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10 Funniest Eminem Songs of All Time, Ranked

If you’ve even so much dipped your toes into the world of rap at any point in your life, there’s a high possibility you came across Eminem. The worldwide rap icon burst onto the scene in the late 80s as both his on-stage personas, Marshall Mathers (serious) and Slim Shady (less serious).

Eminem is considered by many to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, with many of his tracks and collaborations gaining ‘classic’ status and still immensely popular. He tackles many topics in his tracks, but what made him stand out as a rapper in his mid-career was his ability to make a genuinely funny rap song while also exploring himself. 

In this article, I’ve compiled 10 of Eminem’s funniest rap songs for your enjoyment! 

1. My Name Is

Album: The Slim Shady EP
Released: 1999

Eminem might have gained notoriety through his impressive rap capabilities, but he shot to stardom with his comedic songs as well. “My Name Is” takes the simple guitar sway of Labi Siffre’s “I Got The…” and turns it into a light-hearted stomp about who Eminem is at his core. 

It’s hardly the most impressive track in his discography, but it makes for a jolly listen and features some of his best (funny) lyrics. 

2. Just Lose It 

Album: Encore
Released: 2004

While Eminem focuses on many serious topics in his songs, from drug addiction to the issues he has explored with his children, he isn’t afraid of letting loose a little and having fun with his music. “Just Lose It” is the perfect epitome of this, with Eminem simply letting go and allowing himself to make a quirky, silly track that’s easy on the ears. 

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“Just Lose It” was my introduction to Eminem, and I’m glad I delved deeper into his music before making a full judgment. It might be a silly song, but the American rapper certainly knows what he’s doing. 

3. Superman

Album: The Eminem Show
Released: 2002

Some of Eminem’s songs aren’t funny on the surface but instead are more due to the execution of his lyrics. “Superman” is a curious song from 2002’s mixed record The Eminem Show that saw his sound split across several different paths. 

This song is about his promiscuity and the rocky relations he’s had in his life, and how he intends to move on from it. What makes it funny is the way Eminem explains his situations in ways that most would cringe at. 

4. We Made You

Album: Relapse
Released: 2009

Now, Eminem may be good at making fun of himself from time to time, but he truly excels at disses. In “We Made You”, nobody as safe as he namedrops a vast array of female celebrities and makes fun of them in a silly stomp that is guaranteed to cause a giggle or two.

Eminem is also known for vulgar language and the occasional swearing, to put things lightly. Curiously, however, “We Made You” is recognized as Eminem’s cleanest track to date. 

5. The Real Slim Shady

Album: The Marshall Mathers EP
Released: 2000

Without much argument, it is safe to say that “The Real Slim Shady” is one of the most defining songs in Eminem’s entire career. Not only is it an incredibly funny song, but it is also a strong commentary on the music industry while also addressing his problems at the same time. 

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I think “The Real Slim Shady” is a great introduction to Eminem as it blends his expert rapping capabilities with a quirky beat that caused a chuckle and a sway in tandem. 

6. Just Don’t Give A F**k

Album: The Slim Shady EP
Released: 1999

“Just Don’t Give A F**k” is a curious track from Eminem. It was written at an incredibly dark and troubled part of Eminem’s life where he was struggling with the pressure of stardom and also experiencing the birth of his daughter Hailie. 

His rapping is sporadic on this track, and he explores his voice several times. It could be argued “Just Don’t Give A F**k” was written at a pivotal point in Marshall Mathers’ life; even a tipping point.  

7. Without Me

Album: The Eminem Show
Released: 2002

Just like “The Real Slim Shady” is unequivocally Eminem and one of his biggest tracks, “Without Me” follows shortly behind. With an immense 1.6 billion listens on Spotify alone, this incredibly funny track is also exquisitely executed.

The simple, funky electronic instrument that follows the entire track takes it to another level, and the music video makes it even funnier. 

8. Ass Like That

Album: Encore
Released: 2004

Eminem is hardly one to focus on dark topics for too long; he simply needs to have fun in between the dark times. “Ass Like That” is exactly one of those songs, which was written to appreciate those with… behinds of certain volumes. 

It’s hardly an incredible song from the American rapper, but it’s sure to bring a laugh or two to some. 

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9. Big Weenie

Album: Encore
Released: 2004

With as many disses that Eminem has dished out, it only makes sense that he’s received his fair few throughout his career. “Big Weenie” is a wonderful reply to those who diss him, as he argues that they’re simply jealous of what Eminem has built and the success he has experienced.

Similar to many of his other funny songs, it’s not the best in his discography, but it’s certainly good fun. 

10. My Band – D12

Album: D12 World
Released: 2004

The final offering on this list isn’t strictly an Eminem song, but it does include him. D12 was a rap supergroup collective formed of Eminem, Bizarre, Proof, Mr. Porter, Kuniva, and Swifty McVay and began in 1996. They were known for their blends of rap and sometimes comical lyrics.

“My Band” is exactly the latter point: comical. The funky, curious beat is only matched with the quirky lyrical quips that make this a unique spin on rap and quite a funny song in the process.