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Taylor 314CE Review [2023 Updated]

The Taylor 314CE remains one of the more popular choices among guitar enthusiasts, especially those who tend towards solo guitar performances and for obvious reasons.

It has a rich, vibrant tone, and it is an absolute steal for the quality it exudes.

In this article, we’re going to take a comprehensive look at the Taylor 314CE. We’ll talk about the origins of the Taylor 314CE, its playability, tone, and even make a few comparisons with other guitars.

Let’s go ahead and start the review.


The Taylor 314CE represents a functional guitar from Taylor which projects exceptional performance for the right price.

The Taylor 314CE is the most affordable yet durable wooden guitar in the Taylor repertoire. Featuring a v-class bracing and made from the sweet-smelling Sapele wood of Africa, it is as visually appealing as it is a joy to play. 

With a mahogany neck and the v-class bracing, you can be sure of better intonations and a louder instrument. Did we talk about how nice it smells again?


The specifications of Taylor’s 314ce collectively make it fun to play. These specifications also affect the ease of use and tonal capabilities of the guitar. Here are some of the specifications of the Taylor 314ce.

The Talor 314ce has a Sitka spruce which is the standard for most Taylor guitars. Thanks to its conformance with varying playing styles, the Sitka spruce is the ideal top for all types of players. Fingerpicking to aggressive strumming, the Sitka spruce is the new tonewood. 

The back of the Taylor 314ce is made of Sapele wood (Two-piece, no wedge back). Sapele wood is a favorite owing largely to the pleasant aroma it exudes. While this may seem mundane to the average guitarist, we believe that guitar enthusiasts who play often should enjoy the playability, tone, and aroma of the instrument, especially if the guitar is to be played often.

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Taylor 314CE


A mahogany neck ensures a rigid structure lined with an African Ebony fingerboard that exudes a luxurious feel when played. Since ebony fingerboards are often almost black, they tend to blend in with most other colors increasing the aesthetic value of the Taylor 314ce.

The Taylor 314cs has a nut width of 1 3/4″ and is made of graphite. The saddle, on the other hand, is a Micarta saddle which is known to be bulletproof. It also does not absorb dirt or sweat, ensuring that your guitar’s overlook remains pristine regardless of handling, at least from the saddle point of view.

The grand auditorium is perfect for fingerpicking players, especially when compared to dreadnought guitars, as the latter is known to cut off blood circulation to fingers due to the more significant lower bout. It also ensures better EQ for intricate chording. However,  the grand auditorium body type can reduce the aggressive stemming threshold of a guitar. While the Taylor 314ce can take aggressive strumming, it is more susceptible to overdriven tops as a result.

Physically smaller players also prefer the grand auditorium body type as it gives room for different playing styles due to its structure and size.

The electronics of a Taylor 314ce is the Taylor Expression System 2 (ES2). It may be likened to a functional, durable piece of machinery as its plug and play readiness is next to none. 

With the ES2, your sound is yours. Thus originality of sound is a priority, and you can play with others. Also, the controls are as simple as they are effective.

How It Sounds

The Taylor 314ce has a fundamental tone, with a low register bass which often translates to good solo guitar performance. 

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It’s also really lovely to listen to when playing worship songs. 

Here is a great video showcasing how the 314ce sounds:


The Taylor 314ce is easy to play given its grand auditorium body size and adequately spaced nut size, plus its sound is raw, giving precedence to the sound/style of the player.



The Taylor 314ce is an all-around instrument with an affordable price point given its features. The Taylor brand itself remains a guitar manufacturer known for consistency. Albeit pricey, the quality and build of the instrument make it an absolute steal.

Sapele wood, a mahogany neck, and an African ebony fingerboard collectively make this guitar a solid, durable, and alluring instrument.

What Others Are Saying

 Guitarists with larger hands often complain of the cramped feeling of this guitar’s neck; however, it isn’t exactly a pain point. With more playtime, most guitarists often become comfortable with the neck size.

Due to the satin finish of the Taylor 314ce, it may slide around during a performance if you’re not wearing a strap. This has been a point of concern for some players.

The price of the Taylor 314ce is quite on the high side. However, the guitar gives a lot of value. If you’re sitting on the fence on this one, it makes sense to buy it as it is truly worth the price.

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Pros And Cons


  • The v-class bracing offers excellent resonance and sustenance
  • Taylor’s expression system 2 (ES2) projects your sound and yours alone
  • The Grand Auditorium body style makes it a comfortable instrument to play


  • If you’re a strummer or play hard, this isn’t the best guitar
  • The battery life of the Expression System 2 isn’t exactly the best

Taylor 314CE vs 414CE

  • The Taylor 414ce is a fancier guitar.
  • While the 414ce is made of Ovangkol, the 314ce is made of Sapele wood, making the former sound more like an instrument made with rosewood and the latter mahogany.
  • The neck of the 414ce has been touted to be more comfortable.
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Taylor 314ce vs 214ce

  • The Taylor 314ce is more expensive than the 214ce
  • The 314ce looks way better than the 214ce
  • The 314ce is also much more durable than the 214ce
  • The 314ce sounds better and offers better playability

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why are Taylor Guitars so expensive?

They are made from quality materials with high levels of quality assurance.

Is Taylor better than Martin?

It largely depends on the player and the required sound. The Martin often projects a more classic sound as opposed to the Taylor, which projects a more contemporary sound.

It is important to note that Taylor guitars are known for consistency.

How much does a Taylor 314ce weigh?

A Taylor 314ce weighs approximately 23 pounds.

Are Taylor Guitars made in China?

No, Taylor guitars are made in El Cajon, California, and Tecate, Mexico.


The Taylor 314ce is the perfect instrument for passionate guitar players as it provides real quality and can be quite an investment. 

Taylor 314CE Acoustic Guitar

It’s safe to say that it isn’t exactly the best instrument for occasional players. It is also a favorite for guitarists who are as interested in aesthetics as they are in sound.

The Taylor 314ce is arguably the best guitar for enthusiasts who would love to play a beautiful guitar but cannot afford premium guitars.

Thanks for checking out our review on the Taylor 314ce, we hope it has been helpful.

Any questions about the Taylor 314ce let me know.

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!