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10 Best Morgan Wallen Love Songs of All Time, Ranked

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With his ability to deliver a raw approach with his lyrics, Morgan’s known for his storytelling and talent to be equally poetic. Country music is more diverse than people think, and I can say Morgan comes with his own flair.

To those who don’t listen to country, it may all sound the same, but this isn’t true as the singer has a voice that stands out. 

So without further ado, here is my list of the best Morgan Wallen love songs from his career!

1. Redneck Love Song

It’s no secret what this song’s about, and it carries a catchy melody with a swing that’s easy to get locked into. Aside from the quality instrumentation, the lyrics are easy to connect to as many people have gone through some of the same experiences.

Love is an emotion that can be talked about in any genre, but country music is notorious for writing about it in a unique way. “Redneck Love Song” may be catered to a specific crowd, but anyone can share its sentiments.

2. More Than My Hometown

Speaking from personal experience, Morgan talks about his hometown, family, and the decisions he’s had to make to move forward in life. The melody supports this message dynamically, and the light drum kit carries the tempo without being overbearing.

His vocals display a decent range, but most listeners get wrapped up in his storytelling as usual. Without a doubt, I feel this is one of the best Morgan Wallen love songs as it touches on numerous aspects of the emotion.

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3. 7 Summers

Many aspects of this record come with a lounge vibe that’s easy to relax to with mild percussion and a swing that’s perfect for a slow dance. The record goes through waves as it switches the energy by alternating between melody and percussion styles.

His vocals are also pretty relaxed throughout the song, and its airy feel gives it a sense of warmth and nostalgia. It’s evident he puts his all into each record, and “7 Summers” is a fan favorite for many people.

4. Cover Me Up

With a tone that focuses on the complications that come with pursuing love, the record shares a pain with anyone who listens. “Cover Me Up” focuses on the lyrics more than anything, and there are numerous fans who immediately latched on due to their own life experiences.

It’s a touching record that holds a special place in the hearts of his fans, and the way his vocals progress shows the artist is trying his best to work through his own pain. This track’s for you if you’re a fan of music that doesn’t filter the realities of life.

5. Whiskey Glasses

Sharing a drink with friends and family is a topic that can be found in a lot of country music, and Morgan focuses on how drinking and the pains of love can go hand in hand. “Whiskey Glasses” brings a danceable tempo and plenty of solo melodies that shine through the lyrics.

I’d say this is one of his less complex records lyrically, but that doesn’t take away from its addictive qualities. The hook is a banger in itself, but the lyrics and melody progressions match up perfectly all throughout.

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6. Wasted On You

It’s hard not to get into your feelings with this track, as it’s not only relatable, but it provides a good look into the artist’s vulnerability. The main guitar melody is simple, but it acts as a stepping stone for the vocals as the song goes through dynamic waves.

I feel this is one of the best Morgan Wallen love songs due to its emotional impact and organic instrumentation that would resonate with anyone. You can hear his voice’s authenticity, and many agree this adds to the power the song holds.

7. Somebody’s Problem

Focusing on the lyrics and an acoustic melody, “Somebody’s Problem” doesn’t need hard-hitting percussion to catch people’s attention. Relationship troubles are something most people can connect with, and the lyrics take a general approach that can mirror many listeners’ personal lives.

Part of what makes Morgan so popular is his ability to relate to everyday people through his music. The record offers reflection and acceptance, and the story is easily good enough to keep it on replay.

8. Afterglow

Taking a different direction than much of his other music, this song takes influence from R&B and hip-hop styles. You’ll find rolling hi-hats, crisp snares, and a light-thumping kick to compliment the tempo.

Above all, it still comes through with that country flair he’s known for with acoustic drum kits and guitar strums that you can get lost in. It’s an excellent record to share with a special someone, and the touching melodies are bound to wrap around your thoughts and feelings in the moment.

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9. Chasin’ You

You can tell Morgan writes each song because he has something he needs to get off his chest, which is why his story progression is so good to country fans. This is a record that makes you want to sing along, and when the hook comes around, it’s almost too catchy for anyone not to get in the groove.

There’s also plenty of space for the melodies to shine through, leading into the next chapter of his lyrics. I think “Chasin’ You” is one of the best Morgan Wallen love songs out of his discography by far.

10. Had Me By Halftime

The perfect song for a kickback with a loved one, “Had Me By Halftime” is a great story about falling in love and obsessing over the person you want the most. It’s a solid record to share with others, and it carries a danceable BPM with swaying percussion and passionate guitar melodies.

Morgan puts a little more grit in his voice for this song, but he keeps it in a range that makes it easy to sing along. His talents go far beyond just love songs, but this seems to be a niche that’s effortless for him.


Saturday 21st of January 2023

"Me on whiskey" that is honestly Morgan's sexiest song to date, next to Chasin You. Listen to Dangerous the Double album and you will agree!!


Saturday 21st of January 2023

"Me on whiskey" that is honestly Morgan's sexiest song to date, next to Chasin You. Listen to Dangerous the Double album and you will agree!!