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10 Best Mariah Carey Christmas Songs of All Time, Ranked

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Gone are the days when Boney M being played in the mall signified that it was Christmas time. Once known for her love songs, Mariah Carey has taken over the Christmas music industry, releasing hit after hit. 

This list is sure to add some great sound, fun, and festivity to your festive season thanks to the unique voice of a music legend. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the best Mariah Carey Christmas songs of all time!

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You

Just hearing that bell intro signifies Christmas is right around the corner. Thanks to Mariah Carey and her 1994 release of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” we definitely know that it is the holidays. 

Featured on the album Merry Christmas, the song is a Christmas classic and has featured in movies, adverts, and of course, on the radio since its release. Thanks to TikTok, the song has gained even more popularity, with many using the song in their Christmas videos. 

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” takes the number one spot on our best Mariah Carey Christmas songs playlist and should be on yours too. 

2. Miss You Most (at Christmas Time)

Christmas is a time to spend time with family and friends and is often the time when we miss someone who has left us the most. Mariah Carey shares this sentiment with her song “Miss You Most (at Christmas Time). 

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Released in 1994 on the pop singer’s album Merry Christmas, the song describes the longing for that special someone who is no longer in her life. While the world celebrates Christmas, she feels sadness for her loss as she watches life go on around her. 

This is an emotional Christmas track that will have you, too, remembering someone who is no longer a part of your life. 

3. Jesus Born on This Day

Another 1994 release from the album Merry Christmas, “Jesus Born On This Day,” celebrates the reason why we celebrate Christmas as Carey sings about the birth of Jesus. 

With a choir accompanying her in the chorus, the song is quite different from the music we have come to expect from Mariah Carey and is a great song to add to your Christmas playlist. 

Why listen to the same old Christmas carols when you can listen to Mariah Carey belting out the songs we all love to hear at Christmas?

4. When Christmas Comes (Feat. John Legend)

Possibly two of the most beautiful voices in the music industry come together in this updated version of Carey’s song “When Christmas Comes.” Released in 2011, the remake saw Carey teaming up with John Legend in a song that is perfect for your best Christmas songs playlist. 

Enjoy this modern take on a classic Christmas song, and let the sounds of Mariah Carey and John Legend fill the room at your next Christmas party. 

5. Oh, Santa! (Feat. Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson)

Christmas carols sure have come a long way. Now released by big names in music, these songs are as popular as pop songs and receive a ton of airplay. 

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“Oh, Santa!” is another Christmas favorite by singer Mariah Carey and features Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. What more could you possibly want from a Christmas song than the vocal talents of three phenomenal female artists? Add this one to your Christmas playlist today. 

6. Joy To The World

Mariah Carey gives this traditional carol a more modern feel. Released in 1994, the song is featured on the album Merry Christmas. “Joy To The World” is just another song that has been given a fresh sound by the talented singer. 

Who would have thought that Christmas songs would be so popular that they reach number one spots on music charts around the world? Thanks to Carey and a number of other big names in music, Christmas music is no longer drab and dreary. 

7. Charlie Brown Christmas

Mariah Carey released “Charlie Brown Christmas” as a gift to fans in 2010 on her new Christmas album Merry Christmas II You. A popular classic from the 1965 Charlie Brown Christmas movie, it is a fan favorite and one of mine too.

This song will take you back in time to your childhood and should definitely be added to your best Mariah Carey Christmas songs playlist. Play it in your car, on Christmas morning, or even at your Christmas party to help you get into that festive spirit. 

8. Fall in Love at Christmas (Feat. Khalid and Kirk Franklin)

Is there anything more special than falling in love at the most magical time of the year? Mariah Carey, Khalid, and Kirk Franklin join forces in this Christmas ballad about love. 

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Released in 2021, the song featured on Carey’s album of the same name. “Fall in Love at Christmas” is a reminder that love is magical, and falling in love at Christmas is truly special as miracles tend to happen when we least expect them to. 

9. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Originally recorded by Darlene Love in 1963, the song “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) was given new life and more airplay when Mariah Carey recorded her cover in 1994. Featuring on her album Merry Christmas, the song is a fan favorite. 

Christmas is a time for togetherness and is also the time when you feel the loss of someone just a little more. Add this beautiful song to your Christmas playlist and think of those who are no longer with us when you listen to “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”

10. Sleigh Ride

You will be extremely hard-pressed to find someone that isn’t familiar with the Christmas classic “Sleigh Ride.” But, the Mariah Carey cover of this song has far surpassed the original song’s popularity. 

Released in the year 2020 as a part of the singer’s Christmas TV special, fans love the energy and festivity associated with the song. 

“Sleigh Ride” brings us to the end of our best Mariah Carey Christmas songs list and is a cheery end to a fantastically festive playlist.