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21 Best BROCKHAMPTON Songs of All Time (Top Tracks)

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BROCKHAMPTON, an eclectic hip hop-boyband hybrid from the USA, is one of the most interesting groups that exist in modern music. Formerly known as AliveSinceForever, BROCKHAMPTON has seven vocalists and several other members working behind the scenes to create one of the most diverse groups in the industry. 

Their sound varies from song to song, taking a drastic leap from rap that is less structured to songs with distinct verses and choruses reminiscent of R&B and even, at times, pop. 

Today, we discuss the best BROCKHAMPTON songs, and why they’ve made the list as some of their best music. 

List of the Best BROCKHAMPTON Songs


The “BOOGIE” music video starts with a BROCKHAMPTON signature, namely a short speech from our friend Roberto, who has been referred to by some as a sign that the song will be amazing.

“BOOGIE” was released in 2017 on the SATURATION III album, and features a strong and abrasive undertone of sirens with an eclectic and non-traditionally structured rap.

It is obvious why this is one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs, with an extremely catchy beat, a unique pop-rap mix, and one-of-a-kind verses from all seven vocalists. 


“SWEET” is much less jarring than “BOOGIE,” and features a formal verse-chorus-verse structure. The song has a chill vibe and features the warped sound of an instrument that is often used to charm snakes throughout. 

It was released in 2017 on the SATURATION II album and is reminiscent of a mix between the spitting energy of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” and the softer singing of Amine’s “Caroline,” both released in the same year.

The unique sound and mix of their vocal styles have helped to make this song one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs. 


“SUGAR” features an acoustic guitar riff and a classic R&B chorus, making it stand out from some of BROCKHAMPTON’s other famous songs as one of their top soundtracks. The sound could be considered a bit more mainstream than some of their other music. 

It was released in 2019, following the same trend as other chill R&B songs such as “Talk” by Khalid and “Please Me” by Bruno Mars. The song is slower and much more relaxed than some of their others and features more singing than rap, which is abnormal for this group. 

“SUGAR” has the perfect sound for a lazy Sunday. 


After beginning with the song’s falsetto chorus, “BLEACH” continues with the same relaxed vibe as “SUGAR” and “SWEET.” Over record scratches and synthesized tones, the various members of BROCKHAMPTON rap to a slow tempo. 

“BLEACH” is also part of their SATURATION III album, and is reminiscent of the current lo-fi trend. “BLEACH” tops the list as yet another song with a unique sound, and further proves the artistic talent of the brilliant BROCKHAMPTON. 


“Me llamo Roberto, y este es el fin de una era.” “RENTAL” once again starts with our friend Roberto, who tells us that this is the end of an era. 

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The song has an R&B vibe mixed with a bit of lo-fi, like many of the SATURATION III songs, with the vocalists singing more than rapping. 

“RENTAL” features a low bassline and various background noises, such as the sound of a cash machine beeping, cymbals crashing, and people laughing or talking in the background. It follows a traditional verse-chorus-verse pattern. 

The mix of chill singing and a jarring chorus make this song unique and help it rank on the best BROCKHAMPTON songs list. 


“GUMMY” was released in 2017 on the SATURATION II album. The song starts with a harp and building orchestra, reminiscent of a fairytale. The song cuts abruptly with the sound of a tone like that of prison doors closing. 

The beat that follows is jarring and the rap chaotic. The soundtrack features a whiny tone and the same instrument used to charm snakes that can be heard in “SWEET,” although it is synthesized differently throughout the music.

This track is one-of-a-kind, combining sounds from other artists like Travis Scott and the Migos, whilst creating something entirely new. 


“NEW ORLEANS” immediately starts with chaos, beginning with a rap by the vocalist Dom. The track is much simpler than others, helping to focus on the turbulent verses. It is extremely catchy. 

The slightly untraditional song structure, driving trap beat, and the synthesized sound of a bee buzzing all add to the hectic music, whilst a high-pitched tone sounds every time the vocalist is about to change. The insanity makes this song one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs. 

8. 1999 WILDFIRE

BROCKHAMPTON is refreshing in a world of washed-out artists and factory-made music, and “1999 WILDFIRE” is no exception to this rule. It was the first of three singles released in July of 2018. 

After the chaos of “NEW ORLEANS,” “1999 WILDFIRE” carries a more relaxed beat, with a clear verse-chorus division. 

The gentle sound of the flute could be inspired by Macklemore’s “How to play the flute,” released in 2017. The addition of the acoustic guitar riff and falsetto, a little over halfway through, reminds me of 2000’s era Ne-Yo. 

The mix of sound from the 2010s and the 2000s makes this song a clear choice in my list of their top tracks. 


“NO HALO” starts with the washed-out voice of an indie singer and a gentle acoustic guitar. As the song continues, the guitar riff and the sound of a bass drum accompany the rap verses. 

The song has a very postmodern vibe, including the chorus of singer Deb Never, who also begins the song. It describes the imperfections of the different members of the group as human beings. The band references topics such as failed relationships and the fall into depression, as well as drug addiction to soothe the mind. 

The song is beautiful and sad and displays the varied talent of the group. The angelic-sounding “NO HALO” definitely crashes into the top of the BROCKHAMPTON tracklist. 


When we arrive at “QUEER,” we take a complete 360 from angelic to turbulent. The sound of the track is reminiscent of 90’s rap, with crashing cymbals and the repeated noise of what is referred to as an Orchestra Hit, although the sound has been warped. 

