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10 Best Weezer Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

It’s rather unfortunate that Weezer became such a massive band over, mostly, two hit songs. The reason I say that is because the majority of people who know Weezer know “Buddy Holly” and “Hash Pipe”, but little else. I’m here to change that, however, as this American rock outfit has many a banger for us all to enjoy.

Lyrically, Weezer are quite erratic in their songwriting and brings in a little bit of a punk influence in this way. Despite this, the group has some incredibly relatable tracks, especially when it comes to romance and relationships. As such, I’ve prepared 10 of the best Weezer love songs for you to enjoy!

1. Smile

Album: Weezer
Released: 2001

Starting this list of Weezer love songs is one that deserves much more recognition than it gets. “Smile” is one of those tracks that doesn’t sit high amongst Weezer’s best songs overall, but in the love category, it certainly stands out. 

This song is a touching track about a boy who is desperately in love with a girl and is exploring this array of emotions for the first time. He wants to show her that he loves her and that they belong together, which is simply a sweet sign of that first love we all experience at some point in our lives. 

2. December

Album: Maladroit
Released: 2002

Weezer might be known for their fun, funky, and slightly punky anthems, but they also excel at love songs. “December” is one such track which is a surefire way to win over the heart of someone you love, bursting at the seams with love from start to finish.

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The incredibly innocent and sweet line “Only love can ease the pain of a boy caught in the rain” sums up just how beautiful this song truly is. If there’s someone special in your life, show them this song.

3. No Other One

Album: Pinkerton
Released: 1996

On a different tangent to the other songs on this list so far, “No Other One” takes a far darker turn. In it, Weezer and co sing of the relationship between the song’s protagonist and his drug-addled, cheating girlfriend. There’s little cute about “No Other One”, but it certainly sparks discussion about toxic relationships.

Despite the clear red flags, the protagonist still proclaims his love for the woman who is damaging his life. A telling sign to get help.

4. Only In Dreams

Album: The Kitchen Tapes
Released: 1992

I’m not entirely sure whether or not this song is sweet or slightly strange. In “Only In Dreams”, Weezer’s frontman Rivers Cuomo sings of a girl that he wishes to be with. The only problem with that, however, is that he’s too nervous to initiate or declare his feelings for her. His solution? Simply to dream of the life they could have together, and nothing more. 

On the surface, this song sounds quite sweet, but its grungy nature adds an immediate peculiar flair to it that could be considered sinister. But that’s simply up to interpretation.

5. Jamie

Album: Weezer
Released: 1994

This is possibly the most unique love song that Weezer has created thus far. On the surface, it sounds like any regular love song, but it is dedicated to the band’s first lawyer, Jamie Young. The band adored Young, who helped them as they first became popular.

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That said, the lyrics can certainly be taken as a romantic love song. The line “You are the best lawyer in town”, however… not so much. 

6. (Girl We Got A) Good Thing

Album: The White Album
Released: 2016

Weezer’s The White Album is critically acclaimed for a reason. The growth this band has demonstrated over the lengthy course of their career is astounding, and “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” is a clear marker of that growth.

This is a plain and simple love song about how wonderful life and everything in it can be when love is right, pure, and working between two people. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but when love works out, it certainly feels that way. 

7. Jacked Up

Album: The White Album
Released: 2016

Here we have another offering from Weezer’s standout The White Album. “Jacked Up” is a bouncy and slightly dramatic story of a man who has difficulty separating love and sex, instead opting to go ‘all in’ on his relationships without considering what he truly wants.

The playful tone of this track conflicts with the lyrical content curiously. The protagonist appears naive and fairly carefree but doesn’t learn that people don’t necessarily crave co-dependent relationships. As a result, he’s stuck in a cycle of falling intensely for lovers who eventually lose interest in him. 

8. The Angel And The One

Album: Weezer (The Red Album)
Released: 2008

There’s something so profoundly inspiring yet depressing about “The Angel And The One”. It screams realism and the brutal nature of some relationships, but it also encourages self-value and individual happiness in a poignant slow ballad.

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This song has multiple meanings, but I understand it as letting go of someone that you aren’t meant to be with, without necessarily wanting to leave them. A difficult situation that forces your hand and makes you look at who you are at your core.

9. Falling For You

Album: Pinkerton
Released: 1996

I think “Falling For You” is Weezer’s sweetest love song, despite its punky attitude. Its classic Weezer riffs don’t correlate with the lyrical content, but I feel that’s intentional given the context.

This song is about a shy man who, suddenly, catches the attention of an incredibly popular and beautiful woman, and the confusion and (happy) panic that ensues. It’s sweet yet also addresses irrational fears in a delightfully quirky manner. 

10. Endless Bummer

Album: The White Album
Released: 2016

Finishing off this list of Weezer love songs, I don’t have a happy love song to offer you. “Endless Bummer” sounds cheery, but it is in fact about a holiday romance going wrong.

What makes this song incredible, however, is the carefree nature of the acoustic instrumentals which lull listeners into thinking it’s a typical love song. The melody change halfway through the track, however, made me pay attention to the lyrics much more. Clever work from this iconic band!