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10 Best Songs About Christina of All Time, Ranked

Christina Aguilera, Christina Ricci, Christina Applegate. Which of these, if any, come to mind when you hear the name, Christina? It may not be an overly popular name; but there are certainly a lot of Christina songs.

Let’s explore some of the best songs about Christina by looking at who Christina is to the singers in our playlist. 

Buckle up, grab the headphones, and follow me on this journey!

1. Christina’s World by Men Without Hats

If electronic music tickles your fancy, you will love “Christina’s World” by the band Men Without Hats. With its bass tones and almost robotic voices, the song is about a world for someone called Christina. 

The band, who released “Christina’s World” in 2003 on the album No Hats Beyond This Point, have never alluded to who they are singing about. I guess this only adds to the mystery. Enjoy “Christina’s World” and let your mind wander about who this Christina is. 

2. Christina by Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings had his heart broken by a woman called Christina. In the song “Christina,” released in 1968, Jennings sings about his lady love, describing how she brings him nothing by pain and sorrow. 

Being in love with someone who only causes heartbreak happens often, but nothing else matters when you’re blinded by love. Let Waylon Jennings entertain you with a great vocal performance on this folk meets country tune. 

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3. Diva by NJPThe Greatest (Feat. Foreign Boy’z)

It seems that NJP has had his heart broken by Christina. Rapping about how she destroyed him and changed the way he sees love, “Diva” is a must-add to your Christina playlist. 

“Diva” was released in 2021 and featured the vocal talents of Foreign Boy’z. Give this rap song a listen and see if this song deserves a spot on this list or if it is a miss in your books. 

4. Christina Death by The 69 Eyes

Dark thoughts, feelings of hopelessness, and depression often go hand in hand. “Christina Death” by The 69 Eyes describes the depression of a girl named Christina and is a relatable look into the emotions that go with it. 

The song released in 2004 on the album Devils has an almost eerie sound. This is definitely not the most upbeat song on our list, but it deserves a listen for the raw emotion that the band describes. Add “Christina Death” to your playlist today and experience The 69 Eyes at their best. 

5. Christina’s World by Big Dish

Scottish band Big Dish gave fans just what they were looking for with the 1986 release of their song “Christina’s World.” Featured on the album Swimmer, the song is filled with vivid imagery, transporting you to the world they are referring to. 

While we don’t know who Christina is, the song is somehow relatable and perfectly captures the feeling of isolation and fear of the unknown. Please listen and let your mind wander when adding it to your best Christina songs playlist. 

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6. TV Star by The Butthole Surfers

The Butthole Surfers have a distinct sound that many love. In this 1996 song, the band describes being in love with a star and how the relationship unfolds. 

Recorded for the album Electriclarryland, the song has a great catchy sound that is great for background music while cleaning the house, driving in the car, or just relaxing by the pool in the summer. Make your day just that much better by giving “TV Star” a listen.

7. Christina by Patty Griffin

A sad song about the sad life of a woman called Christina. That is one way to describe this 1998 song by folk/Indie singer Patty Griffin. Who is this Christina though, and why is she so sad?

That is one question that remains unanswered. With lyrics alluding to women who have all but given up on living a happy life, “Christina” is a truly heartbreaking song that is sure to elicit your deepest emotions as you relate to the feelings described by Patty Griffin. 

Give “Christina” a listen and let the emotion of this sad song carry you away. 

8. Riot Girl by Good Charlotte

“Riot Girl” by pop punk band Good Charlotte is a personal account of Joel Madden’s relationship with his girlfriend. Singing about the trouble they would get into together, the song has a rather sad tone as it describes how she is just another girl who does not meet society’s expectations of what a teenager in America should be. 

High school can be lonely for many, which is why “Riot Girl” was a hit with teens across America and the world. Featured on the album The Young and the Hopeless, the song was released in 2002. 

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9. Christina by Dolly Parton (Feat. Porter Wagoner)

Dolly Parton sings about a baby named Christina in this 1972 duet with Porter Wagoner. Describing the life and love they have for their baby, the song is somewhat of a lullaby. 

Not much has been written about the song and its exact meaning, but I do know that “Christina” is a metaphor for something else, as Parton never had kids of her own. 

Love or hate her; you cannot deny the talents of Ms.Parton. Add this beautiful song to your playlist and experience the amazing vocal talents of two of country music’s biggest stars. 

10. Christina by Terry Jacks

Terry Jacks’s 1975 release of “Christina” is an eerie account of the life of a woman called Christina. Recorded for the album Y’ Don’t Fight The Sea, the song details the life and journey of Christina and sounds more like a love song.

“Christina” brings us to the end of our best songs about Christina playlist and deserves a spot on yours too. Please give it a listen today and experience the soothing sounds of Terry Jacks.