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10 Best Muse Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

When it comes to the delicate blend of pop, rock, and electronic, none master it so exquisitely as Muse. This iconic British outfit made shockwaves in the early 2000s with their otherworldly hit “Plug In Baby”. Since then, they made countless hits that still shake the world today thanks to their infectious basslines and vocalist Matt Bellamy’s unique vocal falsetto style.

Muse’s lyrical and songwriting inspirations vary from extraterrestrial concepts to the simple battle of love.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on the latter and providing you with the 10 best love songs from Muse. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and appreciate just how interesting Muse is with us!

1. Something Human

Album: Simulation Theory
Released: 2018

Starting this list of love songs from Muse, I’ve chosen “Something Human”, which is far from a traditional love song. Muse doesn’t do traditional themes very well, but they certainly have relatable topics that can be applied in many different ways.

The soft, poppy melody of “Something Human” is incredibly touching when compared to the lyrical content. This song is about returning to our human emotions and focusing on those we love and cherish.

2. Unintended

Album: Showbiz
Released: 2019

Not only are Muse songs fairly indirect, but they are also ambiguous in their messages and themes. “Unintended” is another such song, but it focuses on the theme of love. 

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There are multiple interpretations of this solemn and beautiful acoustic track, but I have a favorite. To me, it seems to tell the story of a man who has not managed to let go of a past love, to the point where new people who come into his life are consistently compared to the ghost of his past. This makes him unable to move on and be happy with himself. 

3. Madness

Album: The 2nd Law
Released: 2012

Thankfully, not all of Muse’s songs are complex and varied in their meaning. “Madness” is a little more straightforward than other offerings from this British outfit, as it describes the importance of love. 

Through conflict with lovers, it is possible to reestablish the importance of love within yourself. This allows you to look at your relationships in a refreshed light, and realize that love itself has value and significance worth fighting for.

4. Falling Away With You

Album: Absolution
Released: 2003

Breaking the ‘happy’ love theme Muse is offering this list at the moment is the bittersweet “Falling Away With You”. This is a simple and touching ode to special people who enter and leave our lives, but primarily in the form of romantic relationships.

The song is reflecting on a particular past relationship that ended. Instead of allowing it to fall into bitterness, this is a touching song of reflection on the good and the bad, and realizing that life continues regardless.

5. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Album: Origin Of Muse
Released: 2019 

This is the only cover on this list, but it’s simply too beautiful to omit. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” was originally written and performed by Frankie Valli in 1967, but quickly became a modern favorite to cover. 

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“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” is a fairly simple love song about the narrator expressing his undying love, and happy disbelief, at his partner choosing him also. Sweet and to the point, it’s an ideal track to send to someone you love. 

6. Endlessly

Album: Absolution
Released: 2003

Continuing the innocent love song theme, “Endlessly” is Muse’s version of a direct, but basic, love song. A heavy synth and keyboard foreground makes this track feel rather dreamlike and serene, mimicking the feeling of falling in love. 

Put simply, this song is about loving one person an incredible amount, and being willing to move the world for them should it be needed. The twist, however, is that they’ve never told that person; the song then becomes a motivator to inspire love between people.

7. Easily

Album: Starlight
Released: 2006

Muse is consistently known for their synths and bass-heavy instrumentals, but I feel that “Easily” highlights both of them the best out of their discography. Matt Bellamy’s vocals are also at their most distinct here, creating what I would consider to be the ‘ultimate’ Muse experience.

This song is about the fickle nature of love, and how easily it can both blossom and vanish. Despite both of these being true, it is near impossible to forget. 

8. Starlight

Album: Black Holes And Revelations
Released: 2006

So far on this list, I’ve covered hidden gems in Muse’s catalog, or at least lesser-known offerings. “Starlight” breaks that chain, however, as it is arguably one of Muse’s biggest hits. 

This song is rather melancholic as it explores the story of a man who has lost everything, hope included. He needs love to return to him so he can feel alive again, and there’s a particular person that he appears to be missing. 

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9. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)

Album: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Released: 2010

This is the first and only song on this list that was written outside of Muse’s normal material. It was created for the Twilight film series and works incredibly well in the context of the movie Eclipse.

This song is about the true power of love and was written by Matt Bellamy after a painful breakup with his long-time girlfriend.

10. Knights Of Cydonia

Album: Black Holes And Revelations
Released: 2006

Finishing off this list of Muse love songs we have a fairly cheesy offering in terms of love. It does contain themes of rebellion and taking control of our lives, but it also has a slight romantic edge.

This Western-inspired stomp contains the typical arc of Wild West movies in its music video, in which the man saves the damsel in distress. How much it relates to the lyrics is questionable, but it makes for a fun love story nonetheless.