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After taking a trip down memory lane, the song’s chorus hits, presenting us with synths and soft falsetto. “QUEER” was released in 2017, and, like most of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs, takes the old and mixes it with the new to create something beautiful. 


“HOTTIE” was released on the album SATURATION III and features a repetitive chorus, which is how the song begins. It mixes rap with the sound of certain alternative rock songs. “HOTTIE” is structured traditionally, with clear verses split up by a repeated chorus. 

This song almost reminds me of the 2000’s hit from Gym Class Heroes, “Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast in America,” which is much more upbeat but sounds similar stylistically. 

If you are looking for a bit of 2000s nostalgia, “HOTTIE” is a song that will take you back. This song is a refreshing addition to current music. 


The beginning of “ZIPPER” reminds me of someone controlling a marionette. But, it quickly changes into a sound that is strongly influenced by Eminem. As another song from the SATURATION III album, “ZIPPER” definitely doesn’t disappoint, with video game-esque sound effects and sirens playing under the upbeat rap. 

Between the inspiration from Eminem, the washed-out piano, and the crashing cymbals, this song brings up some major nostalgia and deserves a spot amongst the top as one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs.

13. BANKROLL (Feat. A$AP Rocky & A$AP Ferg)

“BANKROLL” makes the top 21 list due to the contribution of other artists, who add another layer of talent to the already talented BROCKHAMPTON boys. 

The sound is much more like mainstream rap, with driving bass and cymbals. It also includes the sound of a flute, trumpet, and guitar, which highlight certain parts of the song. This is a much more recent trend in rap. 

What makes this piece truly unique is the underlying noise of a choir humming and a synthesized organ, which give the song a gospel vibe. If you enjoy mainstream rap with a unique twist, this song is definitely for you.

14. BUZZCUT (Feat. Danny Brown)

“BUZZCUT” comes as one of the highly-anticipated BROCKHAMPTON songs of 2021, with an insanely psychedelic music video. It’s hard not to nod your head to the beat of this throwback to the 90s. 

After so many years of evolving and perfecting their sound, BROCKHAMPTON truly came out with a banger, catapulting this song into one of the absolute best BROCKHAMPTON songs. The outro is transcendental, once again making this unique in a way that only BROCKHAMPTON knows how to do. 

“BUZZCUT” proves that good rap isn’t dead. 

15. GOLD

“GOLD” takes us back to our friend Roberto starting the music video, signaling that it’s going to be an absolute banger. The song sounds washed-out like others on the SATURATION III album, with lo-fi beats and the sound of gospel singers creating pure magic. 

Like some of the others on this list, “GOLD” takes us back to the late 2000s. It is the type of song that makes you want to get up and dance, clearly making it into one of the 21 best BROCKHAMPTON songs.

16. FACE

“FACE” has a much gentler feel, starting with a falsetto and a slow beat. Don’t be fooled by the tempo, however, the song’s message is extremely chaotic, which is apparent in the music video. The video features the members of BROCKHAMPTON destroying a house. 

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The lo-fi vibe highlights the discussion of the tumultuous nature of love and longing, and how easily someone can be heartbroken. If you’re looking to get into your feelings, this is the song for you. 


“TOKYO” is off the album SATURATION II and is definitely one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs. It starts with a falsetto from Joba. The song follows the suit of many other rappers who make raw content by openly discussing flaws and the feeling of regret. 

The sound of chimes and a trap beat permeate this song. The sound of a warped saxophone, however, really helps make “TOKYO” interesting. The song is exceptional, easily placing it in the top 21. 

18. STAR 

“STAR” is from the album SATURATION I, and features the sound of a tuba, a low bass, and an unconventional verse-only structure. Without the tuba, the sound is similar to Gucci Mane’s “I Get The Bag” feat. Migos, although it is much more upbeat than Gucci Mane’s song. 

BROCKHAMPTON proves with this song that their sound is highly adaptable, which is why I think that it’s one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs. This is a perfect workout jam. 


“BOY BYE” features a soundtrack that is similar to the underlying beat of cha-cha, with the addition of maracas and, what could be, bongos or a different type of hand-played drum. There is also a riff featuring a string instrument that almost sounds like an Egyptian lute but is likely an electric guitar. 

The smooth sound of the cha-cha mixed with the picking of the stringed instrument gives this song a truly unique vibe, and it’s been highly underrated. “BOY BYE” is definitely one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs. 


The “COUNT ON ME” music video features Lil Nas X and Dominic Fike, who ends the video by passionately kissing while not-so-subtly tripping on acid. 

The sound is quite mainstream, once again with driving bass and the light sound of someone whistling in the background of the verses. 

“COUNT ON ME” is similar to “Praise The Lord” by A$AP Rocky, who features in “COUNT ON ME” as one of the vocalists. This multi-artist song has a summer vibe, and the contribution from multiple talented artists is definitely why this song deserves a place on the top 21 list. 


Last but not least, “GINGER,” from the album of the same name, finishes our list with autotune and synthesized tones laced through the music. 

“GINGER” once again seems to draw inspiration from 2000s R&B, with upbeat drums and auto-tuned singing. There is also a hint of inspiration from groups like the Black-Eyed Peas in this track. 

BROCKHAMPTON once again impresses with “GINGER,” which is why I think that it is one of the best BROCKHAMPTON songs. It draws inspiration from several kinds of music whilst creating something unique and new.