The catchy tune is packed with humor and witty lyricism, as Lil Dicky reveals a side of himself that engages in minor offenses.

“White Crime” resonates with listeners as it playfully portrays everyday relatable wrongdoings like stealing Wi-Fi and refilling water cups with soda. The song showcases Lil Dicky’s unique style and solidifies its spot among his best tracks.

10. “We Good” Feat. GaTa (2021)

🎵 Song Name: We Good
🧑 Artist: Lil Dicky
🧑 Featured Artist(s): GaTa
💿 Album: We Good (From The TV Show “DAVE”)
📅 Release Date: 2021
🕒 Song Duration: 2 minutes 48 seconds

“We Good” by Lil Dicky (Featuring: GaTa), from the album We Good (From The TV Show “DAVE”), released in 2021, is a feel-good anthem about friendship, overcoming obstacles, and staying true to oneself. With its catchy chorus and upbeat vibe, listeners can’t help but resonate with the message that it’s okay to be imperfect.

As one of Lil Dicky’s best songs, “We Good” showcases the impact of collaboration and staying united throughout life’s ups and downs.