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10 Best Lil Wayne Love Songs of All Time, Ranked 2023

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If you’re a fan of Lil Wayne, then you know that he has some amazing love songs. His lyrics are full of passion and emotion, and they will definitely touch your heart. 

These songs will make you feel all the feels, and they are perfect for listening to when you’re in a romantic mood. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these beautiful love ballads from one of the greatest rappers of all time!

Here is my list of the 10 best Lil Wayne love songs for you to enjoy!

1. Receipt

From his brilliant 2005 album Tha Carter II, “Receipt” gets my number one pick of the best Lil Wayne love songs. The track is a powerful one and beautifully samples “Lay-Away” by The Isley Brothers. It has that iconic lyrical flow while hitting you hard with its lyrics. 

The stunning track is all about being in love with someone who doesn’t seem to appreciate your love. Lil Wayne is begging for proof that the person he loves cares about him at all, and he’s not afraid to tell them how he feels.

2. Perfect Strangers

This song is all about finding a connection with someone who you never would have thought you could fall for. Lil Wayne and his lover are perfect strangers until they meet each other, and then they instantly have a lustful engagement. This song can be seen as romantic but it also has a darker side.

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He talks about sleeping with many different women and never quite finding his true love which is shown by the line “Damn, love don’t live here.” This song is featured on Wayne’s 2018 album, Tha Carter V, and shows Lil Wayne was still able to make a great love song. 

3. Something You Forgot

This is another epic track that deserves its spot on my list of the best Lil Wyne love songs. We first heard it on The Carter 3 Sessions mixtape and it was a welcome diversion from his harder-hitting songs. These love songs are more special based on the fact that they are quite rare. 

This song is all about a lover who doesn’t seem to appreciate the love that they’re given. Lil Wayne is begging for his lover to remember how much they mean to him, and he’s not afraid to tell them how he feels.

4. How to Love

This beautiful track is all about the importance of loving yourself before you can love anyone else. Lil Wayne is urging his listeners to take a step back and figure out what they need to be happy. This song is inspiring, motivational, and full of wisdom, and it will make you think about the way you love yourself and others.

It’s in direct contrast to his song “How to Hate” which is much darker. The acoustic track was one of many fantastic songs from his number one album Tha Carter IV. This is very different from most other tracks in the genre and one of the best Lil Wayne love songs. 

5. Let’s Talk it Over

Another that deserves its place on the list of best Lil Wayne love songs is “Let’s Talk”. This song is all about trying to save a relationship that seems to be falling apart. He looks around and is almost jealous about how everyone around him seems to be happy and in love. 

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Lil Wayne is urging his lover to talk things out before they give up on their love. This song is sad, emotional, and heartbreaking, and it will make you want to hold on to the ones you love. 

6. What He Does

Coming from The Drought is Over 2: The Carter 3 Sessions, this song has plenty of conflicting emotions. In many ways, it is all about a lover who makes sacrifices for the person they love.

Lil Wayne is singing about how his lover does everything for him, and he loves them for it. But it also looks at it from the other side about how the girl is unhappy about his partying, and drug dealing. As with many Lil Wayne songs, the lyrics have plenty of depth. 

7. Back 2 You

This song is all about a lover who is long-distance, and Lil Wayne is singing about how much he misses them. This song will make you miss the ones you love if you’re in a long-distance relationship. 

The line “I know the only compass that I need, is the one that leads back to you” is beautifully romantic and it’s far from the only great line in the song. It came from the 2010 album I Am Not a Human Being, which was his second number one record in the US. 

8. How Can Something

A list of the best Lil Wayne love songs wouldn’t be complete without “How Can Something.” It’s another track with a powerful line as he sings “How can something so right, go so wrong,” we’ve all been there in a relationship. 

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This song is all about a lover who is breaking up with someone, and Lil Wayne is singing about how much he will miss them. This song is perhaps the most heartbreaking one that he has ever written. 

9. Mrs. Officer

Before Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne had released six albums with five of them being in the top 10. This was the first album that he released which finally hit the top spot. This song can be interpreted in a couple of ways.

On one hand, he seems to be in love with a female police officer and even talks about marrying her. On the other hand, it can be seen as a mockery of the police force. It sounds like a beautiful love song but it’s probably a little sarcastic. 

10. Promise

“Promise” is another one of the best Lil Wayne love songs but one that pays homage to Ciara. The song samples her song by the same name and he essentially talks about his affection for her and how he wants to be with her.

He references many of his songs and even infers that they could be a power couple like Jay Z and Beyoncé. Sadly many years on from its release, a relationship has never been formulated between the two of them.