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10 Best Songs That Start With D of All Time, Ranked

Although music comes in a wide range of genres, there are a few popular keys that can be commonly found. A lot of this comes from the emotion that emits from the music and how it resonates with the listener, as the key in a record plays a large part in that.

In this article, I’m going to focus on the 10 best songs that start with D, which all have their own stellar qualities.

1. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

The group is widely popular for a long list of reasons, but “Don’t Stop Believin'” is easily one of their all-time greats. It delivers a sound that anyone can appreciate and does an excellent job of triggering a range of emotions.

Featuring big melodies and even bigger percussion, the song takes listeners on a journey that can’t be replicated. The entire dynamic direction of this song is exactly what Journey is known for, and it has had an equal impact across multiple generations.

2. Dammit – Blink-182

Many aspects of this record are pretty simple and don’t change too much, but it brings a consistent energy that people latch onto. It’s the epitome of the sound that Blink-182 is known for, featuring qualities from punk music and a gritty tone that was highly popular at the time.

Regarding its overall tone, I strongly believe this record is one of the best songs that start with D on this list, and even though the melodies remain consistent, the song’s progression keeps you interested. With hard-hitting percussion, you’ll have no trouble getting into what the song has to offer.

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3. D’usse – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has more music in the vault than he can count, and every one of his releases is a signature part of his influence in rap and hip-hop music. Not only is the rapper regarded as one of the best lyricists in the rape genre, but his versatility in music is also never-ending.

This record features boisterous melodies and sharp percussion that keep the song’s pace together. Aside from Wayne’s artistry, the main melody stabs keep most of the song’s energy moving forward.

4. Dance, Dance – Fall Out Boy

With grooving bass lines and a very danceable dynamic all throughout, Fall Out Boy is no stranger to making memorable hits. They had a generational influence on many listeners, and “Dance, Dance” is just one of their many records that drew attention to the group.

It has a nice parallel between a laid-back groove to a grittier hook that raises the bar on the enticing elements of the song. Regardless if you’re a fan of their music or not, what made them so popular can be easily heard throughout this record.

5. Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Wanna Be In Love) – Good Charlotte

Right from the beginning, you’re reeled into the tempo of the song as the percussion leads into the multi-layered dynamics the song has to offer. Good Charlotte is well-loved by many fans, and their music made a stand-out appearance during the height of their career.

Although their discography is pretty vast, this song still stands as a personal favorite for many listeners. The vocals are catchy, but I feel the instrumentation is the best part of this song, as there’s plenty of variety to enjoy.

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6. DARE – Gorillaz

A group that delivered a unique sound, branding, and style, Gorillaz always caught the attention of their fan base with a unique take on their productions. Based on the dynamic quality of this record, I believe “DARE” is one of the best songs that start with D.

Not only does it deliver many quirky production qualities, but it’s also a danceable track that rides perfectly with the light-hearted vocals. There are also many reverberated backing melodies that add to the spacious sound the song is known for.

7. Daydreaming – Radiohead

Bring a somber tone to the table; the dynamics and sonic qualities of “Daydreaming” are very fitting to the title of the song. With an almost erratic style to the backing synth melodies, there seems to be a sense of dread and panic throughout the song.

Vocals are fairly sparse, leaving plenty of open space for the instrumentation to take up most of your attention. It’s an excellent song to get lost in, as the notes and melancholic layers do a great job of telling a story on their own.

8. Don’t Leave Me Now – Pink Floyd

It can’t be argued that this song is pretty dark and depressive in many ways. Lyrics are few and far between, and there’s a substantial sense of anxiety at every step along the way that you can literally feel physically.

I feel it’s a good representation of what dark and solemn thoughts feel like, and it’s evident that the group was trying to portray a very specific impression. This isn’t a song that’s meant to encapsulate you with percussion and catchy melodies, as it’s more geared toward a particular feeling.

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9. Delicate – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a multi-faceted artist who knows how to make a hit that’ll gain the attention of fans worldwide. “Delicate” offers many downtempo qualities that are equally danceable and carries a groove that isn’t overbearing while offering a transparent take on the lyrics.

The mix on the vocals is excellent as it brings a blend of organic and synthetic sonic qualities. Overall, the song is a great example of Taylor’s talent and ability to work with a vast range of emotions.

10. Dark Horse – Katy Perry

At the time, the fact that this song featured Juicy J shocked many people, but the song turned out to be an undeniable banger. Its best qualities are the hard-hitting 808s and the vocal chops that carry the main melody.

Every drop in the song brings the exact energy you’re looking for, and as usual, Katy never misses when it comes to a catchy hook. I’d say this is one of the best songs that start with D, as it goes to show that solemn tones can also be catchy in contrast.